Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

With the arrival of summer, many women are worried about their bodies and are eager to lose weight.

Only by using the right method can we achieve the purpose of weight loss and ensure the health of the body. The following are some of the wrong areas for you to correct the concept of weight loss.

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating spicy foods can reduce weight. The effects of spicy foods are not so great. Most spicy foods cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, affect the function of the metabolic tract, and cause severe gastric bleeding.

And eating too much spicy food will make the skin rough.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat low-fat foods that are not easy to gain weight. The feces that are not easy to eat will not be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and the decomposition of feces can also inhibit the synthesis of trace amounts in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet contains the right amount of aunt, fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

  Misunderstanding 3: Consistently eating fruit meals to lose weight. A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body’s comprehensive and balanced nutrition is harmful and unhelpful.

  Mistake area four: The better the effect of reducing exercise intensity, the “overeating” method cannot be taken during physical exercise, and the amount of exercise is suddenly increased or the exercise is suddenly interrupted.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

First, learn to analyze unreasonable anger. In daily work and life, often because of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with others, the most common reaction is anger.

Many people think that their anger is reasonable and should erupt, and the fault is on others, but this is not necessarily the case. Most of the anger is unreasonable.

  Psychological analysis found three sources of unreasonable anger: First, selfish requirements can be met.

  Selfishness is a source of undue anger.

The more selfish a person is, the more angry he will be.

In other words, when you just ask someone in your personal position, you will pick up the faults of others or you will always feel that you are emotionally and emotionally disadvantaged and get angry.

  So sometimes our anger is caused by selfishness. If we should calm ourselves down first, then forgive each other.

  Second, the requirements of perfectionism cannot be met.

This is more manifested in my own anger towards myself. I am always angry because I fail to meet the requirements I have in mind. When I feel that I cannot satisfy my desires and requirements, an emotion of self-demobilization and self-denial comes to my face.At the same time, when you find that your ability is not better than others, you will lose your confidence in life. Then inferiority is a kind of self-anger, and it is also the anger that abuses you. This is also the most common psychological manifestation of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In addition, the same is true of others, always standing in the position of perfectionist and asking others to satisfy themselves, hoping that others will do things according to their own intentions.

  Three, suspicious.

A person with a suspicion will often misinterpret the motives of others, always doubting that their actions may cause harm to themselves, and always think that others have any intentions about themselves.

  Therefore, when you want to be angry, ask yourself if your anger is reasonable. If it is related to the three above, it is unreasonable. Let the irrational anger disappear.

  Second, learn to express your anger through the above-mentioned introspective rational thinking, and confirm that your anger is reasonable, then you should face it bravely.

This is another way to eliminate anger.

Why express anger?

  1. Being good at expressing our anger helps us to rationally understand the truth of the facts, and at the same time effectively suppresses hindering consciousness and depression.

If you do n’t dare to say anything, your inner imbalance suppresses you all day, and you have no mood to be happy at all. This is also the negative thinking that causes your depression, and you have a face that is aggrieved or unforgiving.

  2, reasonable expression of anger helps us to forgive each other in a timely manner.

People need to vent their anger, that is, play the function of deflation, letting out all the internal grievances and dissatisfaction. When one is relaxed, it is easy to accept others’ mistakes. When you are angry, you often see yourself.Accepting others is easier only when you are calm.

  3. Use our decent words to express our anger, and tell the other party to express their anger for understanding, not for revenge, so that the other party is more willing to learn to respect and care.

  4. Effective anger helps us prevent gossip.

Settle your own affairs, and resolve the matter between the two people immediately. Don’t listen to what other people think. Proper explanations can easily cause mutual trust between the two sides.

  5, good at using appropriate language to express anger is conducive to calm the strong psychology of a violent personality.

The stronger you are in the face of strength, the less self-sustaining impact will result, but choosing too weak will indulge the opponent ‘s strong mentality, and you will never find the opportunity to stand up.

So proper anger is a complement to strength, and it’s also the best way to take Roch.

For example, men are most afraid of women’s tears. If you shed tears to get angry, the other party will be discouraged.

  6. Proper anger helps to increase the rhythm of communication between the two parties.

If silence is an intolerable negative manifestation, it can be said that anger is a positive element.

