Senior food 100-year-old brother and sister recommended, sea, land and air health food collection!


“Senior food” “100-year-old brother and sister recommended, “sea, land and air” health food collection!

Guangxi Satellite TV “Bai Shou Quest”, 21:40 every 100 years old is young, longevity secrets look here!

Hepu, Guangxi, picturesque, mountains and seas in this magical land, “Bai Shou Quest” program group visited a pair of “100-year-old sister” 101-year-old Wu Hongqiang grandfather / 104-year-old Wu’s grandmother, the 100-year-old brother,As a senior “senior foodie”, it is always a tour of the sea. The trees in the field can grow into a delicious dish on their table. The dishes of the daily dishes are different. The quality of each meal is reasonable and each dish is a big index.The younger brothers and sisters who want to lose weight, Xiaobian advised Jun to do this “nutritional food” after all, after eating, they have the strength to lose weight. “100-year-old brother and sister” health food – the taste of the sea I know!

The name of the “senior food” of the crab is how the 104-year-old Wu’s grandmother smugly said, 鈥淵ou haven’t been born when I was eating crabs.鈥?We heard that we had to wear the crabs.I have to “drink the curtain”, this way of cooking crabs is original, the savory taste is any sauce, the seasonings are not too easy to see and it is too simple. It turns out that Wu’s family told us that seafood isTo “freshly cook” freshly eaten!

Flower crab nutritional value: rich in protein and trace elements, crab is rich in protein, trace elements, etc., has a good nourishing effect on the body.

Efficacy: salty, cold, with little poison.

Reinforcing the muscles and replenishing qi, tonifying the stomach and digesting the food, dispersing the heat, passing through the meridians, dissolving the loose blood, and having certain therapeutic effects on congestion, jaundice, waist and leg pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

The boiled flower snail Wu Wu’s family showed the reporter the most authentic cooking method in Hepu. The snail is a high-protein, low-fat, mineral-free and alternative healthy marine food, and is also rich in biologically active substances.It has important physiological effects on the human body and has significant effects on promoting blood circulation, improving serum trace quality, and enhancing memory.

The method of soaking the marinated fish Wu’s milk, the fish is cut, and the fish head is cut for a hundred years. The fish is marinated with sea salt. After 1 hour of pickling, the taste is gradually changing. The marinated fish is naturally over-smashed and fried.After the completion of the production, the scent of the house is full of “100-year-old brother and sister” health food – cooking is the king!

Pan-fried sea duck eggs, the sea duck eggs are beaten into the plate, the chives are cut into small pieces, and the egg liquid is poured into the oil pan. After frying until golden, the omelet of the 100-year-old grandfather and grandfather is full of fragrant eggs, and people can’t help thinking.Try the sea duck eggs and they are nutritious.

Each 100 grams of sea duck eggs contains 4056 mg of lecithin, which is 50 times higher than the lecithin contained in 100 grams of milk.

Lecithin can hydrolyze and delay aging, soften, purify blood vessels, enhance memory, and also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, potassium, selenium and other trace elements beneficial to the human body and more than 10 kinds of vitamins.

Sweet potato box Wu grandma’s sweet potato cooking practice can not be simply cooked with sweet potatoes, kneaded with flour and repeatedly wrapped with fragrant stuffing, put in a frying pan and sweet potato into protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins andA variety of minerals, known as “longevity food.”

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded “sweet potato tonic, spleen appetite, strong kidney yin”, and said that the people in the sea eat longevity.

Chinese medicine regards sweet potato as a good medicine.

The health food of the 100-year-old brother and sister is really not very hungry. The diners are rushing to learn it. It is delicious and nutritious. It is worth trying.

Taijiquan basic skills and Shi Duanjin teaching courses: dynamic and static combined with self-cultivation


Taijiquan basic skills and Shi Duanjin teaching courses: dynamic and static combined with self-cultivation

On August 13th, the staff of the Nantian District Wushu Association was hosted by the Nanhai District Wushu Association, and the Tongxin Sports Science and Technology Promotion Center hosted the Taijiquan Basic Skills and Shi Duanjin.

This time, the basic skills of Taijiquan and the course of Shi Duan Jin, invited Ma Guochao as a lecturer to teach the basic skills of Taijiquan and the knowledge of the ten-step Jingong method.

