How to care for patients with epilepsy?


Correct nursing method for patients with epilepsy

How to care for patients with epilepsy?
Correct nursing method for patients with epilepsy

How to care for patients with epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a very complicated disease. Its treatment is often not enough by the doctor. The treatment of the patient needs to be carried out in all aspects. A scientific and standardized treatment is very helpful for the treatment of the patient, so the patient isIn life, we must try to master the knowledge about epilepsy care. Let us introduce the “correct nursing methods for epilepsy patients”.

The correct nursing method for patients with epilepsy, observe the condition to fully understand the characteristics of the patient’s seizure, such as the cause of the seizure, the location, the time of occurrence, and the duration.

Close observation of the characteristics of the attack, the main observation is mainly convulsions, or loss of consciousness, convulsions, incontinence, biting the tongue and trauma.

Observe the performance after the onset, if there is no headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting and so on.

Record relevant relevant frequency, characteristics, etc. into the tracking observation registration form to facilitate the follow-up doctor to understand the condition.

Second, the drug care family should supervise and check the patient on time, according to the amount, accurate and correct medication, if necessary, check the oral cavity for residual medicine, try to avoid less service, missed clothes and more clothes.

Family members should not change the drugs and dosages at will, whether it is to increase or decrease the drugs and to change the varieties of the drugs, should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Third, life care patients should establish a good living system, life should be regular, can be appropriate to engage in some light physical labor and outdoor activities, but should avoid excessive fatigue, tension and so on.

Diet should be given appropriate nutrition and easy to digest food, eat more light, vegetables and fruits with high vitamins, do not overeating.

Try to avoid watching TV for a long time, watching computers and playing video games. If you want to extend it, you should leave the light above the brightness of the display. Do not watch the video for more than half an hour. Don’t watch the program that will cause nervousness.

Fourth, psychological care epilepsy is a chronic disease, physical pain, family discrimination, social prejudice, seriously affecting the physical health of patients, patients often feel nervous, fear, fear, emotional instability, etc., always worry about recurrence.
Family members should always pay attention, help, care, and promptly give advice on ideological concerns, so that a good living environment, a happy mood, and good emotions.

The above is a related introduction to the “correct care method for patients with epilepsy”. I hope that it will help you. The harm of epilepsy is very big. Patients must carry out related care and timely treatment.His condition is effectively controlled and he recovers.