5 earthwork effects of summer beauty are shocking

5 earthwork effects of summer beauty are shocking

The most inconspicuous earth method can also get a shocking beauty effect!

You can develop these beauty habits slowly, or you can do it overnight.

Beauty habits you must know: Cold treatments in the bathroom are here in the summer, so use your daily bath time to do cold treatments for your skin.

Give your body a “cold drink” after a hot bath every day.

Use cold water to stimulate the ends of the hands, feet, etc., and stick to a summer, not only can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, but also improve the physical fitness of cold MM.

Winter becomes less afraid of cold, and the skin is healthier, and the rosy complexion will secretly climb up your cheek.

  The 1 + 1 rule of liquid foundation has now reached the multi-faceted era of foundation makeup, and in addition to liquid foundation, there is also decorative base milk.

How to save time and efficiently complete the primer work? The 1 + 1 rule will help you. You can blend the base cream (such as pearl, purple, beige, white) and liquid foundation, and 1 + 1 becomes the new base makeup.

For example, mix the pearly base cream with 1: 2 (base milk: foundation) and foundation on the back of the hand, so that the foundation will have a little gloss.

However, to remind MMs, after the liquid foundation is replaced, the color will also decrease by one color number.

If you don’t want the foundation to be too light, you can adjust the proportion of the foundation cream and liquid foundation.

  Do n’t drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, it ‘s best not to drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, because the caffeine content in both drinks is high, which can easily stimulate nerves and cardiovascular, leading to menstruationIncreased basal metabolism, causing dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual blood, and even long periods.

So the best drink when “good friend” comes is hot boiled water. Of course, you can also add brown sugar and ginger tablets in it to help blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, let “good friend” come quickly and comfortably.Away.

  3 Principles of Cleansing Oil Cleansing oil is a good makeup remover, but you must thoroughly implement the 3 principles of “complete emulsification, rinse with plenty of water, and wash your face again.”

“Complete emulsification” is related to whether the emulsifier of the product itself is sufficient, and whether your emulsification action is complete.

The correct method should be: use oil to dissolve the makeup and then dip it in water to massage the white emulsified liquid, and then wash with plenty of water.

Most people often omit the emulsification process with water massage and only flush the water directly. This incomplete emulsification will leave oil in the pores and cause acne.

It should also be reminded that no matter what kind of skin you have, you should use a mild facial cleanser to wash away residual oil after using a cleansing oil.

  The 6 points of front-end acne care are clear in summer, and the back-end acne discounts the beauty of the suspender skirt. Come and do care for the back. You only need to spend 20 minutes every weekend to get it done.

  First of all, use a pH-neutral cleansing soap when taking a bath to make residues after washing.

  Secondly, it is necessary to use less bath towels to penetrate through the front, and choose multiple soft exfoliating products, so as not to scrub hard and break the acne and leave spots.

  Third, after bathing, it is recommended to mix the base oil with the substitute tea tree oil and apply it on the place with acne on the tail.

  Fourth, after soaking the bath towel with hot water, do a hot compress on the back to promote better absorption of essential oils.

  Fifth, apply a contraction lotion to the buttocks.

  Sixth, in addition to a light diet, take more lactic acid bacteria drinks and foods that help dialysis and peristalsis.

Look at your eyebrows to see your condition

Look at your eyebrows to see your condition

According to research, eyebrows are closely related to human health, and eyebrows can be used to judge disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eyebrows belong to the foot sun bladder meridian, which relies on the blood of the foot sun meridian to prosper and decline.

Therefore, the thick eyebrows indicate that the kidney is full and strong.

The thin eyebrows indicate that the kidney qi is deficient and weak.

For example, those with straight and dry eyebrow tips may have abnormal menstruation if they are female, and they are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases if they are male.

  Women’s eyebrows are particularly dark and may be related to hyperadrenal function.

  The skin of the eyebrows is thick, and the eyebrows are particularly thin and substitutable. You should check for leprosy, and see your doctor for early treatment.

