How should I choose a mask in summer?

These 4 masks are best for


How should I choose a mask in summer?
These 4 masks are best for

In the hot summer, the water loss rate is relatively fast and the sebaceous glands are exuberant. You must choose the right skin care product according to your skin. The essential in summer is a mask. Choose a suitable mask to achieve hydration.

  What type of mask should I choose in summer?

  1. Hydrating type masks. Hydrating masks are preferred in all masks. In the hot summer, the body will adjust its temperature by sweating, and the moisture on the skin will be lost through breathing, urination and sweating, so it is necessary to make good skin.The hydration work can not only hydrate, but also prevent the burden on the skin from being increased, and keep the skin elastic and hydrated.

But can not be used too much, use 2 per week?
You can drink it 3 times. Drink more water during the period and eat more abundant vegetables and fruits such as watermelon, pear, and melon.

  2. The repair type mask is very strong in summer UV. If you do not take sun protection measures, you will sunburn your skin and cause skin redness, blackness or peeling. You may wish to choose a repair type mask.

Repair type masks have repairing, sedative and soothing effects. They are especially suitable for summer, especially for people who work outdoors. They can bring different degrees of damage to the skin. The use of repair masks can repair damaged skin tissue.

  3. Cleansing masks The sebaceous gland secretion is relatively strong in the hot summer weather, and the skin will sweat and oil in a large amount.

Grease will attract some dust in the air. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, it will block the pores, which will make the pores thicker and cause a series of skin problems, which will cause pigmentation, melasma, and acne.

In summer, you should choose a cleansing mask, which can not only remove dirt and oil, but also soften keratin and dead skin cells, dredge pores, and make the skin more clean and fresh.

  4, whitening type mask because the strong ultraviolet rays in summer, can cause skin sunburn, but also tan, may wish to choose a whitening mask.

The whitening mask will be rich in vitamin c, fruit acid and arbutin, which can promote the metabolism of melanin, and can also inhibit or destroy the production of melanin to achieve the effect of whitening the skin and help remove pigmentation and melanin in the skin.

  Tips: You must thoroughly clean your skin before applying the mask. Although there are certain benefits to using the mask, you must control the number and time to reach 2 every week?
3 times, about 20 minutes each time.

Supplementing or applying for too long will absorb the moisture in the skin and exacerbate the dryness of the skin. After applying the mask, you should apply skin care products in time to lock the moisture and nutrients.

6 practical tips for preventing snoring

6 practical tips for preventing snoring

[Introduction]It is a common fact that snoring of a baby is caused by the sudden forceful contraction of the diaphragm. Generally, it will stop snoring after a short period of time. This is harmless to the baby and will naturally ease after growing up.Too much snoring or excessive suffering can make parents feel uncomfortable.

Snoring Cause 1.

It usually happens right after drinking milk. It may be caused by the baby crying or eating too fast while feeding, and swallowing a lot of air.


Sometimes snoring symptoms may occur when the stomach is cold or when eating cold food.


Other causes are related to gastroesophageal reflux and diseases such as pneumonia, or to adverse reactions to drugs.

Occurrence of snoring time Some pregnant women may feel the baby snoring during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, or see the baby snoring in the mother’s belly during the prenatal ultrasound examination.

However, the age at which babies most often experience repeated snoring is still in the first few months of life and usually improves after 1 year of age.

Baby snoring is caused by a sudden strong contraction of the diaphragm muscles, and it is accompanied by an involuntary “snoring” sound.

Compared with older children, most babies do not seem to feel any discomfort, unless they continue to snoring too long to interfere with normal life such as diet.

6 strokes to prevent snoring because newborns are not mature enough, they will often snoring, which is not a disease, do not worry too much, panic and treatment, usually after a few days, the baby will naturally get better, generallyWill not cause effects and sequelae.


If the snoring and milk overflow caused by “gastric esophageal reflux”, you can let the baby stand upright on the adult’s shoulders to exhaust after feeding, and do not let them lie down for half an hour. After 4 months, you can add rice or wheat flourTo increase the consistency of milk and prevent snoring.


If your baby is snoring because of allergy to milk protein, use a special formula as directed by your doctor.


Feed your baby usually in a quiet state and environment. Never breastfeed when your baby is overheating and crying too much.


The feeding position should be correct, and avoid eating too fast, too fast, too cold, or too hot when eating.


Toys or soft music can be used to divert babies when they are snoring and attract their attention to reduce the frequency of snoring.


