Beware of 5 foods that disrupt endocrine

Beware of 5 foods that disrupt endocrine

With the acceleration of the pace of life, many people are prone to endocrine disorders.

Endocrine disorders can easily affect the normal functioning of the body, and foods that are eaten daily will disturb the body’s endocrine, so diet needs attention!

Do you know of certain foods that disturb endocrine?

Endocrine disorders are caused by many reasons, leading to the gradual increase in people’s stress. Endocrine disorders have become a common symptom, so do not underestimate the problem of endocrine disorders. It is the culprit that causes physiological disorders.It should be killed in a timely manner.

  First, 5 kinds of foods that disturb endocrine1. Alcohol In the present era, drinking entertainment has become a must-have thing for people.

There is no wine on the table, so wine has become the mainstream on the table.

However, drinking properly can make you feel good. Excessive drinking will hurt your body. Frequent drinking will disturb the endocrine system and cause the decline of human immunity.

Liquor contains lead, which is a toxic doped heavy metal. Drinking too much alcohol can easily lead to lead poisoning, which can cause death and pose an immeasurable threat to people’s health.

  2. Fried foods Fried foods are the favorite of many people. They are tender and delicious, crunchy and crunchy, and Belgian. They have become a must-have food for shopping and leisure.

With the popularity of Korean dramas last year, fried chicken with beer has set off a frenzy of fried foods such as fried chicken. Streets, alleys, men and women love beer with fried chicken, and a large number of fried foods have become profitable for businesses.Gimmick.

  But do you know how harmful fried foods are to us?

Fried foods are the main culprits of disturbing endocrine disorders.

Fried foods are extremely hot when they are fried, and those foods that are fried in the pan are mostly meat. Vitamins and proteins that are beneficial to the human body at high temperatures are destroyed, resulting in changes in the material structure.Loss of nutrients, destruction, and often eat fried foods, heat is easy to accumulate in the human body, over time, it is easy to cause severe wind and cold.

  3, caffeine to drink a cup of coffee when you are tired of work, is a very refreshing beauty.

In fact, drinking a moderate amount of coffee can not only enhance the taste of life, but also enjoy the good time in the mellow and delicious flavor of coffee, which is a wonderful thing.

However, caffeine-containing substances in coffee drinks can excite the nervous system, cause insomnia, or nervousness, disturb the normal endocrine system of the human body, and cause unbearable violations of people’s lives.

  In addition, taking too much caffeine can easily lead to rapid heartbeat and irregular pulse times, which poses a great threat to people’s lives.

In addition, the absorption of caffeine in the body will increase the secretion of a cortisol hormone in the body. This substance can stimulate the secretion of the adrenal glands. The stress hormone produced by it will stay in the blood for a long time, which will seriously damage the normal operation of the human endocrine system.

  Among them, the harm to women is the greatest. Due to the special constitution of women, endocrine disorders caused by caffeine drinks will affect the rise of female hormones in women, affect the quality of eggs in the ovaries, accelerate the aging of the human body, and directlyAffect fertility.

Therefore, we should cherish our health, drink less caffeine-containing beverages, and choose some freshly squeezed fruit juices that are rich in vitamins, which is also very good.

  4. Garlic Garlic is a common condiment on our daily table. Regular consumption of garlic can kill the anti-inflammatory and germicidal effects.

But eating too much garlic is also bad for our health.

Eating more garlic can easily lead to getting angry. Some people with stomach problems can easily cause damage to the gastric mucosa, which can cause stomach pain, abdominal pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Garlic contains some elements that lower human body’s red blood cell hemoglobin, which is the killer that causes anemia.

So do not eat more garlic, eat about 2 cloves a day.

  5. Leeks Leeks are also a common substitute on common people’s tableware. Leeks have the effect of nourishing kidney and yin, but there are also many disadvantages to eating chives, which have many adverse effects on people’s health.

For some people with stomach problems, if they eat more leek, they will easily feel heartburn and irritation to the stomach. Therefore, people with stomach problems should eat less leek.

  Leek is a warm food with a burst of hair, which is not suitable for some people who restart.