  The blue color of the two eyebrows is a disease-free normal color. If you see red, it is mostly annoying symptoms.

  In patients with neuropalsy, paralyzed eyebrows bulge above the eyebrows when the unilateral upper eyelids sag.

  Patients with leprosy may experience eyebrow displacement in the early stage; patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms; straight eyebrows are a sign of danger; eyebrows are tight and tight, which is a manifestation of painful diseases.

  At the same time, observing the eyebrows will also help to diagnose the disease.

Patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, the eyebrows are often replaced, and the most obvious is the outer side of the eyebrow.

  Some women, for thin eyebrows, often pull out many “unsatisfactory” eyebrows.

Unless otherwise, plucking the entire eyebrows, and then struggling to frown, this is a very obstacle to health.

It should be noted that eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are clear without eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritate the cornea and conjunctiva, cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and can cause corneal ulcers in severe cases.

  Because the nerve blood vessels around the eyebrows are abundant, if the eyebrows are often pulled out, it will easily cause bad stimulation to the nerve blood vessels and cause facial muscle movement disorders, which may cause symptoms such as pain, blurred vision or double vision, and may cause dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often pulling eyebrows will cause eyelids to relax, increase wrinkles and affect aesthetics.

  Such as hypothyroidism, the upper side of the eyebrows; those with vitiligo, the root hairs of the eyebrows initially turn white; patients with alopecia areata, eyebrows are often replaced overnight.

It can be seen that eyebrows are closely related to health, expression, and disease.

Eyebrow plucking is not good for your health. It can also cause the eye to lose its barrier and expression. It is also often caused by the nerves and blood vessels around the eyebrows. When you pluck your eyebrows, it causes some damage to the nerves and blood vessels, causing facial sensations and movementDisorders, pain, blurred vision, bleeding, dermatitis, folliculitis and some other bad symptoms.

Frequent plucking of the eyebrows will cause the skin on the upper eyelids to sag, droop the upper eyelid, and increase the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, which will affect the appearance of the face.

  What is needed here is that since eyebrows are so closely related to health, it is not advisable to promote eyebrow plucking.

Scientific combat acne Don’t touch the danger triangle

Scientific “combat acne” Don’t touch the “danger triangle”

