Beware of 5 foods that disrupt endocrine

Beware of 5 foods that disrupt endocrine

With the acceleration of the pace of life, many people are prone to endocrine disorders.

Endocrine disorders can easily affect the normal functioning of the body, and foods that are eaten daily will disturb the body’s endocrine, so diet needs attention!

Do you know of certain foods that disturb endocrine?

Endocrine disorders are caused by many reasons, leading to the gradual increase in people’s stress. Endocrine disorders have become a common symptom, so do not underestimate the problem of endocrine disorders. It is the culprit that causes physiological disorders.It should be killed in a timely manner.

  First, 5 kinds of foods that disturb endocrine1. Alcohol In the present era, drinking entertainment has become a must-have thing for people.

There is no wine on the table, so wine has become the mainstream on the table.

However, drinking properly can make you feel good. Excessive drinking will hurt your body. Frequent drinking will disturb the endocrine system and cause the decline of human immunity.

Liquor contains lead, which is a toxic doped heavy metal. Drinking too much alcohol can easily lead to lead poisoning, which can cause death and pose an immeasurable threat to people’s health.

  2. Fried foods Fried foods are the favorite of many people. They are tender and delicious, crunchy and crunchy, and Belgian. They have become a must-have food for shopping and leisure.

With the popularity of Korean dramas last year, fried chicken with beer has set off a frenzy of fried foods such as fried chicken. Streets, alleys, men and women love beer with fried chicken, and a large number of fried foods have become profitable for businesses.Gimmick.

  But do you know how harmful fried foods are to us?

Fried foods are the main culprits of disturbing endocrine disorders.

Fried foods are extremely hot when they are fried, and those foods that are fried in the pan are mostly meat. Vitamins and proteins that are beneficial to the human body at high temperatures are destroyed, resulting in changes in the material structure.Loss of nutrients, destruction, and often eat fried foods, heat is easy to accumulate in the human body, over time, it is easy to cause severe wind and cold.

  3, caffeine to drink a cup of coffee when you are tired of work, is a very refreshing beauty.

In fact, drinking a moderate amount of coffee can not only enhance the taste of life, but also enjoy the good time in the mellow and delicious flavor of coffee, which is a wonderful thing.

However, caffeine-containing substances in coffee drinks can excite the nervous system, cause insomnia, or nervousness, disturb the normal endocrine system of the human body, and cause unbearable violations of people’s lives.

  In addition, taking too much caffeine can easily lead to rapid heartbeat and irregular pulse times, which poses a great threat to people’s lives.

In addition, the absorption of caffeine in the body will increase the secretion of a cortisol hormone in the body. This substance can stimulate the secretion of the adrenal glands. The stress hormone produced by it will stay in the blood for a long time, which will seriously damage the normal operation of the human endocrine system.

  Among them, the harm to women is the greatest. Due to the special constitution of women, endocrine disorders caused by caffeine drinks will affect the rise of female hormones in women, affect the quality of eggs in the ovaries, accelerate the aging of the human body, and directlyAffect fertility.

Therefore, we should cherish our health, drink less caffeine-containing beverages, and choose some freshly squeezed fruit juices that are rich in vitamins, which is also very good.

  4. Garlic Garlic is a common condiment on our daily table. Regular consumption of garlic can kill the anti-inflammatory and germicidal effects.

But eating too much garlic is also bad for our health.

Eating more garlic can easily lead to getting angry. Some people with stomach problems can easily cause damage to the gastric mucosa, which can cause stomach pain, abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Garlic contains some elements that lower human body’s red blood cell hemoglobin, which is the killer that causes anemia.

So do not eat more garlic, eat about 2 cloves a day.

  5. Leeks Leeks are also a common substitute on common people’s tableware. Leeks have the effect of nourishing kidney and yin, but there are also many disadvantages to eating chives, which have many adverse effects on people’s health.

For some people with stomach problems, if they eat more leek, they will easily feel heartburn and irritation to the stomach. Therefore, people with stomach problems should eat less leek.

  Leek is a warm food with a burst of hair, which is not suitable for some people who restart.

Leeks can provide a lot of energy for the human body. If you eat chives for dinner, it is easy to cause imbalance in the body’s internal secretion, and it is easy to fall asleep at night, resulting in the consequences of insomnia.

  Second, how to regulate endocrine disorders1, sports endocrine disorders are very harmful to the human body, so we need to conduct timely conditioning and rescue.

Among them, exercise is a good way to regulate endocrine disorders.

In normal times, we can participate in more exercises to improve the body’s functional immunity, and the body is almost released during exercise. Moreover, we can strengthen the bones, allow the muscles to exercise, enhance the vitality of the cells, keep them active, and stay young.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and proteins. Eating more fruits and vegetables can even supplement various nutrients required by the human body, and can also regulate the physiological functions of the human body, thereby stimulating the endocrine system.Promote the secretion of saliva and the normal operation of gastrointestinal digestion.

  3. Don’t stay up late. The main reason for endocrine disorders is due to deviations in work and rest time and poor sleep quality.

Therefore, we need to rest on time, combine work and rest, and ensure extra sleep, and never stay up late.

Adequate sleep is great for regulating endocrine.