Leeks can provide a lot of energy for the human body. If you eat chives for dinner, it is easy to cause imbalance in the body’s internal secretion, and it is easy to fall asleep at night, resulting in the consequences of insomnia.

  Second, how to regulate endocrine disorders1, sports endocrine disorders are very harmful to the human body, so we need to conduct timely conditioning and rescue.

Among them, exercise is a good way to regulate endocrine disorders.

In normal times, we can participate in more exercises to improve the body’s functional immunity, and the body is almost released during exercise. Moreover, we can strengthen the bones, allow the muscles to exercise, enhance the vitality of the cells, keep them active, and stay young.
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and proteins. Eating more fruits and vegetables can even supplement various nutrients required by the human body, and can also regulate the physiological functions of the human body, thereby stimulating the endocrine system.Promote the secretion of saliva and the normal operation of gastrointestinal digestion.

  3. Don’t stay up late. The main reason for endocrine disorders is due to deviations in work and rest time and poor sleep quality.

Therefore, we need to rest on time, combine work and rest, and ensure extra sleep, and never stay up late.

Adequate sleep is great for regulating endocrine.

Cold Winter Ziyin Bushen Yiqi Huoxue Regular Black Rice

Cold Winter Ziyin Bushen Yiqi Huoxue Regular Black Rice

In the cold season, the kidney qi is the first.

In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five elements, the black corresponds to the kidney, while the black rice is flat, sweet, and has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and activating blood, and warming the liver. It is a good ingredient for kidney.

Black rice can be cooked with white rice, or porridge with walnuts, jujube, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.

Because the black rice has a hard and tough seed coat, it needs to be soaked in advance before it can be cooked and eaten, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion.

In addition, the water of the rice must be boiled together with the rice to preserve its nutritional content.

  Black rice supplements are peaceful, especially for teenagers and young children. They have weak postpartum health, post-ill health, anemia, kidney deficiency, etc. Eat 50 grams (1 or 2) per meal.

But because it is not easy to digest, people with poor digestive ability should take it with caution.

Recommended for you nine liver porridge

Recommended for you “nine liver porridge”