Ma Guochao, director of the Ma Guochao Taijiquan Museum in Foshan, head coach.

Taiji Zen coach, the seventh generation of Yang’s Taijiquan.

Member of Guangdong Wushu Association, member of Foshan Wushu Association.

In 2000, he studied under the command of Yang Taijiquan, the president of Yangzhou Taijiquan Association of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, and systematically studied the practice of Yang’s Taijiquan swordsman’s hand-splitting hand, Duan Duan Jin’s work, gas cultivation, gas transportation, etc.I was recommended by the teacher to the former Henan Province martial arts coach Ma Chunxi.

In 2008, he participated in the 10th Wushu Championship of Zhengzhou City and won the first place in Taijiquan. The third sword of Taijiquan in China’s Chenjiagou 3rd Taiji Kungfu Kung Fu Classic was the second.

In 2009, the “World Cup” Taijiquan Invitational Tournament of the “World Cup” Taijiquan Competition was the third in the world. It was fortunate to have the guidance and autograph of the two teachers of Yang Taiji Master Yang Zhenduo and Fu Qingquan.

The 2017 Hong Kong International Wushu Festival won the Young’s Traditional Taiji Sword Silver Award.

Its movements are like flowing water, there is no lack of lightness in stability, and the work is generous and generous. Its strength is profound and it is praised by the martial arts industry as a Tai Chi rookie.

At present, the 8th floor of Foshan Creative Industry Park, Zhongshan Park, Mingzhu Stadium Park, and Haigang Road of Qigang Park will be set up.

He also taught at the Nanhai Road Construction Management Office, the Nanhai District Local Taxation Bureau, the Foshan Merchants Bank Head Office, and the Guangzhou High Speed Rail Group.

The students have won many championships in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, and domestic and international martial arts competitions.

Taijiquan, a national-level intangible cultural heritage, based on the traditional Chinese Confucianism, Taoist philosophy of Taiji, yin and yang dialectical philosophy as the core idea, integrating temperament, physical fitness, martial arts confrontation and other functions, combining the yin and yang five elements of Yi XueThe change, the traditional Chinese medicine meridian, the ancient guiding and the persuasion formed a kind of internal and external repair, soft, slow, light, rigid and soft Chinese traditional boxing.

Shi Duan Jin is a traditional Chinese health practice. It has a long history. The Qin Dynasty has been widely popular among the public. After being used by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, it is a set of health and beauty treatments.The exercises are supplemented, and one lesson will be learned, and the practice of flexible time will be practiced.

In the classroom, scholars practice Taijiquan and Shi Duanjin under the guidance of Ma Guochao.

Taijiquan expects internal strength and yin and yang changes, stressing the unity of meaning, qi, and force, calming movements, subtle postures, strong energy, and leisurely leisure.

To maintain health, but to be evil.

Shi Duan Jin’s movements are soft and smooth, smooth and smooth, and the movements are simple and easy to learn, and the effect is remarkable, which can effectively improve various sub-health states.

The Nanhai District Wushu Association and the Tongxinyuan Sports Science and Technology Promotion Center held a study class to promote traditional health practice, promote excellent traditional Chinese medicine culture, and advocate health concepts, so that more people can understand the connotation of traditional martial arts culture and experience traditional martial arts exercises.Bring health benefits.

Middle-aged health care to send you twenty


Middle-aged health care to send you twenty

People go to middle age, because of the heavy work tasks, especially the text, health, education, journalism and all kinds of mental work, not often, and moderately open the night train, the rest of the day to replenish physical strength, the body will not be muchconfrontation.

If you work hard for a long time, long-term staying up late in your life, it may cause nervous system weakness, leading to neurasthenia, ulcer disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease.

銆€銆€If middle-aged people can seriously study and insist on maintaining health care, it will help to prolong life.

Twenty laws are now proposed for middle-aged friends to see.


The body is important to pay attention to weight, too much will reduce your life.

A simple calculation method is used, that is, the square of the height is divided by the body weight, and the obtained number is overweight if it exceeds 25.

For example, your height is 1.

70 meters, with 1.

70 脳 1.

70, the result is 2.