A few days ago, a news circulated on Weibo: An 11-year-old girl in Xiaogan, Hubei, had squeezed a few acne on her face due to beauty, and her whole body was painful and she had a high fever 38.
Above 5 degrees, my fingers and legs were unable to move, my breathing was short, my body became purple, and I lost my life.
It was diagnosed by the hospital as severe sepsis and osteomyelitis, and more than 100 ml of pus was drained out by surgery.
  In fact, there have been similar reports in the past: a 15-year-old middle school student in Guangdong developed redness, swelling, fever, and coma after extruding three acne on his cheek and forehead. He was diagnosed with intracranial infection, lung infection, and sepsis.
  Why squeeze a few small acne can cause so much trouble?
How should science “combat acne”?
To this end, we visited the dermatology departments of many hospitals.
  Why do you get acne?
Traditional Chinese and Western medicine have explained that the scientific name of acne is acne. Because it occurs frequently in young people, it is often called “acne”.
  Western medicine believes that there are four main reasons for the formation of acne: excessive androgen secretion or imbalance of hormone secretion, leading to increased sebum secretion, clogging sebaceous gland ducts and bulging to form acne; excessive keratinization of hair follicle ducts; sebum dandruff blocking pores, andBlocks are formed on the head, which is whiteheads. Whiteheads are oxidized to produce pigmentation and form blackheads; P. acnes infection.
  Chinese medicine believes that the location of acne is related to its cause: Frequent acne on the forehead may be caused by endocrine disorders.
Menstrual disorders, eating hormone-containing supplements, etc., people with breast lumps, uterine fibroids, hormone levels are abnormal, prone to acne.
The acne on the chin is caused by eating spicy and fatty foods.
Because the gastrointestinal meridians of the human digestive system are mapped on the skin of the chin, the gastrointestinal is not comfortable, and the chin will manifest.
  Acne on the cheeks is mostly caused by bad mood, staying up late, and menstrual disorders.
Because emotion directly affects the liver and gallbladder, the liver and gallbladder meridian passes through the cheek, emotional anxiety, and tension before menstruation will cause liver qi stagnation.
  Acne on the nose is related to getting angry.
People who eat a lot of fried and fatty things will have acne on their noses.
  It is best not to pull out the “dangerous triangle”. Acne appears on the face. Many people can’t wait to get rid of it. Various methods such as taking medicine, applying medicine or physiotherapy are used.
  Dermatologist Shen Hong, chief physician of the Third Hospital of Shenzhen City, believes that some of these methods are reasonable, and some are Hu Lai.
For example, taking contraceptives may be effective in the short term, but it cannot cure the cause, and after some people stop taking the pill, acne may worsen.
Taking contraceptives is mainly to regulate hormones, it is not the preferred method for treating acne, and may cause irregular menstruation.
  The most frightening part of the “combat acne” method is squeezing with your hands. This method may hurt the skin, form scars or cause pigmentation, and may be life-threatening in some cases.
  Squeezing by hand can destroy the protective layer around the purulent bacteria, and the bacteria will spread into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation to a greater extent.
If bacteria are “squeezed” into blood vessels, they can spread to other tissues or organs in the body with the bloodstream, or they can grow and reproduce in the blood.
The 11-year-old girl on Weibo suffered from severe sepsis after breaking out of acne, which is why.
  The most dangerous is the “dangerous triangle” of the face, that is, the triangular area formed by the connection between the mouth corners and the root of the nose.
If you squeeze it hard, the bacteria in the pimples and pustules may be pressed into the blood vessels. The general vascular problems are not serious, and the white blood cells in the blood will kill the bacteria.
But if it happens to enter the returning venous blood, it will be troublesome when it comes to the sinus in the brain.
The sinuses are like a cavernous body. After the bacteria enter, they will not come out easily, and they will block and breed, causing inflammation, which is intracranial infection.
  Let it go on its own, and go to the hospital if it doesn’t work. How should it be reasonable to fight acne?
Under normal circumstances, after the acne ruptures naturally and the pus will be naturally discharged, the skin will regenerate and heal.
  Acne is crazy and difficult to deal with. You can go to the dermatology department of the hospital for help.
If the hair follicles are excessively keratinized, the intervention principle is to balance the secretion of oil, moisturize dry skin, and promote the normal exfoliation of aging cuticles; if the pores are slightly blocked to form acne, clear the blocked pores and use exfoliating creams;To use antibiotics to reduce inflammation and sterilization, continue to use exfoliating creams; once cysts have formed, use steroids and other hormones.
  In addition, people who are prone to acne should avoid eating lard, fatty meat, cream, chocolate, sweets, peppers and wine, and drink less sweet drinks.