The liver is an important detoxification organ of the body. Toxic substances absorbed by the stomach and intestines must be detoxified by the liver to become non-toxic, and then excreted through the bile or urine.
The liver is overloaded for a long time and too much body toxins cannot be eliminated in time.
  The main function of the liver is metabolism. If the metabolic function is abnormal, it will cause fatigue in the limbs and inactivity, and even if you do n’t eat too much, you can’t stop gaining weight and cause a vicious circle.
  If the liver qi is not good, the whole body’s qi and blood operation will be disordered, and women will become irritable, irritable, and have menstrual disorders.
  Here we will recommend six “Yanggan porridge”, you might as well try it.
  1. Celery porridge: 150 grams of celery and 100 grams of rice.
  Method: Wash the roots of celery, add water to boil, take the juice and take the porridge with rice.
  Efficacy: headache, dizziness and redness. Patients with this disease and middle-aged and elderly people often eat celery porridge, which has certain benefits in regulating the liver, lowering blood pressure and reducing irritability.
  2, spinach porridge raw materials: 250 grams of spinach, 250 grams of rice, salt, MSG each amount.
  Method: Wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water, and cut into sections; put the rice in the pot, add the right amount of water, and cook until the rice is cooked.MSG is ready.
  Efficacy: Spinach porridge has a good adjuvant treatment effect on hypertension, headache, dizziness, anemia, and diabetes caused by liver-yin deficiency.
  3. Raw materials for chrysanthemum porridge: 15 grams of chrysanthemum and 100 grams of japonica rice.
  Method: Wash the chrysanthemum and wash the rice.
Put chrysanthemum and japonica in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cover, boil over high heat, and simmer until the porridge is ready.
  Efficacy: The porridge disperses wind and heat, clears liver anger, and lowers blood pressure.
It is suitable for dizziness, headache, red eyes, scabies, swelling and poison, and essential hypertension.
  4. Raw materials for plum porridge: 5 grams of white plum and 80 grams of japonica rice.
  Method: first boil the rice into porridge, then add white plum blossoms, boil for two or three minutes, eat one bowl for each meal, and eat for three or five consecutive days.
  Efficacy: Plum blossom is flat, can relieve liver and qi, stimulate appetite.
The appetite is good for those with anorexia, and the energy is doubled for healthy people.
  5. Raw materials for mulberry porridge: 30 grams of mulberry (60 grams for fresh mulberry), 60 grams of glutinous rice, and moderate sugar.
  Method: Wash the mulberry clean, cook with glutinous rice, add rock sugar after cooking.
  Efficacy: The porridge can nourish liver yin, nourish blood and eyesight.
Applicable to dizziness caused by liver and kidney deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, tinnitus, backache, early whitening and so on.
  6, Cassia seed porridge ingredients: 10 grams of cassia seeds, 60 grams of rice, a small amount of rock sugar.
  Method: first add cassia seeds to water and cook for the right amount of juice.
Then use its juice and rice to cook together, add porridge after adding porridge.
  Efficacy: The porridge clears the liver, clears eyes, and defecates.
Applicable to redness and swelling of eyes, photophobia and tears, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, habitual constipation, etc.
  7, amaranth congee raw materials: rice, mustard ravioli practice: after the rice is boiled with water, add an appropriate amount of amaranth, after boiling, turn to heat and cook into porridge.
You can eat 1-2 bowls daily.
  Efficacy: This porridge has the functions of cooling blood to stop bleeding and clearing the liver, and is suitable for high blood pressure, hot showers, unfavorable urination, turbid urine, liver heat and red eyes, and women with excessive menstruation and leaking.
  8. Carrot porridge raw materials: rice, carrot mash method: put rice and carrot shreds into water to cook porridge, eat morning and evening.
  Efficacy: This porridge is good for eliminating irritability and lowering blood pressure, and also helps patients with measles to relieve epidermal rash.
  9、猪肝绿豆粥  原料:猪肺,大米,绿豆  做法:将绿豆、大米洗净后,放入锅内加水同煮,大火煮沸后再改用小火慢熬,熬至八分熟时,Put the pork liver cut into slices or strips into a pot and cook. Add the appropriate amount of salt and MSG after cooking.
  Efficacy: This porridge has the effects of nourishing the liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and eyesight, and beauty and emollient. It is suitable for frail people who have yellowish complexion, vision loss, and blurred vision.

Don’t let anorexia harass children

Don’t let anorexia harass children

Increased student anorexia.

Near the beginning of school, some children mentioned that they felt uncomfortable when they went to school. They had symptoms such as stomach pain, sweating, and insomnia. However, there were no objective indicators of physical problems when they were examined.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Tongren Hospital that more students have recently come to the clinical psychology department due to learning problems, and the number of outpatient services in this department has increased by 20% compared with usual.

  From a psychological point of view, anorexia refers to the behavioral reaction mode of students ‘passive treatment of learning activities, which is mainly manifested by students’ deviations in learning cognition, emotionally negative treatment of learning, and active behavior away from learning.

The students who have been anorexia often lose interest in learning, their learning goals are not clear, and they even hate books, teachers, and schools. In severe cases, they are nauseated, dizzy, irritable and even hysterical when they mention school.

The terrible thing is that most of the students who came to the clinic were patients with severe anorexia, and their symptoms were mostly “depressed, have sleep disorders, avoid dealing with people, and even have behavioral disorders.”

Why are children tired of school?

There are many reasons. In addition to the children themselves, parents, schools and teachers also have unshirkable responsibilities.

  As far as students are concerned, suffering from the high pressure of exam-oriented education, the intimidation of one-sided enrollment rates, and the waste of psychological burdens, they simply cannot enjoy any learning pleasure.

According to the so-called “poor students” who have a poor learning foundation, long-term prejudice in society, parental disregard, teacher criticism, classmate discrimination are moderate, no one can care in life, and no one can understand it in their studies.Learning motivation, day by day gradually formed the idea that he is a poor student, and lacked the necessary confidence and courage, so that he suffered from anorexia.

