Whisky Tasting Quartet


Whisky Tasting Quartet


Looking at the color and carefully observing the color of the wine is the first step.

When holding the glass, hold the bottom of the cup and not hold the cup.

Because the temperature of the finger will subtly change the wine in the cup.

When tasting, first carefully observe under the light to get the best results. You can put a blank sheet of paper on the back of the wine glass as the background.

銆€銆€Whisky is available in a variety of colors, from dark amber to light amber.

Because whiskey is stored in oak barrels, the color of the wine is closely related to the length of time the whiskey is placed in the oak barrel.

Generally, the longer the storage time, the darker the color.


Look at the second step of hanging the cup and tilt the glass.

When you are tilting, move gently and then return to the original state.

You will find that when the wine flows back from the wall, it leaves a trace of wine, which is the hanging cup of the wine.

The so-called “long hanging cup” is the slower speed of the wine stain, and the “short hanging cup” is the speed of the wine trace.

Hanging a cup means that the wine is thicker, thicker, or it may be higher in alcohol.

“Black” whiskey is a very mellow whisky, so its hanging cup is very long.


Smell the scent in Scotland, a good wine tasting master can be described as a day of gold.

When you are whiskey, you can add the right amount of water to the wine. The so-called amount is about 1/3 of the water in the cup.

Because water can bring out the scent, just like when we are raining, we can smell the scent of grass on the grass.

銆€銆€The “black card” whisky is a bit spicy.

Because there are many small islands in the islands of western Scotland, close to the sea, the climate deteriorates throughout the year.

The storm is a frequent visitor here, and the sea breeze blows the breath of the sea here.

So the wine here has been baptized by the sea breeze to produce a sea-like spicy atmosphere with a fresh sea flavor.

銆€銆€The smoky flavor of this wine is reminiscent of the high-quality Cuban cigar.

There is a special peat in Scotland that uses this special peat to dry the malt, which is also deeply inhaled during the drying process.


Tasting the wine first, let the wine reverberate in the mouth and the tip of the tongue, savor the various flavors, and then slowly swallow.

As the whisky blending master Jim Murray said: 鈥淚f I want a sip of spirits, there are many more than 6,000 whiskies to choose from every day.

But at least I have a Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky every week, which is the pinnacle of premium whisky.

In fact, whisky is not necessarily compensated for in a place of high luxury. You can enjoy this happiness at any time with your heart.

Every time in life is beautiful, happiness does not need to cover up, and does not require any rules.

You can drink purely, or add ice cubes, or add cola, or add soda, even if you add green tea, don’t worry that the taste of whisky will be changed.

Because of its taste, it lasts forever.

銆€銆€Whiskey glasses are slow to choose from good wines.

But any kind of wine, not only the wine itself, but also the appreciation of the wine glass.

The premium whiskey glass has a pure appearance, allowing viewers to watch whisky more directly like gold.

銆€銆€The choice of whiskey glasses is also very particular.

The glasses of ordinary whiskey and premium whisky vary in substitution.Generally speaking, the ordinary whiskey glass has a cup outside the mouth, is short and fat, and has a thick material. It is suitable for whisky with lower balance of taste and higher irritation, because a certain amount of whisky needs such a glass to distribute earlier weight.The smell of alcohol, so that the smell and taste of the whiskey is directly emitted, and can not highlight its characteristics.

The replacement of premium whisky glasses is a subdivision.

銆€銆€For example, in the case of whisky in the four major producing regions of Scotland, the substitution of the wine glasses is also different.

The specific rules are as follows: Low-area and West Highland single malt whisky: Most low-level and West Highland single malt whiskies are mild and meticulous. They are suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass with a moderate opening. The cup edge is slightly inward and can be highlighted.Soft grassy fragrance.

銆€銆€Speyer single malt whisky: In general, the most sweet and layered Speyer single malt whisky is suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass that can disperse aroma and thick alcohol from the beginning.Help guide a variety of different aromas and tastes.

銆€銆€High-region and North Highland single malt whisky: There are a wide variety of whiskies in the region, sometimes with a mildly salty taste of the ocean, and a rich and varied taste, suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass that disperses the impact of alcohol, a large number of cupsThe margins show a rich aroma and taste.

銆€銆€The whisky produced in these areas has a high sweetness and a mellow taste. It is suitable for an inverted bell-shaped wine glass. It disperses the strong strength of the whisky, while the cup mouth can guide the sweet aroma and taste.

銆€銆€Ayre Island Single Malt Whisky: There are many breweries in this area that produce unique smoked flavors with distinctively mellow whisky, suitable for traditional whiskey glasses, because the wide-mouth wine glass can disperse a small amount of whisky.With the smoky flavor, the usual pungent smell is also restored.