Eight major troubles trouble young people

Eight major troubles trouble young people

People often sigh: Nowadays, the lives of young children are more modern, richer and more colorful.
But do they realize that they are extremely happy?
Why are more and more children always saying “depressed”?
Deputy Chief Physician Zhang Ye of Tianjin Anding Hospital’s Psychological Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Adolescent Clinic) said that the center’s latest questionnaire survey of 1,800 middle and primary school students showed that eight major troubles troubled young children.
  The eight major worries of youth and children surveyed this time are: poor academic performance and no confidence to learn well (accounting for 36.
9%); homework that can never be completed (34.
8%); parents only know that they care about their academic performance, they ca n’t understand us (32%); parents do n’t let me play and do n’t have time to play (31%); they only like computer games, other activities are not interesting (26%)Feeling lonely without friends (21.
8%); father and mother always quarrel, unhappy family atmosphere (18.
4%); suspected teachers are eccentric, unfair, arbitrary, stern, shy, so do not like teachers (16.
  What are the negative impacts of the eight major worries on children? Impact one: Once students lose confidence in learning, they will inevitably underestimate themselves.
Such children will often compare their own weaknesses to the strengths of others, so they always feel that they are inferior to others. The more they are more discouraged, they will have an inferiority complex.
Those who are light make them stay away from difficulties, and those who are serious may even be decadent, outdated, and distorted.
  Impact two: Adolescents are burdened with heavy psychological pressure due to their heavy learning burden.
Some adolescents can’t bear these psychological pressures, sometimes show unusual resistance, form domestic violence, and have very few thoughts, even negative suicide.
  Impact three: Because children’s free time is difficult to be guaranteed, almost all of their time is spent on learning, but this passive behavior will increase their stress and mental burden, and their real interests, hobbies, and valuable creativityMay be suppressed.
Stress will greatly reduce their enthusiasm for life, and life becomes dull for them.
  Impact 4: Parents are the students’ first teachers. Some parents often reprimand their children because they neglect to communicate with their children, making children afraid of their parents and lack of emotional communication.
The child cannot get help when faced with difficulties, and cannot be encouraged when faced with setbacks, which makes the child have a sense of “depression” and “a sense of grievance.”
  Impact 5: Many parents and teachers only value their children’s academic performance. The direct consequence of this is that students have greater psychological pressure, and computer games allow students to achieve their own goals according to their wishes and to be happy.This is an important psychological reason for students’ obsession with computer games.
However, due to the unhealthy content of many games and the lack of judging ability of young people to judge things, it is easy to cause incomplete personality development.
  Impact 6: Because the current family education and school education focus on academic performance, students’ academic burden and psychological pressure are relatively heavy, and the only child growing up is relatively lonely, making the Internet a lot of young people to avoid the burden and pressure to find psychological sustenance”Air-raid shelters” and indulged in them and couldn’t extricate themselves.
  Impact 7: The family is the first school of a person. Due to the change of marriage and family, the family is not harmonious and unstable, and it is easy for children to lack the affection from parents and parents, and they cannot receive the guidance, education, and care they deserve.Can even become a cause of minors to commit crimes.
  Impact eight: Because some teachers lack communication with students, teachers cannot understand the actual situation of students, and students do not understand the goals that teachers want to achieve.
Therefore, the two parties cannot collide, can’t attract interaction, and lack emotional communication.
In the long run, this will not only cause students to dislike teachers, but also make them more likely to lose their confidence in learning and the motivation to move forward.
  Deputy Chief Physician Zhang Ye said that whether or not adolescents are happy is an important sign of their healthy growth.
Today’s children have deeper psychological distress than their predecessors. The pressure of learning makes them breathless. They have no partners at home, and they are accompanied by a superior environment and loneliness and loneliness.
  Once adolescents have psychological problems, it is advisable to take appropriate measures to remediate them.
Parents and teachers should not discriminate against or ridicule children when their academic studies fail temporarily. Instead, they should tap their learning potential and give them more encouragement, so that they can strengthen their self-confidence and allow children to experience the success of learning and taste the hardships of learningAnd share the joy of success with them in a timely manner.
In addition, the communication of the mind, the exchange of emotional experience, and the collision of thought sparks are also very important. You should strive for a 20-30 minute opportunity to speak with your child every day. Find out what activities are in their school and what are the children’s experiences and feelings?
In addition, the harmony of family relationships, the kindness of teachers, and humor naturally make teenagers and children have a happy mood both in the family and in school.

Relationship between infant colds and otitis media

Relationship between infant colds and otitis media

In the middle of the night, the baby in sleep suddenly wailed and cried. If he was picked up, the cry weakened or stopped crying. Once he was put down on his back, the cry was another drama.

This is often a sign of otitis media.

  Infants and young children develop vomiting, upper respiratory tract infections, especially with nasal congestion, secretions in the nasal cavity carry viruses, and bacteria will guide into the middle ear, causing otitis media.