If your weight is 75 kg, use 75梅2.

89, the result is 25.


(The normal index is 20
-25) 2.

The longevity of non-smoking and smoking is reduced by an average of 10 years.

30% of people who die between the ages of 40 and 50 are fatal because of diseases related to smoking.

Because of the high blood pressure caused by smoking, 9% of the total number of patients with bronchitis have 20% of smokers suffering from heart failure.

But if you quit smoking before the age of 50, you can still recover.


Drinking less alcohol is a special hazard for some people.

For example, people who smoke, drink a lot of alcohol, their risk of esophageal cancer may increase 44% of alcohol can increase liver cancer, oral cancer and throat cancer may increase blood pressure, leading to high blood pressure and stroke.


Control researchers should not exceed 30% of total conversions per day, nor can they replace 15

A high-fat diet can lead to high blood pressure, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.


Multi-fruits vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E have a protective effect on the body. At least 400 grams of fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes) should be consumed every day.


Multi-fiber, cellulose-rich foods are an important source of vitamins and minerals.

Food fiber helps digestion and protects you from gastrointestinal diseases.


More calcium in middle-aged people should pay attention to calcium.

Fish, almonds, green vegetables and dairy products (skimmed milk) are rich in calcium and should be eaten more.


Heavy starch starch protects you from pathogens and prevents heart disease and cancer.

You must have bread and rice on your recipe, or you can eat 80 grams of lentils or potatoes every day.

Eating fish and eating fish can prolong life.
There are fewer fish, and most of them are necessary for the human body.

Eat more fish can enhance people’s immune function and improve disease prevention and disease resistance.


Eating less salt every day to eat 10 times more salt than the body needs, there is a risk of high blood pressure and high blood pressure, it is even worse for middle-aged people with chronic kidney disease and liver disease.


Less coffee and coffee is directly related to the onset of high blood pressure. People who drink 6 cups of coffee a day can triple their risk of dying from heart failure.


Eating less sugar will always destroy your teeth and will increase your risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.


More than the 45-year-old man who often exercises physical exercise, the proportion of people who do not exercise is 3 times smaller than heart disease.

Exercise 30 minutes a day every day.

Older people are able to withstand the military’s unlikely movements, such as walking, cycling, climbing stairs, etc.


Avoid sexual life can not be chaotic.

Regardless of the risk of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, changing partners can cause psychological stress and avoid the loss of life rhythm.

Fame and fortune can not ignore the health, at any cost to pursue the promotion.

Excessive fatigue and restless life are an important factor affecting longevity.


The doctors at the place of choice found that living in an unsuitable environment would often become ill or troubled, and middle-aged people should strive to improve their living conditions.


Choosing an occupation should force you to do competent and competent work, otherwise the occupation will have a negative impact on your life.

銆€銆€18 years old

Car accidents are the fourth biggest killer of human beings, and death is second only to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and respiratory diseases.


Do not disturb the negative emotions (tension, worry, depression, depression) will make people sick.

Don’t think about the sadness and distress in your life, especially death, accidents and illnesses.

Those who should be married to have a spouse, the rate of premature death is significantly lower than that of the single person, who is widowed.

Demystify the eleven benefits of vegetarianism


Demystify the eleven benefits of vegetarianism

With the improvement of living standards, modern people, protein fat, sugar supplements too much, resulting in overnutrition, nutritional disorders.

In addition, due to meat transients, the cellulose content is small, and the amount of feces generated after digestion is leaked, which is not conducive to vibration creep.

The feces accumulate in the middle for a long time, and the water is absorbed and becomes dry to form constipation.

On the contrary, many vegetarian foods, such as vegetables, contain a lot of cellulose, which can increase the interaction mechanism, promote defecation, and benefit human health.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating vegetarian food.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 1, prolonged life and longevity can prolong the role of longevity.

According to nutritionists, vegetarians are more likely to live than non-vegetarians.

The turbid people in northern Pakistan and the Indians in central Mexico are primitive vegetarian people with an average life expectancy.

The monks of Buddhism also enjoy the high life of the factors.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 2, reduce toxin accumulation in the body Vegetarian nutrition is very easy to be digested and absorbed, meat is not easy to digest in the stomach, even into the large intestine fashion, most of the undigested or only half of the digestion, so the meat is extremely spoiled in the large intestine, and moreToxic, harmful to humans.