  From the perspective of school education, old and rigid textbooks, well-ranked rankings, overwhelming examinations, ridiculous “quick and slow classes”, and deep textbooks, great difficulties, strict requirements, and high standards, many students often do not understand and learnNo, I ca n’t eat it well and do n’t meet the standards.

Here, the rules of education have not been reflected at all, which has greatly affected the self-esteem and confidence of students.

The boring explanations of teachers and the harsh demands of being unfriendly have made students tired of coping and unable to look around, which has seriously hurt their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

In the strong collision of good ideals and harsh realities, the joy of learning naturally disappears, and there is no reason to tire of learning?

  According to some hopeful Jackie Chan parents, they are extremely useful in educating their children, eager for quick success, overcoming vanity, short-sightedness, and taking their children’s good results for their own showing off capital, without taking into account excessive expectations and deprivingIt gives children the space to grow freely, causing them to cause inestimable damage.

Of course, such actions by parents are malformed with the concept of social employment, but the diploma is inseparable.

  The best way to solve the all-pervasive anorexia is to make students happy to learn and to improve daily, let students find a happy learning feeling with a positive attitude, and treat learning as a happy career, not a painful burden.

To achieve this, we must first achieve the following three points.

  First, as a student, we must adjust our mentality, have self-confidence, and adopt a resolute character and an optimistic attitude towards life. We firmly believe that there will be gains from giving.

Secondly, from the perspective of the school, it is necessary to reset the student’s subjective level, understand the students, study the students, tap the “flash points” of the students, put forward reasonable requirements on the basis of discovering the students’ potential, and stimulate their desire to succeed.

According to teachers, efforts should be made to enhance their own quality, improve class levels, and provide good conditions and support for students’ learning.

Third, parents must also change the concept of child rearing, communicate more with their children, properly evaluate their strength, pay attention to the child’s character development, do not set unrealistic goals for the child, and pay attention to investigating problems and not accommodating.Find a psychiatrist for psychological intervention and treatment of your child immediately. Otherwise, your child’s psychological symptoms may worsen.

  If it is true, the child’s anorexia will be gone, and the students will have a passion for learning, and there is no need to worry that they will not learn well or do nothing.

It should be pointed out that these are just the “medical treatment” on the basis of everything. To completely prevent the root cause of “weariness”, we must fundamentally reform the current test-oriented education system, and we must implement the promotion of quality education to the point.Education has become a popular, scientific, and happy science education that has killed the spring breeze that has allowed generation to generation reform.

Medicinal food clove

Medicinal food clove

[Source of medicinal materials]Lilac for evergreen tree plant Myrtaceae


et Perry).

Mainly produced in developing countries, Malaysia, peanuts and other places.

It is cultivated in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places in China.

Usually from September to March, the buds are harvested when they turn from green to red.



  [Sexual flavor]Xin, warm.

Return to the spleen, stomach and kidney.

  [Medicinal properties]This product is warm, good and warm, the middle and lower two burners, and fall back and stop, er, it is commonly used in the middle burner, and the cold and impotence in the lower Yuan.

Wenzhong Jiangni This product can disperse the cold in the middle, warm the stomach and reduce the inverse, can treat stomach cold and vomiting hiccups, and can also use the spleen and stomach asthenia, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea.

  2.Wenshen Zhuyang is often used to treat gynecological cold abdominal pain and impotence.

  [药理知识]  1.Treatment of intestinal obstruction: 30 to 60 g of clove ground, alcohol blended, apply to the umbilicus.
(“Guangxi Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine” 1988) 2.Treatment of premature ejaculation: 20 grams each of cloves and asarum, immersed in 100ml of 75% ethanol for half a month, remove the extract, and rub the top of the penis, after 15?
The intercourse was performed within 30 minutes, and 156 patients with premature ejaculation were treated better because of mental factors. The prescription alone was effective. For other reasons, it should be treated with internal medicine.

(《浙江中医杂志》1988)  [有效成分]花蕾含挥发油即丁香油。The oil mainly contains eugenol, acetyl eugenol, β-caryophyllene, and methyl n-pentyl ketone, methyl salicylate and the like.

  [临床应用]   1.The ether extract containing clove of 1%, water extract or clove decoction containing 8% of clove have inhibitory effects on various pathogenic fungi such as Xanthomonas solanacearum and Candida albicans.