Let your baby take a break in the middle of drinking milk, let your baby stand upright on your legs, and gently pat his back to exhaust, avoiding snoring after you are full.

4 ways to stop your baby from snoring should not be any effective way to stop snoring, especially when you are not sure why snoring occurs.

If a baby is suddenly snoring without other diseases, it usually does not need to be treated, and usually stops for a while, unless time passes, 5?
10 minutes.


If your baby has bloated stomach due to breastfeeding, it will burp when lying down.

This is because the opening of the bottle is small. When the baby is sucking, he swallows too much air due to forced suction, which causes inflation. Therefore, parents can hold the baby for a while after drinking the milk and gently pat the baby next to him.Or gently massage the abdomen to help vent, which can prevent your baby from snoring and spilling milk.


Try feeding a small number of meals, or hold your baby’s back and pat on the back after feeding to enhance venting.


A little warm water or fun activities to divert your baby’s attention can also improve your baby’s snoring symptoms.


However, if your baby is on the floor and has poor appetite, weight loss or repeated discarding, you should take your baby to the hospital for a detailed examination.

Techniques No medically based treatment Although no one currently believes that you know what causes babies to snore, the general solution is that you don’t need to do anything and let it go.

In addition, parents are reminded that some non-medical treatment methods, such as taking honey to treat snoring or eye pressure, are unscientific soil methods, and mothers must not believe it.

How should you pick your ears correctly?

How should you pick your ears correctly?

Some people just dig it out with their hands if they have itchy ears, but they accidentally pull out a lot of problems.

Not long ago, there was a case where the ear was accidentally pulled out, which caused a bacterial infection in the ear, which led to the backflow of purulent secretions into the cranial cavity and nearly killed.

So, how should you pick your ears correctly?

  In fact, 耵聍, commonly known as “earwax” will be replaced by people’s chewing, mouth opening or yawning activities, so you don’t need to change the eardrums, usually once every 10 days; if you don’t dig your ears for a long time, 耵聍 Embolism should be removed at the hospital with special equipment, and ear drops should be used for 2-3 days to prevent infection.

  If you pick your ears at home, it is best to use a cotton swab.

Gently drag the cotton swab head to prevent fluffing the cotton canal from scratching the ear canal, and then use it to rotate the external auditory canal with the ears facing downwards, and then come out.

You can use a cotton swab appropriately for crumbs. If it is large particles, apply warm water or special medicine to the ears, and then gently pull it out after a few minutes.

  In addition, some metal and plastic materials have hard ear spoons, which are easy to cause damage to the ear canal; the nail seam is easy to hide bacteria, and should not be used for ear extraction.

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

In addition to being a good source of nutritional supplements, beans have a variety of benefits.

For example, edamame also has the effects of strengthening the spleen, relieving heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi. Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, canardine, etc., and has the effect of treating hepatic coma and anti-cancer. Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of functionsBeans.

  In summer, the weather is dry and hot. People often say, “Summer humidity is obviously heavier than other seasons, so people are prone to spleen deficiency and insufficient spleen function in summer.

“Everyone may not understand this. In fact, our most familiar manifestations are eating less, not fragrant, bloating after eating, people lazy, and weak limbs!

I used to think it was “hot”, but it wasn’t that simple . If San Futian can eat some legumes and vegetables regularly, it can play a role in strengthening the spleen and dampness.

Of course, in addition to the mung beans previously mythed by “some people”, there are actually many “beans” containing plant proteins, proteins, vitamins and inorganic salts that are higher than other vegetables, and the vitamins are higher in B vitamins.

Today I will share with you how to fight “beans” in the summer!

  Edamame: sweet, flat, enters the spleen, large intestine; has the effects of strengthening the spleen and broadening, moisturizing and dehydrating, clearing heat and detoxifying, and invigorating qi; treating diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, thinness, pregnancy poisoning, sores, Trauma and bleeding.

Because edamame is a soy bean, it contains a lot of lecithin.

  Concanavalia: Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, hemagglutinin, canolaine, etc .; recombinant, can be found in its tender pods of Gibberella Ⅰ and Ⅱ, etc., has the effect of treating liver coma and anti-cancer.

Consumed by the general population, especially suitable for patients with kidney deficiency, low back pain, qi stagnation and hiccups, rheumatic low back pain, and children with kidney qi.

  Beans: also known as green beans, kidney beans, etc.

Serve with young pods or beans.

The tender pod contains about 6% protein, 10% fiber, and 1% sugar?

Dry beans contain about 22 protein.