With proper anger, it will attract the attention of the other party, and it is also a good positive message for the couple.

  Therefore, if people have learned a rational communication attitude and skills, no matter when and when they face anyone, you will be confident.

Recognition is reasonable, and you will not give up, but recognizing yourself is unreasonable, you have to deal with others.

Letting others go is actually giving you a sincere opportunity.

  Third, deal with the anger of the day in time, learn to forgive each other before going to bed, and don’t let your anger be.

Anger happens and disappears at any time, but if you always put it in your heart and you can’t bear it, then it will deteriorate in your heart.

It may turn into resentment or it may turn into negative emotions for life.

  Fourth, do not resent or revenge the account in mind only remember happy things, only remember the good and lovely of others, refuse to record the bad and anger of others.

Let your mind be more open and your personality more cheerful. Don’t let your mind shrink, let alone your heart be filled with any hatred, let us be more frank and simple, maybe we will be happier and worry-free.

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

In addition to being a good source of nutritional supplements, beans have a variety of benefits.

For example, edamame also has the effects of strengthening the spleen, relieving heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi. Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, canardine, etc., and has the effect of treating hepatic coma and anti-cancer. Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of functionsBeans.

  In summer, the weather is dry and hot. People often say, “Summer humidity is obviously heavier than other seasons, so people are prone to spleen deficiency and insufficient spleen function in summer.

“Everyone may not understand this. In fact, our most familiar manifestations are eating less, not fragrant, bloating after eating, people lazy, and weak limbs!

I used to think it was “hot”, but it wasn’t that simple . If San Futian can eat some legumes and vegetables regularly, it can play a role in strengthening the spleen and dampness.

Of course, in addition to the mung beans previously mythed by “some people”, there are actually many “beans” containing plant proteins, proteins, vitamins and inorganic salts that are higher than other vegetables, and the vitamins are higher in B vitamins.

Today I will share with you how to fight “beans” in the summer!

  Edamame: sweet, flat, enters the spleen, large intestine; has the effects of strengthening the spleen and broadening, moisturizing and dehydrating, clearing heat and detoxifying, and invigorating qi; treating diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, thinness, pregnancy poisoning, sores, Trauma and bleeding.

Because edamame is a soy bean, it contains a lot of lecithin.

  Concanavalia: Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, hemagglutinin, canolaine, etc .; recombinant, can be found in its tender pods of Gibberella Ⅰ and Ⅱ, etc., has the effect of treating liver coma and anti-cancer.

Consumed by the general population, especially suitable for patients with kidney deficiency, low back pain, qi stagnation and hiccups, rheumatic low back pain, and children with kidney qi.

  Beans: also known as green beans, kidney beans, etc.

Serve with young pods or beans.

The tender pod contains about 6% protein, 10% fiber, and 1% sugar?

Dry beans contain about 22 protein.

5%, starch 59.


Fresh and tender pods can be eaten as vegetables, dehydrated or canned.

There are many ways to do it.

  Cowpea: Xingping, sweet and salty, returning to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of rectifying qi, strengthening the stomach, nourishing the kidney, and the five internal organs, regulating the body’s vitality, regenerating the essence, and quenching thirst; treating vomiting, pus, frequent urination, etc.disease.
Especially suitable for patients with diabetes, kidney deficiency, frequent urination, nocturnal emission and some gynecological functional diseases.

  Pea: sweetness, flatness, return to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of replenishing qi, relieving diarrhea, regulating health, urination, eliminating bloating, and detoxifying; treating beriberi, bloating, impervious milk, spleen and stomach discomfort, hiccupVomiting, abdominal pain, thirst and diarrhea.

Vitamin C and enzymes that can break down nitrosamines in the young leaves of pea pods and bean sprouts have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Some substances contained in peas also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthen the function of metabolism.

  Lentils: The nutritional content of lentils is very rich, including protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, multivitamins and dietary fiber. The content of B vitamins in lentils is particularly rich.

In addition, lentils also contain hemagglutinin, which has a significant effect on tumor regression.