It manifests as local pain and fluid exudation in the ear cavity. In severe cases, pus will flow and is often accompanied by fever.

When the child is lying flat, the exudate accumulates in the ear chamber, causing the internal pressure to rise, causing severe pain; when the baby is held vertically, the exudate flows out of the nasal cavity, reducing the pressure in the ear chamber and reducing pain.

If otitis media is not treated in time, it will cause hearing loss and even deafness.

Infants and toddlers do not speak, and they are often serious when they are discovered, so prevention should be their primary focus.

If the child usually has vomiting, be careful not to let the wasteful vomit flow enter the middle ear; when the child has a cold with nasal congestion, although there is no fever, the baby’s nasal cavity should be kept open in time.

Oral drops can be used, which can effectively relieve the baby’s nasal congestion caused by colds and other reasons, can prevent otitis media complicated by upper respiratory tract infections, and there is no obvious replacement.

Parents do these things first when baby falls from bed

Parents do these things first when baby falls from bed

Moms and dads have tried their best to provide TA with the best protection since the baby was born, but to avoid the baby slowly turning over and crawling, accidents will always happen, such as falling from a baby bed, or falling from a bed or sofa.

When a baby falls, many people’s first reaction is to pick up the baby, but in fact, when the baby falls from a bed or sofa or other high place, the first thing we need to do is not to lift, not to check the baby’s condition.
  Zhu Cuiping, director of the emergency department of Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Medical Center, said that the child’s safety is the first time that the child is in an accident. Parents should first judge the degree of injury when the child is in an accident. It is recommended to master the “life triangle”, that is, by observing the child’s appearance (appearance), Breathing (breathing) and circulation (circulation) to make a preliminary judgment.

If the child is unwell, unconscious, lethargic or irritable, his face is pale, blue, breathing is not smooth, gasping or not breathing, and his hands and feet are cold, it may indicate respiratory failure and early shock. At this time, he should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
  Parents do these things first when the baby falls from the bed. Do not pick up the child immediately. Instead, wait for 10-20 seconds to prevent the baby from causing secondary injuries if the injury is unknown.


Looking at your baby’s landing position Generally speaking, your baby’s back to the ground is the most dangerous.

If your baby falls face down, it is generally less dangerous; if it’s the back of the head and it’s directly on the hard floor, you should be extra careful with concussion or intracranial hemorrhage; if your limbs are abnormal, you shouldPay attention to whether there is a fracture. If a fracture occurs, fix the fracture site. You can use a wooden (paper) board and other hard objects to fix the fracture limb to reduce further damage to the surrounding tissue of the fracture.


Depending on the state of the baby, if the baby falls down, if you cry immediately, it is usually a tiny interval of brain injury. If you have vomiting, coma, unconsciousness, crying, abnormal movements, etc., you should rush to the hospital.


See if your baby has bleeding or hematoma. If your baby has bleeding, you should immediately stop the baby by dialysis. If your baby has a bleeding hematoma, apply cold compresses on a cold towel to reduce the amount of bleeding. If it is not absorbed after three days, you can apply a hot compress.


See if the baby has a limb movement disorder Pay attention to observe whether the baby has a limb movement disorder, such as a certain limb does not move or the movement is reduced, if there is no active bleeding and movement disorders, you can lift the baby to comfort.


Pay attention to follow-up observation of the baby for abnormalities. If the baby does not have abnormal conditions, you can go to the doctor without medical attention, but you still need to pay attention to the follow-up observation (at least 24 hours), including sleep, eating, playing conditions, routine, mental state, etc., once the baby is abnormalSeek medical attention in a timely manner.


Pay attention to soothing the baby ‘s emotions After the baby ‘s injuries are eliminated, parents should first soothe the baby ‘s emotions, including physical touch and language comfort, to reduce the psychological harm caused to the baby by fright.