At higher concentrations, it also inhibits new cryptococcus.

  2.Water or alcohol extract has paralytic or killing effect on Ascaris suum in vitro.

Clove oil is better than decoction.


5% eugenol emulsion can significantly increase gastric mucus secretion, but the acidity is not enhanced; the effect of eugenol is slightly worse.

Continuous application can deplete mucus and partially recover the reaction after 36 hours.

After a few months, it was fully restored.

  4.Clove oil (a small amount of drip) disinfects the cavity of caries, destroys its nerves, and reduces toothache.

  5.Intravenous injection of eugenol in rabbits can produce anesthesia, lower blood pressure, respiratory depression and anticonvulsant effects.

However, subcutaneous injection in mice does not produce anesthetic effects.

Clove also contains uterine contractions.

Don’t get too cold in summer

Don’t get too cold in summer

On hot summer days, the temperature is very high and the humidity is high. Especially in the southern region, San Fu Tian is often nicknamed “Sauna Day”.

Due to high external temperature and high humidity, the human body’s heat dissipation through heat radiation and sweat evaporation will be greatly hindered.

In order to prevent heat stroke, people choose various ways to cool down and cool down.

But sometimes people often go to the other extreme-feeling cold and damp due to excessive coldness.

  In summer, sweat comes out, and Chinese medicine calls it “stomach opening”, that is, the pores of the skin are opened; furthermore, in the summer, the yang is relatively strong, and the yang in the body is relatively weak.

Under this condition, the evil of cold and dampness is more likely to invade the human body, hurt the skin, metabolism, and muscles.

Coupled with long-term air conditioning in summer, and the temperature is lower than 26 ℃, coupled with thin clothing, bare shoulders, navel, waist, knees; indoor and outdoor temperature difference penetration, no transition from high to low temperature, or sweatingAfterwards, they were directly washed with cold water and blown by a large fan. Traditional Chinese medicine called it “sweating out of the wind”; excessive consumption of iced drinks, frozen drinks and fruits; and some people like to spend the night outside and sleep on the cold concrete floor.

So wait.

These are all opportunities to be hurt by cold and humidity.

  In the hot summer, I feel the diseases caused by cold and dampness. According to different clinical symptoms, Chinese medicine generally has the corresponding complications such as “yinshu” and “biosis”.

Overheating often manifests as fear of coldness, no sweating, poor appetite, diarrhea, etc .; if the evil of coldness and dampness retains the limb meridians, cold or sore muscles and joints can be seen, and even the activities are significantly restricted.

In addition, for women, the evil of cold and damp easily invades the human body from the lower part, leading to multiple gynecological substitutions.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the summer, the main cause of summer qi is that the human body’s yang qi will also rise and lead to delusion, which will not only easily damage the yin fluid, but also easily damage the body’s yang qi.

As a result, in the summer, the Yang Qi is often partly lost due to deliberate movements and injuries.

At this time, if the evil of coldness and dampness that naturally belongs to the yin takes the opportunity to invade the human body, the weak yang of the human body will be unable to resist the disease and breed diseases.

Therefore, the method of keeping in good health proposed by TCM in spring and summer to nourish yang and autumn and winter to nourish yin is very insightful.

  Therefore, despite the hot summer, we must always prevent the evil of cold and wet from invading the human body.

  So, how to prevent cold and wet attack?

It is essential to keep the yang vigorous at all times.

The viewpoint of “yang in spring and summer” was mentioned above, and the theory of “winter in summer and disease in summer” is also similar in nature.

The so-called “cultivation” actually includes two aspects of “cultivation” and “protection”, and the combination of conservation and maintenance can really achieve the prosperity of yang.

  ”Keeping” means to keep in peace.

Specifically, in terms of diet, it is not advisable to eat hot or cold products, because hot is easy to hurt the yin, and cold is easy to hurt the sun.

Summer foods should be light and easy to digest, and staple foods such as rice noodles are indispensable. At the same time, foods such as fish, lean meat, poultry eggs, and other protein-based foods, as well as various fresh vegetables, fruits, and other minerals and vitamins should be appropriately increased.

