Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman


Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman

During the foreplay, don’t directly stimulate the clitoris directly. If there is nothing to make her feel the need, the finger tries to slide in the labia minora. If she will be excited soon, then you should not continue to stimulate her pussy.Attack other parts.

銆€銆€In the process of stimulating the genitals, do not insert your fingers into the vagina, which will shorten the need of the vagina for the penis. Just rub it gently, you can also have oral sex. Pay attention to the method and rub it with your fingers.

銆€銆€If you feel the vaginal wetness, you can insert it. Don’t wait for the love liquid to flow when it is inserted. The friction of the water is small, which will also reduce the stimulation of G.

銆€銆€The depth of insertion depends on the person. Only when you do more can you accurately grasp it. Don’t rush to insert it after entering.

The key to technology is here. You have to let your penis top in the vagina without intervening. She will feel very strange and have a special feeling. She will take the initiative to ask how the penis moves.

This is also a way to increase interest.

銆€銆€Time is not long, you can plug it in, the speed must be controlled, whether it is in or out, the speed should be slow, especially when it comes out, it is necessary to slowly rub, the effort is spent on your control and ability.The penis always has to stand up. When you use this method at first, it will make you very tired, and regular exercise will adapt.

銆€銆€Don’t be idle, hold the body with one hand, join the joint with the other finger, gently rub the upper part of her clitoris, occasionally touch the clitoris, each woman feels different, if she tells the initiativeYour feelings must be done according to what she said, fast and slow, slow and slow, generally Chinese women take the initiative to ask you, indicating that she has a deep need to put down the face of a lady, the kind that does not speak, it needsYou usually have a grasp of her physiological needs.

銆€銆€But remember that the angle of the penis upturn is very important, the finger is easy for the woman to point G orgasm, that is, the finger can be bent, and the hard and strong, if you can keep the penis up, it will also strengthen the hard hardness and strength of the penis.
銆€銆€All you need is to wait for tens of seconds to wait for her excited and unrecognizable calls. If you master the skills, there is no woman in the world who will not call, and the result is often called to make you fear, if you areThe first thing that comes to mind at home is whether parents or neighbors will hear.

銆€銆€Next, the penis can be HAPPY, no need to worry again, change the way you usually do best, can make her excited!

The hot love liquid will also make your penis feel abnormally excited.

After ten seconds, she will calm down, because the vagina is fully overlapping, how can you do it.

銆€銆€After she has calmed down for a minute, she rubbed her clitoris, so that you are always full of excitement about her clitoris. Within thirty seconds, she will once again make you worry that the window is closed, so that is the complete sex, let her clitoris andThe vagina has reached a climax, and in the same ten seconds she will calm down, and the same method can continue to be used in a minute.

However, there is one point to advise everyone, the general climax of the general female body can not stand, so it is best to stop.

銆€銆€Everyone knows a lot about G-points. The disadvantages of controlling the clitoris are: 1.

The nails are easy to scratch into the fragile parts, even if they are not covered, the dirt hidden in the nails can easily cause the genitals to become infected.


Using your fingers to stimulate G-points, you get more visual and auditory enjoyment.

In fact, her true enjoyment is the G-point climax brought by the penis, and the love liquid and heat that she sprays will also enhance your pleasure.


Excessive stimulation of the clitoris, the sensitivity of the clitoris will be reduced, it will become more and more difficult to get clitoris orgasm.