  Finally, parents are reminded once again that after the baby has an accident, they must be calm, do not hug the baby because of worry, first observe the baby’s condition, and take emergency measures according to the situation, so as not to delay the illness or cause secondary injuries.

Period cake

Period cake

[Source]”Medicine and Chinese Medicine”[Raw Materials]180 grams of Codonopsis, 90 grams of raw chicken gold, 250 grams of white flour, moderate sugar.


First pour the raw water into the floating skin, dry, fine, and sieve.


Finely dip the chicken gold, sieve it, place it in a pot, and add boiling water for half a day.


Mix the flour, white flour, and sugar with water soaked in the chicken’s gold to make a very thin pancake.

  [Usage]Can be taken at any time.

  [Efficacy]Tonic for the elderly, phlegm and qi.

It is suitable for the elderly with qi deficiency, can not perform phlegm, cause sputum and qi stagnation, chest tightness full, and pain under the threat.

All elderly with qi deficiency and sputum are suitable, and the kidney qi is treated.

Brain food therapy

Brain food therapy

Excessive use of the brain, dark blood consumption, can cause deficiencies in the five internal organs, brain failure and memory decline, slow response; heart and spleen deficiency can cause palpitations, insomnia, limb weakness, more dreams; insufficient liver and kidney can cause dizzinessEyes astringent, forgetful and dreamy.

The nourishing diet nourishes the liver and kidneys, nourishes the heart and spleen, enriches qi and blood, and accumulates kidney essence, so as to achieve the purposes of intelligent brain, promote thinking, enhance memory, and delay brain degradation.

  Pig brain wolfberry soup ingredients: 1 pig brain, 15 grams of pig spinal cord, 10 grams of wolfberry, seasoning.

  Method: Wash the pig’s brain and bones, put it in a bowl, divide into wolfberry, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, soy sauce, etc., steamed and served in a basket.

  Function: kidney and brain.

  Ingredients for stewed pig brain with two ears: white fungus and black fungus each 10 grams, one pig brain, the right amount of seasoning.

  Method: Wash the black fungus and white fungus hair, wash the pig brain in the same pot, add chicken broth to the right amount, simmer until the meat is cooked.food.
  Function: tonic.

  Ingredients for walnut longan chicken: 10 grams each of walnut kernel meat and 250 grams of chicken meat.

  Method: Wash and dice chicken, mix with cooking wine, starch, soy sauce, stir-fry ginger and shallots with hot oil in the pot, stir-fry the chicken and stir-fry, then add walnuts and meat, spring onion, ginger, pepperWait until cooked, add salt, MSG to serve.

  Function: nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

  Longan pork bone fish head soup ingredients: 10g longan, 100g pig spinal cord, 1 fish head, seasoning.

  Method: Wash the pig’s spinal cord and fish head, add the right amount of water to the same pot and boil it. Place the longan and spring onion, ginger, pepper, garlic, cooking wine, rice vinegar, etc., and simmer until it is cooked. Add salt and MSG to taste.Add sauerkraut leaves, parsley, and cook once or twice.

Acne Food Recipe 2

Acne Food Recipe 2


Sydney celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, half a lemon.

After washing, stir the juice in the juice machine and put it in once a day.

Effective in clearing heat and moisturizing.

It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of acne.


Carrot and celery juice: 1 carrot (medium size), 150 grams of celery, 1 onion, wash and stir the juice in a blender once a day.

Clear heat and detoxify and dispel fire.

Can assist dental caries.


Fruit and vegetable moisturizer juice: take bitter melon, cucumber, celery, pear, orange, and pineapple.

Peel the bitter gourd, peel the pineapple, and cut into pieces. Stir the cucumber, celery, pear, orange, bitter melon, and pineapple together into the honey.

1-2 times a day.

With heat-clearing and detoxifying, bactericidal effect.

Suitable for ulcers.