Such as Yang Qi Su deficiency, in addition to weak stomach qi and indigestion, there are symptoms of kidney yang deficiency such as chills and cold, etc., if necessary, can be adjusted by taking appropriate Chinese medicine prescription.

There is an easy way to prevent and treat summer chills.

It is daily some ginger tea.

  The so-called “cultivation” is internal, and the external “protection” requires that we must not excessively avoid heat and cold.

Do not sleep on the ground directly at night or the temperature of the air conditioner is too low when sleeping indoors, the fan is too strong, do not sit in a dark place for long periods of time, do not eat a lot of cold food or drinks, do not rinse with cold water immediately after sweating, do notIn the late summer, the summer heat is gradually decreasing, and the mats are not replaced.

  It is worth reminding that the body is full of yang in adolescence, so although some teenage friends often drink cold and cold without feeling any harm, if this is the case for a long time, it will inevitably plant the scourge of yang deficiency and it is easy to suffer from yin in the future.Cold evil’s sticky replacement is equally difficult to regulate.

Eight things to know about taking lipid-lowering drugs

Eight things to know about taking lipid-lowering drugs

1. It is not necessary to take medicine without high blood lipids. Some patients with coronary heart disease have blood lipids within the normal range of the test list, but the doctor still prescribed lipid-lowering drugs for the patients.

The reason is that the normal range of blood lipids varies from person to person, the normal range on the test sheet is mainly applicable to healthy people, and for patients with coronary heart disease, in order to reduce the risk of recurrence of coronary heart disease or death, the ideal level of blood lipids is lower than the testSingle normal range.

2, lifestyle must change diet therapy and lifestyle changes are the basis of lipid-lowering treatment.

Changes in diet, regular exercise, weight control and other complications were reduced by 4% -13%.

3, the results should not be too impatient not to take lipid-lowering drugs, the blood plasma will immediately decrease.

Depending on the type and dosage of the drug, the effect may be 1-2 weeks or 1-2 months.

4, to adhere to long-term medication, usually taking 1-2 months, lipid-lowering drugs will produce the greatest lipid-lowering effect, continued medication will not further reduce blood lipids.

But if the lipid-lowering drug is stopped, blood lipids will return to their pre-treatment levels.

5. Choosing the right time to take medicine. As plasma synthesizes more in the evening, taking statins before bedtime has a better effect.

Lovastatin should be taken with food. Instead, lovastatin should be taken with food.

If you need to take statins and fibrate lipid-lowering drugs at the same time, it is recommended to take fibrates in the morning and statins in the evening to reduce adverse reactions.

Listen to your baby cry and identify his needs

Listen to your baby cry and identify his needs

Why does a baby cry? Newborn babies cry to let you know what she needs.

The first reason was that she felt hungry.

You need to pay attention to observe when she wants to breastfeed, and when she does not want to breastfeed, you can quickly determine whether the baby is crying because of hungry or uncomfortable and wants to attract attention.

Sometimes the baby is crying because she wants someone to hold her, sometimes the diaper is uncomfortable when wet, and sometimes she feels tired or bored.

As long as you and your baby are familiar with each other, you can identify the different reasons why your baby is crying, and then take targeted measures.

When your baby is crying, look after her in time and follow her. This will not spoil her temper, it will only help the baby feel your love and make her feel safe.

Expert Tip: Smile, touch and talk to your baby as much as possible, whether you are breastfeeding, changing diapers or bathing.

How important your loving care is to your baby.

How to soothe a baby Sometimes the baby is not hungry, the diapers are dry, and they don’t seem to be sick, but they keep crying.

This may be because she feels uncomfortable.

There are many ways you can soothe your baby, including: * Sitting by the baby’s cradle and patting it gently.

* Gently stroke your baby’s head, back or chest.

* Talk to your baby softly and softly, indicating that you are by her side and will take care of her.

* Hum a song gently or play soft music.

* Wrap your baby with a blanket.

If you use a lot of brains and use a lot of methods, your baby will still keep crying, don’t panic, let alone helplessness.

If you lose your temper, your baby will know.

