Don’t let anorexia harass children

Don’t let anorexia harass children

Increased student anorexia.

Near the beginning of school, some children mentioned that they felt uncomfortable when they went to school. They had symptoms such as stomach pain, sweating, and insomnia. However, there were no objective indicators of physical problems when they were examined.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Tongren Hospital that more students have recently come to the clinical psychology department due to learning problems, and the number of outpatient services in this department has increased by 20% compared with usual.

  From a psychological point of view, anorexia refers to the behavioral reaction mode of students ‘passive treatment of learning activities, which is mainly manifested by students’ deviations in learning cognition, emotionally negative treatment of learning, and active behavior away from learning.

The students who have been anorexia often lose interest in learning, their learning goals are not clear, and they even hate books, teachers, and schools. In severe cases, they are nauseated, dizzy, irritable and even hysterical when they mention school.

The terrible thing is that most of the students who came to the clinic were patients with severe anorexia, and their symptoms were mostly “depressed, have sleep disorders, avoid dealing with people, and even have behavioral disorders.”

Why are children tired of school?

There are many reasons. In addition to the children themselves, parents, schools and teachers also have unshirkable responsibilities.

  As far as students are concerned, suffering from the high pressure of exam-oriented education, the intimidation of one-sided enrollment rates, and the waste of psychological burdens, they simply cannot enjoy any learning pleasure.

According to the so-called “poor students” who have a poor learning foundation, long-term prejudice in society, parental disregard, teacher criticism, classmate discrimination are moderate, no one can care in life, and no one can understand it in their studies.Learning motivation, day by day gradually formed the idea that he is a poor student, and lacked the necessary confidence and courage, so that he suffered from anorexia.

  From the perspective of school education, old and rigid textbooks, well-ranked rankings, overwhelming examinations, ridiculous “quick and slow classes”, and deep textbooks, great difficulties, strict requirements, and high standards, many students often do not understand and learnNo, I ca n’t eat it well and do n’t meet the standards.

Here, the rules of education have not been reflected at all, which has greatly affected the self-esteem and confidence of students.

The boring explanations of teachers and the harsh demands of being unfriendly have made students tired of coping and unable to look around, which has seriously hurt their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

In the strong collision of good ideals and harsh realities, the joy of learning naturally disappears, and there is no reason to tire of learning?

  According to some hopeful Jackie Chan parents, they are extremely useful in educating their children, eager for quick success, overcoming vanity, short-sightedness, and taking their children’s good results for their own showing off capital, without taking into account excessive expectations and deprivingIt gives children the space to grow freely, causing them to cause inestimable damage.

Of course, such actions by parents are malformed with the concept of social employment, but the diploma is inseparable.

  The best way to solve the all-pervasive anorexia is to make students happy to learn and to improve daily, let students find a happy learning feeling with a positive attitude, and treat learning as a happy career, not a painful burden.

To achieve this, we must first achieve the following three points.

  First, as a student, we must adjust our mentality, have self-confidence, and adopt a resolute character and an optimistic attitude towards life. We firmly believe that there will be gains from giving.

Secondly, from the perspective of the school, it is necessary to reset the student’s subjective level, understand the students, study the students, tap the “flash points” of the students, put forward reasonable requirements on the basis of discovering the students’ potential, and stimulate their desire to succeed.

According to teachers, efforts should be made to enhance their own quality, improve class levels, and provide good conditions and support for students’ learning.

Third, parents must also change the concept of child rearing, communicate more with their children, properly evaluate their strength, pay attention to the child’s character development, do not set unrealistic goals for the child, and pay attention to investigating problems and not accommodating.Find a psychiatrist for psychological intervention and treatment of your child immediately. Otherwise, your child’s psychological symptoms may worsen.

  If it is true, the child’s anorexia will be gone, and the students will have a passion for learning, and there is no need to worry that they will not learn well or do nothing.

It should be pointed out that these are just the “medical treatment” on the basis of everything. To completely prevent the root cause of “weariness”, we must fundamentally reform the current test-oriented education system, and we must implement the promotion of quality education to the point.Education has become a popular, scientific, and happy science education that has killed the spring breeze that has allowed generation to generation reform.