  Mung Bean: Mung Bean has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and diuresis, relieving thirst and relieving annoyance, reducing eyesight, relieving throat and emollient, and reducing fat and liver.

It is often used for complications such as heat and thirst, sore swelling and poison, gastroenteritis, sore throat, nephritis and edema.

Diet coups solve women’s minor problems_1

Diet tricks to solve women’s small problems

As the saying goes, medicine is not as good as food.

Nutrition experts point out that paying attention to the reasonable combination of nutrition in the daily diet and supplementing the following foods appropriately will help women to prevent disease.

  Anemia: Due to blood loss and growth due to high iron supplements, more than 30% of women have mild iron deficiency anemia.

  Prolonged anemia can easily lead to a decline in ovarian function and affect women’s health.

  Replenishing blood and nourishing blood can be described as the “homework” of a woman’s life.

Animal liver, lean meat, spinach and other foods are high in iron and easy to absorb.

Medical experts especially remind women to drink as much tea and coffee as possible during menstruation, so as to avoid tannic acid which inhibits iron absorption.

  Menstrual discomfort: drink some hot milk with honey, abdominal pain, soft waist, knees, fatigue, sleep disturbance and emotional irritability. It is a physical discomfort often experienced by women during menstruation.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts have recently discovered that women drink a glass of hot milk with honey before menstruation each night during menstruation, which can alleviate or eliminate all kinds of discomfort during menstruation.

Because potassium in milk can soothe emotions, and has the effect of reducing abdominal pain, preventing infections, and reducing menstrual blood volume; the magnesium contained in honey can calm the central nervous system and help eliminate women’s nervousness during menstruation and reduce psychological stress.

  Gynecological tumors: Eat more red fruits and vegetables, red apples, red peppers and other red fruits and vegetables that contain certain natural phytochemicals that can effectively inhibit the growth of certain gynecological tumor cells and reduce their reactivity to estrogen, thereby preventing gynecologyThe role of tumors.

In addition, onions, purple grapes and other fruits and vegetables have similar effects.

  Breast disease: Eat more whole wheat foods and kelp A study found that women of childbearing age who eat more whole wheat foods in their diet can keep estrogen in the blood circulation at an appropriate level, avoiding excessive levels of estrogen and causing a variety of breast diseases.

  Kelp contains a large amount of iodine, which can stimulate the anterior pituitary to secrete luteinizing hormone, trigger lutealization of ovarian follicles, and reduce estrogen levels in the body.

Therefore, regular consumption of kelp helps prevent and treat breast hyperplasia.

  Migraine: Eating more magnesium-containing foods Migraine is more likely to occur in women of childbearing age, especially women who work mentally.

Studies have found that some patients with migraine have extremely low levels of magnesium in their blood. If you pay attention to dietary supplements such as millet, buckwheat noodles, beans, bananas, nuts, and seafood, you can reduce the incidence of migraines.
  Depression: Frequent eating of fish is affected by changes in endocrine hormones, and women are more likely to have depression than men.

Studies have found that eating fish that metabolize omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and sardines, can help women alleviate depression or reduce the incidence of depression.

Because the omega-3 fatty acids in these fish have antidepressant effects.

  Decrease in estrogen: absorption of soy products estrogen is an important sex hormone in women. When it is lower than normal levels in the blood, women’s reproductive and sexual functions are affected, which will cause the heart to lose protection.

Isoflavones contained in soybeans are an estrogen-like substance that absorbs insufficient estrogen in the body.

Drink 500 ml of soy milk or eat more than 100 grams of soy products every day, such as tofu, yuba, etc., can effectively regulate endocrine function and restore estrogen to normal levels.

  Mycotic vaginitis: Women who eat more garlic and often eat garlic are less likely to develop mycotic vaginitis.

Because garlic contains allicin, allicin, and other substances, they are sulfur-containing natural bactericidal substances that have a strong bactericidal effect and can inhibit the excessive growth and reproduction of Candida albicans in the vagina.

  Ovarian cancer: A large number of surveys found that eating more high-calcium foods found that women who had more than enough calcium were 54% less likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who were supplemented with calcium.

Because a lot of calcium helps control the growth and spread of glucose.