銆€銆€Vegetarian Benefits 3, Lowering Cholesterol Content The cholesterol contained in vegetarian blood is always injected more than the meat eater. If there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it will often cause vascular division and become the main cause of complications such as hypertension and hypertension.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 4, can prevent cancer and some meat and food related, especially colorectal cancer, factor a large amount of cellulose in the food, can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis to accelerate, facilitate laxative, so that harmful substances in the body can be discharged in real time, reducing the stimulation of harmful substances on the intestinal walldamage.

According to US research data, vegetarians have a 20 to 40 percent lower incidence of cancer than meat eaters. Coupled with gastric cancer, cancer, liver cancer and other food toxins, vegetarians can really delay cell changes.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 5, can reduce the complications of kidney disease patients with chronic renal insufficiency, eating vegetarian diet, can reduce the burden of high blood pressure without reducing protein intake.

There are also reports in the literature that vegetarians can improve rheumatoid arthritis, and vegetarians can improve immunity and prevent chronic diseases.

銆€銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 6, avoid uric acid too high often eat meat and produce too high uric acid, causing a heavy load on the kidneys, and kidney fever and kidney stones have a certain relationship, vegetarians can eliminate this effect.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 7, help the body acid and alkali and the human body is alkaline, too much meat can make the body fluid become acidic, and increase the chance of disease, vegetarianism helps the body’s acid-base neutralizationwith.
銆€銆€The benefits of vegetarian food 8, reduce the incidence of pancreatitis, a large amount of micro-protease replication of foods that eat meat, food, poor excretion of the head of the pancreas can cause serious digestive diseases such as starch.

The nutrition of all fruits and vegetables is easy to digest and easy to absorb directly. The cellulose in the plant can stimulate the insertion vibration, and the supporting fecal block is not easy to be hardened and prevent constipation.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 9, stable nervous system Generally speaking, vegetarian commonly used grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, including enough protein, protein, vegetable oil, minerals and vitamins, are all essential nutrients.

Vegetarian can build the body’s tissues, maintain repairs, generate heat, supply body energy, make people’s blood alkaline, not make it acidified, rich in vitamins, and stabilize the nervous system.

銆€銆€Vegetarian Benefits 10, Enhancing Human Endurance Vegetarians are more able to withstand continuous hard work than meat eaters, and this endurance is nearly three times more intense. When recovering from full fatigue, vegetarians are about one-fifth of meat eaters.

Such as swimming, basketball, football, weightlifting, boxing, wrestling, walking, marathon long-distance running, cycling competitions, etc. become the world champion record, some are created and maintained by vegetarian athletes.

These vegetarian athletes far exceed the explosiveness, stamina and physical strength of meat-eaters.

銆€銆€Vegetarian benefits 11, more nutritious protein in many vegetarian foods, higher than meat protein.

It may be that 40% protein is contained in soybeans, which is twice as high as 20% protein in meat.

Some nuts, seeds, and beans also contain 30% protein.

All the other nutrients and vitamins needed by the human body are found in fruits and vegetables. Together with the rich fiber content, it can help digestion and excretion.

銆€銆€As the economy develops and life improves, people can eat more animal foods. Unhealthy eating habits are the root cause of many modern diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

The determination of the International Vegetarian Day reminds people to avoid this unhealthy eating habit, eat more vegetarian food, and develop healthy eating habits.

Punk Health reflects the wrong health concept


“Punk Health” reflects the wrong health concept

Luo Dajie, who lives in Aoyuan Kangcheng, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, saw a sentence on her daughter’s WeChat: “The latest night, the most mask.”

“This sentence is written on her friend circle profile.

Looking at this sentence, Luo’s sister got angry: 鈥淚s this not a glamorous child?

“Subsequently, the “mask” and “day and night” became the theme of the recent “fighting” of the mother and daughter.

(August 27th, “Chongqing Morning News”) “The night of the night, the most masked mask”, this poetic words, more straightforward expression, in fact: is: at night, desperately toss not sleep, to the next dayResist the dangers caused by staying up late, and have to desperately toss “save a face.”

