Medicinal food clove

Medicinal food clove

[Source of medicinal materials]Lilac for evergreen tree plant Myrtaceae


et Perry).

Mainly produced in developing countries, Malaysia, peanuts and other places.

It is cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in China.

Usually from September to March, the buds are harvested when they turn from green to red.



  [Sexual flavor]Xin, warm.

Return to the spleen, stomach and kidney.

  [Medicinal properties]This product is warm, good and warm, the middle and lower two burners, and fall back and stop, er, it is commonly used in the middle burner, and the cold and impotence in the lower Yuan.

Wenzhong Jiangni This product can disperse the cold in the middle, warm the stomach and reduce the inverse, can treat stomach cold and vomiting hiccups, and can also use the spleen and stomach asthenia, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea.

  2.Wenshen Zhuyang is often used to treat gynecological cold abdominal pain and impotence.

  [药理知识]  1.Treatment of intestinal obstruction: 30 to 60 g of clove ground, alcohol blended, apply to the umbilicus.
(“Guangxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” 1988) 2.Treatment of premature ejaculation: 20 grams each of cloves and asarum, immersed in 100ml of 75% ethanol for half a month, remove the extract, and rub the top of the penis, after 15?
The intercourse was performed within 30 minutes, and 156 patients with premature ejaculation were treated better because of mental factors. The prescription alone was effective. For other reasons, it should be treated with internal medicine.

(《浙江中医杂志》1988)  [有效成分]花蕾含挥发油即丁香油。The oil mainly contains eugenol, acetyl eugenol, β-caryophyllene, and methyl n-pentyl ketone, methyl salicylate and the like.

  [临床应用]   1.The ether extract containing clove of 1%, water extract or clove decoction containing 8% of clove have inhibitory effects on various pathogenic fungi such as Xanthomonas solanacearum and Candida albicans.

At higher concentrations, it also inhibits new cryptococcus.

  2.Water or alcohol extract has paralytic or killing effect on Ascaris suum in vitro.

Clove oil is better than decoction.


5% eugenol emulsion can significantly increase gastric mucus secretion, but the acidity is not enhanced; the effect of eugenol is slightly worse.

Continuous application can deplete mucus and partially recover the reaction after 36 hours.

After a few months, it was fully restored.

  4.Clove oil (a small amount of drip) disinfects the cavity of caries, destroys its nerves, and reduces toothache.

  5.Intravenous injection of eugenol in rabbits can produce anesthesia, lower blood pressure, respiratory depression and anticonvulsant effects.

However, subcutaneous injection in mice does not produce anesthetic effects.

Clove also contains uterine contractions.