Period cake

[Source]”Medicine and Chinese Medicine”[Raw Materials]180 grams of Codonopsis, 90 grams of raw chicken gold, 250 grams of white flour, moderate sugar.


First pour the raw water into the floating skin, dry, fine, and sieve.


Finely dip the chicken gold, sieve it, place it in a pot, and add boiling water for half a day.


Mix the flour, white flour, and sugar with water soaked in the chicken’s gold to make a very thin pancake.

  [Usage]Can be taken at any time.

  [Efficacy]Tonic for the elderly, phlegm and qi.

It is suitable for the elderly with qi deficiency, can not perform phlegm, cause sputum and qi stagnation, chest tightness full, and pain under the threat.

All elderly with qi deficiency and sputum are suitable, and the kidney qi is treated.