In the eyes of many people, this is completely a kind of “smashing”. Since I know that staying up late is not good for the skin, why not go to bed early at night?

This is beneficial to both the body and the skin, while also saving the money to buy a mask.

However, in the eyes of many young people, 鈥済etting up late at night, saving the face during the day鈥?is not only a way of life, a life attitude, but also a way of keeping health, and even a special name: punk health.

The so-called “punk health” refers to “a way of life for the young people to die while saving themselves.” Some netizens summed up the specific performance of “punk health”, except for the “late night,”In addition to the most applied mask, there is also “a barbecue in the middle of the night, afraid of getting angry with herbal tea” “Chinese medicine that eats under the hot pot”, and so on.

On the surface, 鈥減unk health鈥?not only takes care of the young people’s lifestyle, life attitude, consumer psychology, but also reduces the harm to the body caused by this attitude and lifestyle.

However, the so-called “punk health” is just a wishful thinking of most people, or a self-deception.

The prevalence of 鈥減unk health鈥?reflects the misconceptions of contemporary young people on the whole concept of health.

This erroneous health concept is likely to overdraw their bodies, causing a whole generation of “premature failure.”

For example, if you don’t sleep at night and 鈥渟ave people鈥?during the day, those who practice 鈥減unk health鈥?think that this will reduce the damage to the skin during the day and night, but in the eyes of hospital dermatologists, often staying up late, it will lead to endocrine disorders, and even causeThe skin is dehydrated, and at the same time, due to the inability to ensure the timely supply of nutrients, rough, dry, acne, fine lines and other conditions will often appear.

The same is true for health concepts such as 鈥渄rinking herbal tea while eating barbecue鈥?

The so-called “crime” is imagined by netizens, but the harm is quietly eroding the body of young people. Some people even say that the elderly now face many blind spots and misunderstandings in health and health, but young people are in certainThe aspect is not as good as the elderly.

This will undoubtedly cause our reflection and vigilance.

(Yuanguang Yanzhao Metropolis Daily)

Healthy fattening, what should you do?



Healthy fattening, what should you do?

Many thin people will ask: How to increase weight?

Of course, to gain weight, is not to increase the number of adults, or to increase the amount of muscle, that is, become stronger, in fact, weight gain is more difficult than weight loss.

The conditions for weight gain are the same as weight loss, but more.


Weight gain diet weight gain, must be the opposite of weight loss, please eat sugar foods with protein, if you are small, sugar food restrictions are reduced, you can even drink juice, such as banana milk, papaya milk, while rememberingCome back to the dessert after the meal.

Again, the amount of protein should not be too small, one kilogram of body weight, you can eat 1.


0 grams of protein, so a 60 kilogram person, under the weight gain program, must have more than 60 grams of protein a day, about 3 large chicken legs.

The thing to be reminded here is that when you eat a lot of protein, you will eat too much oil, which is especially important.

Therefore, it is recommended to peel off white meat.

But if you are a person with a little weight, just want to be the main line of sculpture, then you have to change the sugar food into starch, while avoiding the exquisite starch and sweets, but the amount of protein can not be reduced, so that you can’t practice it.Muscles come, or get better and better!


Supplementary foods basically help the foods that are covered, most of which reduce body fat percentage and increase muscle tissue, so they can be almost identical. For example, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), carnitine (L-carnitine), coenzyme Q10,Chain proteins (BCAA), whey proteins, creatine (creatine), fish oil, and other popular growth hormone promoters, tickone rubbing agents, are also mentioned by many, but not yet legal.


The role of weight gain exercise in weight gain is higher than weight loss. In other words, if you want to become stronger, you must exercise, otherwise you will become fat rather than grow stronger.

Weight gain exercise, the initial recommendation is weight training, because weight training will destroy muscle fibers, make it grow again and become hypertrophy, of course, if your physical strength is poor, it will recommend weight training and aerobics 2:1-1:1, because the two sports will affect each other later, there is not enough physical strength, and there is no way to achieve enough weight.

When doing weight exercise, you must pay attention to the problem of symmetry, that is, the flexor and extensor must be practiced together, otherwise there will be so-called cross-symptoms, or gorillas with chest and back.

And one part has to be trained at least once a week.