Effects and benefits of citronella

Effects and benefits of citronella

Below, I will introduce a kind of food with the same origin of medicine and food-Citronella citronella is a kind of high medicinal herbs, which can not only help the body to relieve cold and relieve heat, but also treat vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

So what is the specific application of Citron in medicine?

Is there a certain prescription in Chinese medicine that needs to be used?

Today, I will take a detailed study of the relevant knowledge of citron in the anti-table medicine in the medical application.

  Citronella also known as Citronella (Hunan, Jiangxi, Botanical Names and Figures), citronella, citronella (Hunan), citronella (Jiangxi Xunwu), citronella, small citron (Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Fanjingshan),Torreya grandiflora (Dexing, Jiangxi), vanilla (Yijiang, Jiangxi), Manxiang (Jiangxi, Jiangxi), Xiaoyinxiang (Dingnan, Jiangxi), Qingxiang (Jiangxi), Torreya grandis (Pengze, Jiangxi, Fuzhou, Fujian, Lianxian, Guangdong), Guangxi, Sichuan Xuyong), mustard, cool mustard (Guilin, Guangxi), sand medicine, fragrant grass (Linggui, Guangxi), citronella, citronella, earth herb, stone artemisia, nepeta, seven star sword (Guangxi), Homage grass (Luofushan, Guangdong), Seven-leaf sword with fine leaves, Wild citron (Guangdong), Spicy hot grass, Tuhuanglian (Zhengan, Guizhou)[Medicinal]This product is the whole grass of Haizhou citronella, a labial plant.

  [Sexual flavor and guijing]Xin, lukewarm.

Into the lungs and stomach.

  [Efficacy]Sweating and relieving the skin, dispels heat and dampness, and relieves swelling.

  Clinical application 1.

It is used in summer for colds and colds, and it has the effect of sweating and relieving sweat. However, it is mostly used for summer fever, cold, fever, aversion, headache, and no sweat. It is often used in conjunction with Huoxiang and Pelan.


It is used for vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. Citronella has the effect of eliminating summer dampness, so it is suitable for vomiting and diarrhea caused by cold food in the summer season and dampness of spleen and stomach.


It is used for edema, urination, and other symptoms of urination and urination. It can be used alone, or it can be used with Baizhu to strengthen the spleen and water.

  [Name of prescription]Citronella, Chen Xiangxiong, Xiangru (wash, dry, chopped)[General dosage and usage]One to three dollars, Jianfu.

  [Information]Citronella can sweat and dispel sweat, and relieve heat and dampness. Therefore, in the summer, the symptoms of cold, fever, sweating, vomiting and diarrhea caused by taking a cold drink are commonly used medicines.

Although this product can relieve summer heat, its properties are warm and scattered, and it is mostly suitable for the initiation of overheating. The predecessors said: “The fragrant tea is used in summer and the ephedra in winter and winter.

“In the clinical application of Qushu solution, cold and non-sweat symptoms must be avoided.

If it is hot and humid, it can be used with yellow.

Severe sweat, heat, and thirst caused by summer heat are not the scope of this product.

  [Formula manifestation]Xiangxiang drink (“Hefangjufang”) Xiangxiang, Magnolia, white lentils.

Cure summer cold, abdominal pain diarrhea.

  Shen Zhu Wan (“Shen Shi Fang”) Citron, Atractylodes.

Treat storm water, feng shui, and swelling all over the body.

  [Extract from Literature]”Don’t Record”: “The main cholera vomited due to abdominal pain and edema.

“Compendium of Materia Medica”: “Summer months take a cold drink, the yang is prevented by yin and evil, then fever, chills, irritability, thirst, or vomiting or diarrhea, or cholera, should be used in order to develop moreYang, scattered water and spleen.

Through the above sharing, we have learned in detail the relevant knowledge about citron in the table medicine. We know that citron has a significant effect on the symptoms of colds, discarding vomiting and other symptoms, so I believe everyone knows it. Xiaobian recommends that everyonePeople with this type of disease still need to take scientific medicine under the doctor’s diagnosis!