5 earthwork effects of summer beauty are shocking

The most inconspicuous earth method can also get a shocking beauty effect!

You can develop these beauty habits slowly, or you can do it overnight.

Beauty habits you must know: Cold treatments in the bathroom are here in the summer, so use your daily bath time to do cold treatments for your skin.

Give your body a “cold drink” after a hot bath every day.

Use cold water to stimulate the ends of the hands, feet, etc., and stick to a summer, not only can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, but also improve the physical fitness of cold MM.

Winter becomes less afraid of cold, and the skin is healthier, and the rosy complexion will secretly climb up your cheek.

  The 1 + 1 rule of liquid foundation has now reached the multi-faceted era of foundation makeup, and in addition to liquid foundation, there is also decorative base milk.

How to save time and efficiently complete the primer work? The 1 + 1 rule will help you. You can blend the base cream (such as pearl, purple, beige, white) and liquid foundation, and 1 + 1 becomes the new base makeup.

For example, mix the pearly base cream with 1: 2 (base milk: foundation) and foundation on the back of the hand, so that the foundation will have a little gloss.

However, to remind MMs, after the liquid foundation is replaced, the color will also decrease by one color number.

If you don’t want the foundation to be too light, you can adjust the proportion of the foundation cream and liquid foundation.

  Do n’t drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, it ‘s best not to drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, because the caffeine content in both drinks is high, which can easily stimulate nerves and cardiovascular, leading to menstruationIncreased basal metabolism, causing dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual blood, and even long periods.

So the best drink when “good friend” comes is hot boiled water. Of course, you can also add brown sugar and ginger tablets in it to help blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, let “good friend” come quickly and comfortably.Away.

  3 Principles of Cleansing Oil Cleansing oil is a good makeup remover, but you must thoroughly implement the 3 principles of “complete emulsification, rinse with plenty of water, and wash your face again.”

“Complete emulsification” is related to whether the emulsifier of the product itself is sufficient, and whether your emulsification action is complete.

The correct method should be: use oil to dissolve the makeup and then dip it in water to massage the white emulsified liquid, and then wash with plenty of water.

Most people often omit the emulsification process with water massage and only flush the water directly. This incomplete emulsification will leave oil in the pores and cause acne.

It should also be reminded that no matter what kind of skin you have, you should use a mild facial cleanser to wash away residual oil after using a cleansing oil.

  The 6 points of front-end acne care are clear in summer, and the back-end acne discounts the beauty of the suspender skirt. Come and do care for the back. You only need to spend 20 minutes every weekend to get it done.

  First of all, use a pH-neutral cleansing soap when taking a bath to make residues after washing.

  Secondly, it is necessary to use less bath towels to penetrate through the front, and choose multiple soft exfoliating products, so as not to scrub hard and break the acne and leave spots.

  Third, after bathing, it is recommended to mix the base oil with the substitute tea tree oil and apply it on the place with acne on the tail.

  Fourth, after soaking the bath towel with hot water, do a hot compress on the back to promote better absorption of essential oils.

  Fifth, apply a contraction lotion to the buttocks.

  Sixth, in addition to a light diet, take more lactic acid bacteria drinks and foods that help dialysis and peristalsis.