[How to make Indian flying cakes]_Homely practices of Indian flying cakes_How to make Indian flying cakes_How to make Indian flying cakes

Many times, we envy others who have a loved one who can cook, so that you can taste delicious dishes after work.

With envy of others, it is better to do it yourself, here we will introduce the practice of Indian flying cake.


To prepare the ingredients, I use the Miss Indian Flying Cake (sweet or savory, I personally like the savory, but after eating, I can only use the sweet) 2.

121 bacon cut into 2 sections, cooked on both sides, withdraw 3 for use.

212 pan over low heat, put a little bit of paste, you can leave it, I seem to put 4 more.

Put the flying cake (without thawing) into the pan until the bottom side is a bit cooked, then turn it over 5.

Turn over.

Use a shovel to press it slightly and push it, just like the person on the cake stand, so the flying cake will loosen a bit, and after both sides are cooked, take it for use.

Pour the egg mixture into a pan 7.

Place the bacon you just made on the egg mixture 8.

Until the egg liquid is a little solidified, you can cover the flying cake and press it with a shovel. 9.

Turn over, quack, and you’re almost done.

Place a slice of cheese on the front, and the temperature in the pot increases to soften it11.

Remove and pour in tomato sauce 12.

Fold the pie in half?
Haha cottage version of hand-cooked cake?
啧啧 delicious?
Whenever we see a good dish prepared by others, we must be envious.

Do n’t worry about it now, try to make Indian flying cakes according to the introduction above.