Parents do these things first when baby falls from bed

Moms and dads have tried their best to provide TA with the best protection since the baby was born, but to avoid the baby slowly turning over and crawling, accidents will always happen, such as falling from a baby bed, or falling from a bed or sofa.

When a baby falls, many people’s first reaction is to pick up the baby, but in fact, when the baby falls from a bed or sofa or other high place, the first thing we need to do is not to lift, not to check the baby’s condition.
  Zhu Cuiping, director of the emergency department of Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, said that the child’s safety is the first time that the child is in an accident. Parents should first judge the degree of injury when the child is in an accident. It is recommended to master the “life triangle”, that is, by observing the child’s appearance (appearance), Breathing (breathing) and circulation (circulation) to make a preliminary judgment.

If the child is unwell, unconscious, lethargic or irritable, his face is pale, blue, breathing is not smooth, gasping or not breathing, and his hands and feet are cold, it may indicate respiratory failure and early shock. At this time, he should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
  Parents do these things first when the baby falls from the bed. Do not pick up the child immediately. Instead, wait for 10-20 seconds to prevent the baby from causing secondary injuries if the injury is unknown.


Looking at your baby’s landing position Generally speaking, your baby’s back to the ground is the most dangerous.

If your baby falls face down, it is generally less dangerous; if it’s the back of the head and it’s directly on the hard floor, you should be extra careful with concussion or intracranial hemorrhage; if your limbs are abnormal, you shouldPay attention to whether there is a fracture. If a fracture occurs, fix the fracture site. You can use a wooden (paper) board and other hard objects to fix the fracture limb to reduce further damage to the surrounding tissue of the fracture.


Depending on the state of the baby, if the baby falls down, if you cry immediately, it is usually a tiny interval of brain injury. If you have vomiting, coma, unconsciousness, crying, abnormal movements, etc., you should rush to the hospital.


See if your baby has bleeding or hematoma. If your baby has bleeding, you should immediately stop the baby by dialysis. If your baby has a bleeding hematoma, apply cold compresses on a cold towel to reduce the amount of bleeding. If it is not absorbed after three days, you can apply a hot compress.


See if the baby has a limb movement disorder Pay attention to observe whether the baby has a limb movement disorder, such as a certain limb does not move or the movement is reduced, if there is no active bleeding and movement disorders, you can lift the baby to comfort.


Pay attention to follow-up observation of the baby for abnormalities. If the baby does not have abnormal conditions, you can go to the doctor without medical attention, but you still need to pay attention to the follow-up observation (at least 24 hours), including sleep, eating, playing conditions, routine, mental state, etc., once the baby is abnormalSeek medical attention in a timely manner.


Pay attention to soothing the baby ‘s emotions After the baby ‘s injuries are eliminated, parents should first soothe the baby ‘s emotions, including physical touch and language comfort, to reduce the psychological harm caused to the baby by fright.

  Finally, parents are reminded once again that after the baby has an accident, they must be calm, do not hug the baby because of worry, first observe the baby’s condition, and take emergency measures according to the situation, so as not to delay the illness or cause secondary injuries.