Moisture high protein diet and weight training, the body’s nitrogen balance activity is intense, the body’s protein is destroyed, converted into synthesis, which requires water as a medium, while the water is enough to make the kidney function alive, the nitrogen balance is better.

In addition, because the amount of exercise increases, sweat loss is also more, and more water is needed.

Rest and sleep with adequate sleep are also important in weight gain and weight loss.

The body needs time to repair damaged muscle fibers, while synthesizing glycogen and ATP in the muscles, allowing the muscles to cope with the next training, while the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the sleep can make the nitrogen balance toward the direction of synthesis.Instead, your muscles are not grown up in the gym, they grow up in sleep.

銆€銆€Healthy weight gain and weight loss are the same principle, just a positive balance, a negative balance, it takes the same amount of spirit and money, so when the fat man is frustrated why he eats very embarrassing, maybeBe able to understand the hardships of the thin man.

Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman


Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman

During the foreplay, don’t directly stimulate the clitoris directly. If there is nothing to make her feel the need, the finger tries to slide in the labia minora. If she will be excited soon, then you should not continue to stimulate her pussy.Attack other parts.

銆€銆€In the process of stimulating the genitals, do not insert your fingers into the vagina, which will shorten the need of the vagina for the penis. Just rub it gently, you can also have oral sex. Pay attention to the method and rub it with your fingers.

銆€銆€If you feel the vaginal wetness, you can insert it. Don’t wait for the love liquid to flow when it is inserted. The friction of the water is small, which will also reduce the stimulation of G.

銆€銆€The depth of insertion depends on the person. Only when you do more can you accurately grasp it. Don’t rush to insert it after entering.

The key to technology is here. You have to let your penis top in the vagina without intervening. She will feel very strange and have a special feeling. She will take the initiative to ask how the penis moves.

This is also a way to increase interest.

銆€銆€Time is not long, you can plug it in, the speed must be controlled, whether it is in or out, the speed should be slow, especially when it comes out, it is necessary to slowly rub, the effort is spent on your control and ability.The penis always has to stand up. When you use this method at first, it will make you very tired, and regular exercise will adapt.

銆€銆€Don’t be idle, hold the body with one hand, join the joint with the other finger, gently rub the upper part of her clitoris, occasionally touch the clitoris, each woman feels different, if she tells the initiativeYour feelings must be done according to what she said, fast and slow, slow and slow, generally Chinese women take the initiative to ask you, indicating that she has a deep need to put down the face of a lady, the kind that does not speak, it needsYou usually have a grasp of her physiological needs.

銆€銆€But remember that the angle of the penis upturn is very important, the finger is easy for the woman to point G orgasm, that is, the finger can be bent, and the hard and strong, if you can keep the penis up, it will also strengthen the hard hardness and strength of the penis.
銆€銆€All you need is to wait for tens of seconds to wait for her excited and unrecognizable calls. If you master the skills, there is no woman in the world who will not call, and the result is often called to make you fear, if you areThe first thing that comes to mind at home is whether parents or neighbors will hear.

銆€銆€Next, the penis can be HAPPY, no need to worry again, change the way you usually do best, can make her excited!

The hot love liquid will also make your penis feel abnormally excited.

After ten seconds, she will calm down, because the vagina is fully overlapping, how can you do it.

銆€銆€After she has calmed down for a minute, she rubbed her clitoris, so that you are always full of excitement about her clitoris. Within thirty seconds, she will once again make you worry that the window is closed, so that is the complete sex, let her clitoris andThe vagina has reached a climax, and in the same ten seconds she will calm down, and the same method can continue to be used in a minute.

However, there is one point to advise everyone, the general climax of the general female body can not stand, so it is best to stop.

銆€銆€Everyone knows a lot about G-points. The disadvantages of controlling the clitoris are: 1.

The nails are easy to scratch into the fragile parts, even if they are not covered, the dirt hidden in the nails can easily cause the genitals to become infected.


Using your fingers to stimulate G-points, you get more visual and auditory enjoyment.

In fact, her true enjoyment is the G-point climax brought by the penis, and the love liquid and heat that she sprays will also enhance your pleasure.


Excessive stimulation of the clitoris, the sensitivity of the clitoris will be reduced, it will become more and more difficult to get clitoris orgasm.