5%, starch 59.


Fresh and tender pods can be eaten as vegetables, dehydrated or canned.

There are many ways to do it.

  Cowpea: Xingping, sweet and salty, returning to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of rectifying qi, strengthening the stomach, nourishing the kidney, and the five internal organs, regulating the body’s vitality, regenerating the essence, and quenching thirst; treating vomiting, pus, frequent urination, etc.disease.
Especially suitable for patients with diabetes, kidney deficiency, frequent urination, nocturnal emission and some gynecological functional diseases.

  Pea: sweetness, flatness, return to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of replenishing qi, relieving diarrhea, regulating health, urination, eliminating bloating, and detoxifying; treating beriberi, bloating, impervious milk, spleen and stomach discomfort, hiccupVomiting, abdominal pain, thirst and diarrhea.

Vitamin C and enzymes that can break down nitrosamines in the young leaves of pea pods and bean sprouts have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Some substances contained in peas also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthen the function of metabolism.

  Lentils: The nutritional content of lentils is very rich, including protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, multivitamins and dietary fiber. The content of B vitamins in lentils is particularly rich.

In addition, lentils also contain hemagglutinin, which has a significant effect on tumor regression.

  Mung Bean: Mung Bean has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and diuresis, relieving thirst and relieving annoyance, reducing eyesight, relieving throat and emollient, and reducing fat and liver.

It is often used for complications such as heat and thirst, sore swelling and poison, gastroenteritis, sore throat, nephritis and edema.

Carrots to help your baby grow up healthy

Carrots to help your baby grow up healthy

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carrot-like ganping, returning to the lungs and spleen, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stagnation, cooling and reducing fever, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, and increasing appetite.

Modern studies have found that carrots are rich in carotene and can be transformed into vitamin A in the body, which has a very important role in promoting the growth and development of infants and young children and maintaining normal visual function.

  Carrots also contain some plasma fibers, in addition to increasing gastrointestinal motility, it is also widely used as a supplementary food for hypertension and cancer.

In addition, carrots also contain vitamins such as vitamin C and B2.

Because of these unique features, carrots are known as “Popular Ginseng”.

  Carrots are a very common food supplement for your baby’s pregnancy.

Starting from 4 months, you can add carrot puree to your baby. The supplement is to supplement the nutrients that your baby needs to grow, and the replacement can allow your baby to try and adapt to new foods, laying a solid foundation for the gradual and smooth transition to adult supplementation.

  Carrots can be eaten with honey, and the method is: Wash 200 grams of fresh carrots, 25 grams of honey, 15 grams of dough, and 2 grams of ginger.

Cut the carrots into small pieces, put them in the pot with honey, paste, ginger, and a small amount of boiling water, stir well, cover and simmer for 30 minutes with a low fire. During the cooking process, you can stir occasionally until the carrots become soft and rotten.

Allow to feed after it is slightly cold after it comes out.

The leftover carrot puree should be put in the refrigerator and finished as soon as possible.

  This dish is red and bright in color, sweet and soft, rich in nutrition, suitable for babies.

It is rich in protocarotene of vitamin A, which is equivalent to 360 times that of potatoes, 45 times that of apples, and 23 times that of citrus.

It is also rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium and iron, and vitamins B1, B2, and vitamin C.

  Carotene-containing nutritious rice noodles, as well as carrot puree and other vegetable puree specially made for babies can be found on the market. You can choose to eat it for your baby.

  For potential babies, there are even more alternatives that can be made with carrots.

Some babies don’t like carrots because carrots have a special flavor.

Adults can think of ways to make carrots more acceptable by improving the casting method.

  For example, you can add vinegar to cook carrot shreds, shred the carrots, hot oil ginger shredder, stir-fry the carrots, stir in the balsamic vinegar, mix with sugar, and add MSG to the pan.

The taste of this dish is slightly sour and sweet, which can better remove the flavor of carrot itself, which is easy for the baby to accept.

  You can also use carrots for fillings and wrap them in pasta for your baby.

Five key common sense for men’s fitness

Five key common sense for men’s fitness

Men’s sports should pay attention to five common sense.

Fitness has become a trend, pay attention when you exercise.

  1, exercise cramps, pay attention to calcium and magnesium supplements.

  Symptoms of leg cramps after exercise do not indicate that you are overloaded with exercise, but are caused by insufficient nutrition.