No matter how angry or upset you are, never shake your baby.

Strong shaking can cause baby brain damage or even death.

If you are tired and want to rest, it is best to ask relatives and neighbors to help.

Every baby will cry. You can’t do it perfectly every time every day, so that your baby feels comfortable.

Baby crying does not mean that you are an incompetent mother, as long as you do your best.

Expert Tip: There is a very simple way to cope with your baby’s crying, and that is to stay close to her and take care of her.

Studies have shown that babies who get attention cry less.

6 self-made thinning and degreasing masks can also whiten_1

6 self-made thinning and degreasing masks can also whiten

Yogurt mask material: a cup of yoghurt, an appropriate amount of flour, and a small bowl: 1. Put the appropriate amount of yoghurt and flour in a small bowl and mix thoroughly to form a thick yogurt paste.

(Do not adjust it too thin, otherwise the mask cannot be thickened) 2. Apply evenly on the entire face, wait 10?
After 15 minutes, wash with warm water and use it: the yogurt mask can double as a face wash, and you don’t have to clean your face before and after use.

Use 4?
After 5 rounds, the skin will have a completely new feeling, which can mainly condense pores.

This mask is what the MM who wants to be a small face beauty looks for ~~ Aloe Youth Mask Material: Fresh Aloe One method: Peel the aloe, cut a small piece of pulp, and stick it on the acne with air-permeable tape, every other dayYou can eliminate inflammation and swelling.

  Efficacy: In addition to greatly improving acne, evenly spread it on the entire face, it also helps the skin to be smooth and beautiful, and it can also moisturize.

  Walnut honey mask material: walnut kernel, flour amount, honey method: grind walnut kernel into fine powder, add honey, flour and blend into a paste, spread evenly on the board 10?
15 minutes.

  Efficacy: It can moisturize the skin, remove the old horny, and make the skin smooth and fair.

  Mask material in eggs: one egg, half lemon, olive oil, salt and alkali method: break up the eggs, add half lemon juice, coarse salt, olive oil together and mix well, just apply it.

  Function: Apply 1 weekly
Twice, as long as it is persistent, it can whiten the skin, promote skin smoothness and wrinkle resistance!

  Tea sugar mask material: black tea leaves, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar each, flour amount method: cook black tea leaves, brown sugar with water and cook, mix thoroughly with flour and apply to the face, and wash with warm water after 15 minutes.

  Efficacy: Makes skin smooth and reduces wrinkles.

The effective ingredients of tea will reduce the excess aunt on the face, which is amazing!


Psychological self-assessment about mentality


Psychological self-assessment about mentality

There are 25 questions below, please answer them according to your actual situation.

Answers are divided into 5 levels from negative to positive: 0 means completely negative; 1 means basically negative; 2 means inaccurate; 3 means basically positive; 4 means completely positive.

Please write down the drama of each question.

Do you have confidence in yourself now?

Do you mediate when you are in a bad mood?

Do you have a clear life goal?

Do you have a hobby?

Can you think positively about problems that arise in your life?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do n’t you deny yourself when things do n’t go well?

Can you treat many things in life with a humorous attitude?

Are you not paying too much attention to your psychological problems or symptoms to do what you should do?

Is your fear less and less guts?

Do you only focus on your own progress and not compare blindly with others?

Can you apply the learned theories to your own life practice?

Do you think you should be responsible for your life, not because of external factors such as your parents?

Do you have friends who can communicate, talk and help each other?

Do you dare to refuse when someone asks you not to accept it?

Can you understand and care about others?

Can you settle down and concentrate on doing things?

Are you passionate about life instead of bored and depressed?

Have you identified your own strengths and weaknesses dialectically?

Can you stay focused on the outside world instead of noticing your own psychological symptoms?

Can you incorporate tolerance for your regression or relapse?

Can you organize your life well?

Do you not care too much about what others think?

Have you stopped negating and testing yourself with something irrelevant?

Is your mood basically stable and in good shape?

  The total score reached 65 points. A passing grade of 66 to 80 is a basic pass, 81 to 95 is a good 96 and a grade of excellent is below 65. A high degree of vigilance is required, and adjustments are made immediately.