The main role of calcium and magnesium in the human body is to participate in neuromuscular interactions. Physical exercise can easily cause calcium and magnesium deficiency in the human body, which in turn hinders the neuromuscular muscles and causes leg and foot cramps.

The daily calcium requirement of adult men is 1000 to 1800 mg, and the recommended daily recommended amount of magnesium is 350 mg. There are abundant sources of calcium, of which milk is a good choice.

Magnesium contained in green leaf foods is most easily absorbed. Rich and high-quality magnesium can also be found in nuts and seafood.

  2, poor sexual desire after exercise, excessive zinc loss.

  Zinc is known as the “sex element” of men.

Zinc deficiency in the body will affect the number and activity of sperm.

For men who participate in fitness exercises, they will lose more zinc, especially when sweating, so zinc supplementation is especially important for men who exercise regularly.

Eat more lean meat, steak is an effective way to absorb zinc.

It is determined that every 100 grams of lean beef can provide 50% of the daily zinc demand; about.

Seafood, mushrooms, lean meat, eggs, and whole grains also contain large amounts of zinc.

  3, sweating, be careful of dehydration.

  Men need more water than women. For men, the muscles need more than three times as much water as adults, and in men’s bodies, muscles account for 40%; in ordinary women’s bodies, muscles account for only 20%; Slightly more.

Water relubricates joints, regulates body temperature and dissolves, and transports nutrients into the body.

Generally men need about two liters of water every day, and sports men will consume twice as much water.

  4. During training, you must add chromium in time.

  Chromium is a mineral necessary to sustain life. It can reduce cholesterol in the body and increase endurance. It will make muscles grow and oxidize trace amounts.

High-quality grapes and raisins have the reputation of a natural “chrome store”.

Ordinary men eat a bunch of grapes every day can provide enough chromium, men participating in fitness exercises need to double.

  5. There is often congestion on the body and vitamin K needs to be added.

  During exercise, some people bumped slightly, and their bodies became bruised or congested, and they did not heal for a long time. This is a sign that the body lacks vitamin K.

Vitamin K is a “hemostatic hero”. Without it, blood coagulation will occur. In severe cases, blood will not coagulate.

Cauliflower is very rich in vitamin K. Eat 2 times a week?
Cauliflower can absorb bruises or bruises in the body 4 times. Secondly, asparagus and lettuce also contain vitamin K.

Regularly eating foods rich in vitamin K can not only strengthen the flexibility of blood vessel walls, but also prevent bruises and congestion.

Six tips to remove greasy hair in summer

Six tips to remove greasy hair in summer

What if my hair is greasy?

Hurry up and try these hair care tips below!

  Scalp spray lotion Evenly spray a layer of lotion on the scalp. You can also spray a little more on the roots of the hair, which can alleviate the oily condition of the hair and replenish the hair with proper moisture.

After poking your scalp with your fingers, you can take care of a new hairstyle.

  Wash your hair with clean water every other day If you are used to washing your hair every day, or if you do not wash, you will secrete too much oil, even if you wash it every day, you do n’t need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.This also removes stains on the hair and scalp, but does not increase the secretion of oil.

For those who do n’t have serious oiliness, wash their heads two or three times a week.

  Choose the right shampoo. If your hair has a lot of oil, it is recommended to use a product with strong cleaning ability. Do not use a moisturizing or repairing function. If the oil is normal, only choose a shampoo with dual effects of hair care and oil control.If the scalp is seldom oily or even dry, replace the nutritional hair care products.

If you have dandruff or even scalp ulcers at the same time, you should choose products containing effective anti-wrinkle.

  Lemonade shampoo First squeeze the juice from the lemon, filter the residue, and then add an appropriate amount of the usual shampoo to the lemon juice. Stir well before using the shampoo.

  Efficacy: Acidic lemon juice has a good effect on cleansing hair.

If oily hair is washed with lemon shampoo, it will feel cleaner and fresher.

  Warm water for washing hair is easier to decontaminate, but it will stimulate the scalp. At the same time when washing the oil, it will also cause the scalp to automatically secrete oil.

So wash your hair with warm water!

  Reasonable exercise should pay attention to develop regular lifestyle habits, ensure adequate sleep, and actively participate in sports, so that the brain is fully regulated and rested, and it is also very helpful for hair maintenance.

Non-irritating skin care


Non-irritating skin care

People say that seven years of reincarnation, the same is true for skin. After 20 years of age, MM is experiencing a major change in skin!

The skin at this stage is very sensitive to external stimuli, and if it is insufficient, it will cause its resistance-acne, acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores.

Your skin in your 20s is like a naughty child, and always needs your gentle care.

If you are still using skin irritating products, throw them away.

  Carefully choose skin care products and look at the ingredients of the product. Generally, when choosing skin care products, MM only looks at the product’s efficacy and price, even its reputation.

As everyone knows, you can buy a lot of products that are not suitable for you and suffer from skin diseases.

Now, please let the product ingredients marked on the box also become an indicator of your purchase!

Develop a habit of looking at product ingredients and replace mild products with low irritation.

Let’s look at the ingredients that are irritating to the skin.


Mineral oils.

Used as a stabilizer in skin care products, posing as vegetable oil, olive oil or high grade lanolin.

This kind of oil is easy to grow pores on both ends and grows like pimples. It is also the culprit of blackheads.



The fragrance is derived or synthesized from more than 600 kinds of raw materials and artificial chemicals.

Experiments on animals with fragrances have shown that it can penetrate the body and not only stain the animal’s internal organs blue, but also damage the animal’s brain and spinal cord.



Hormones are used in skin care products to temporarily remove wrinkles, make the skin plump, moisturized, elastic and shiny, and are widely used as “special effects”.

But hormone is a kind of chemical component that is easy to be oxidized. People who use hormone products often get darker and darker with sun in summer, and it is difficult to take off.

Hormonal skin care products are often used. The skin is irritated for a long time, and the skin and skin immune function is increased, which causes the skin’s autoimmune function to decline, and it is difficult to cause sensitive skin and allergic skin.


Alcohol has an irritating effect on the skin. Long-term use can cause rough skin.

Bad living habits, premature brain failure


Bad living habits, premature brain failure

In such a modern society full of fierce competition, people’s brains are generally tired and lacking in anger. Even the memory of many young people’s minds is beginning to decline. This is not a good phenomenon. In order to keep us young and full of creativity.The mind of the mind, modern people must avoid some bad habits and pay attention to the surrounding environmental factors.

銆€銆€Long-term satiety modern nutrition studies have found that after eating too much, the amount of substances in the brain called “fibroblast growth factor” will increase significantly.

These fibroblast growth factors can increase the number of capillary endothelial cells and cause a atherosclerosis, leading to premature aging and mental decline.

銆€銆€The main way to eliminate fatigue in the brain is to sleep.

Long-term lack of sleep or poor quality will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.

銆€銆€Long-term smoking German medical scientists have shown that long-term smoking causes brain tissue to shrink to varying degrees and is prone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Because long-term smoking can cause cerebral arteriosclerosis, long-term blood supply to the brain, neuronal degeneration, and then brain atrophy.

銆€銆€Reluctance to think is the best way to exercise your brain.

Only with more brains and diligent thinking can people become smarter.

On the contrary, the unwillingness to use your brain can only accelerate the degradation of the brain, and the smart person will become stupid.

銆€銆€When the sick brain is in a state of discomfort or illness, it is reluctant to insist on inefficiency in learning or work, and it is also prone to brain damage.

In addition, the brain is the organ with the most oxygen consumption in the body, consuming an average of 500 to 600 liters of oxygen per minute. Only a large supply of oxygen can improve the efficiency of the brain.

Therefore, when studying and working, be sure to pay attention to the air hygiene of the surrounding environment.

銆€銆€Those who despise breakfast and do not eat breakfast have more blood sugar than normal supply, and have insufficient nutrient supply to the brain, which is harmful to the brain over time.

The quality of breakfast and the development of intelligence are also closely related.

According to the study, the best thinking of children who eat high-protein breakfast in the classroom is generally relatively extended, while the children’s mood and energy decline are relatively fast.

銆€銆€Children with excessive sweets and sweets often have long-term IQ.

This is because the development of children’s brain is inseparable from the protein and vitamins of food poisoning, and sweets can damage appetite, reduce appetite, reduce the substitution of high protein and multivitamins, leading to functional malnutrition, which affects brain development.

銆€銆€There are leaf areas in the brain that have a special language. Frequent speech can also promote the development of the brain and achieve the function of exercising the brain.

In general, you should say something rich and have alternative philosophical or logical words.

The whole day is silent, and people who are not scornful are not necessarily smart.

銆€銆€When the hooded sleeping person sleeps in the hood, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the quilt rises, the oxygen concentration decreases continuously, and the long-term inhalation into the dirty air is extremely harmful to the brain.

How to treat insomnia

How to treat insomnia

Insomniac people are “not as good as food supplements” today, if proper diet therapy is used, in addition to adverse reactions, and have a certain hypnotic effect.

There are several easy-to-make diet recipes for you to choose from: one pig heart jujube soup, pig heart, jujube kernel, 15 grams of Poria, and 5 grams of Polygala.

Cut the pig heart in half, wash it, add it to the clean pot, then add the washed jujube kernels, Poria cocos, and Polygala together, add an appropriate amount of water to the fire, boil over high heat, remove the foam, and simmer over low heatServe until the pig’s heart is ripe.

Take 1 dose daily.

This soup has the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing the heart, and nourishing the liver and the nerves.

Can cure heart palpitations restlessness caused by heart and liver blood deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, memory loss and other symptoms.

  Gastrodia mixed rice takes 5 grams of Gastrodia, the previous rice 100 grams, chicken 25 grams, bamboo shoots, carrots 50 grams each, Xiangru, taro each, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar.

Soak the gastrodia for about 1 hour, it can be softened, then cut the chicken into minced pieces, cut the bamboo shoots and washed carrots into small pieces; peel the taro, wash it with water, and cut into thin filaments.

The previous rice was washed and put into the pot, and the condiments such as the modified Zhu Zhu material and sugar were cooked on a low fire to form a thick rice, once a day, for lunch or dinner.

This meal has the effect of strengthening the brain and strengthening the body, calming and sleeping.

Can cure dizziness, insomnia, dreams, consciousness and forgetfulness.

  Longan Rock Sugar Tea Longan meat 25g, rock sugar 10g.

Wash the longan meat, add it to the tea cup with the rock sugar, cover it with boiling water for a while, and take it at any time.

Take 1 dose daily, drink as you drink, add water as you drink, and finally eat longan meat.

This tea has the effect of nourishing the heart and spleen, soothing and nourishing the mind.

Can cure excessive thinking, lack of energy, insomnia and more dreams, palpitations and forgetfulness.

  Polygala jujube porridge with 15 g of polygala, 10 g of fried jujube kernel, 75 g of previous rice.

The previous rice was washed and washed. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, add the washed Polygala jujuba, jujube kernels, boil over high heat and cook on low heat to make porridge, which can be used for dinner.

This porridge has the effect of calming the nerves and invigorating the brain, and can cure the consternation, insomnia and forgetfulness caused by blood deficiency in the elderly.

  Baimai Anshen drink wheat, 25 grams each of lily, lotus seed meat, 15 grams of Shouwu rattan, 2 jujubes, 6 grams of licorice.

Wash wheat, lily, lotus seed, Shouwu rattan, jujube, and licorice separately, soak them in cold water for half an hour, pour into a clean pot, add water to 750 ml, and boil over high heat for 30 minutes.

The juice is stored in a thermos flask, stewed twice, and put in a piece, which can be added at any time.

This drink has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, clearing heat and soothe the nerves.

Can cure restlessness, upset and irritability, insomnia and more dreams, palpitations, shortness of breath, and sweating.

  Bozi Ren Braised Pork Heart 15 grams, 1 pig heart, salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, and shallot slices.

Wash the pig heart and cut it into thick slices. Add the appropriate amount of water to the pot with Baiziren, add cooking wine, refined salt, and simmer on a low fire until the pig heart is rotten. Then add soy sauce and green onion.

Serve with a meal.

This soup dish has the effect of nourishing the heart, soothing the intestines and laxative.

It can cure the restless heart palpitations caused by insufficient blood and insomnia.

  Longan and longan porridge, longan, 25g each, 100g sticky rice, 20g jujube kernel, 20g honey.

Wash the glutinous rice and glutinous rice separately, put them into an appropriate amount of water pot, add longan, boil on high heat, cook over low heat for 25 minutes, add jujube kernels, cook for 20 minutes, add honey before eating.

Take 2 times in the morning and evening.

This porridge has the function of nourishing the brain and nourishing the kidney and strengthening the essence of kidney.

Can cure elderly neurasthenia, mental decline, liver and kidney deficiency and other symptoms.

  Gynostemma pentaphyllum soup 15 grams of Gynostemma pentaphyllum, 8 pieces of red dates.

Wash the two items separately, put them into a proper amount of water pot, and cook on low heat for 20 minutes.

Take 1 dose daily and drink soup.

This soup has the functions of brain-building and nourishing, calming and soothing.Can cure fatigue, loss of appetite, insomnia, forgetfulness, nocturnal urination and more.