Therefore, women should pay attention to appropriate high calcium foods, especially postmenopausal women and elderly women’s daily calcium intake should reach 1000 mg.

This requires drinking milk or dairy products every day, eating soy products, small shrimp skins, small fish, kelp and amaranth.

Female weight gain diet diet: walnut diced


Female weight gain diet diet: walnut diced

[Materials]300 grams of fresh pork, 150 grams of walnut kernels, watercress onions, peanut oil, salt, monosodium glutamate, egg white, water starch, vinegar, sesame oil.

銆€銆€[鍒舵硶]銆€銆€1.Wash the pork and slice it to a thickness of about 1.

A large piece of 2 cm, with multiple cross flowers on both sides, and then grows into strips, and the top knife is changed to about 1.

2 cm square D, put into the bowl, add salt, MSG, egg white, water starch pickled sizing.


Soak the walnut kernels in warm water for a while, peel off the kernels and pour them into pieces of corn size.


Add water, salt, monosodium glutamate, water starch and sesame oil to the sauce.


Peanut oil is added to the pot, and it is burned to medium temperature with medium heat. When the heat is cooked, the cooked meat is cooked and the oil is removed.


The oil in the pot continues to warm up. When the oil rises to six or 70%, the walnuts are fried and the oil is removed.


Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, stir fry with watercress, cook in vinegar, then pour in diced meat, walnuts and a good taste of juice, quickly stir fry until the juice is ready to serve.

銆€銆€[Features]The meat is cooked, the walnuts are crispy, and the whole dish promotes appetite.

銆€銆€[Effect]This dish has the functions of nourishing liver and yin, abundance of skin, blood circulation, black hair and other effects.

銆€銆€Pork has “tonifying kidney liquid, filling the stomach juice, nourishing the liver and yin; moisturizing the skin, benefiting the two, stopping the thirst.”


“Roche will pay attention to medical mirrors” said pork: “The meat smells the best, can lead to more food, long-term strength, and spirit.

“Walnut kernel has the name of “longevity fruit.”

Traditional traditional medicine has always regarded it as a nourishing and strong agent. Regular food can make a thin person fat, make the skin full and more fit.

In short, thin women often eat this dish can make the skin delicate, black hair, beautiful face, is a good fitness, skin care, beauty of women.

Healthy fattening, what should you do?



Healthy fattening, what should you do?

Many thin people will ask: How to increase weight?

Of course, to gain weight, is not to increase the number of adults, or to increase the amount of muscle, that is, become stronger, in fact, weight gain is more difficult than weight loss.

The conditions for weight gain are the same as weight loss, but more.


Weight gain diet weight gain, must be the opposite of weight loss, please eat sugar foods with protein, if you are small, sugar food restrictions are reduced, you can even drink juice, such as banana milk, papaya milk, while rememberingCome back to the dessert after the meal.

Again, the amount of protein should not be too small, one kilogram of body weight, you can eat 1.


0 grams of protein, so a 60 kilogram person, under the weight gain program, must have more than 60 grams of protein a day, about 3 large chicken legs.

The thing to be reminded here is that when you eat a lot of protein, you will eat too much oil, which is especially important.

Therefore, it is recommended to peel off white meat.

But if you are a person with a little weight, just want to be the main line of sculpture, then you have to change the sugar food into starch, while avoiding the exquisite starch and sweets, but the amount of protein can not be reduced, so that you can’t practice it.Muscles come, or get better and better!


Supplementary foods basically help the foods that are covered, most of which reduce body fat percentage and increase muscle tissue, so they can be almost identical. For example, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), carnitine (L-carnitine), coenzyme Q10,Chain proteins (BCAA), whey proteins, creatine (creatine), fish oil, and other popular growth hormone promoters, tickone rubbing agents, are also mentioned by many, but not yet legal.


The role of weight gain exercise in weight gain is higher than weight loss. In other words, if you want to become stronger, you must exercise, otherwise you will become fat rather than grow stronger.

Weight gain exercise, the initial recommendation is weight training, because weight training will destroy muscle fibers, make it grow again and become hypertrophy, of course, if your physical strength is poor, it will recommend weight training and aerobics 2:1-1:1, because the two sports will affect each other later, there is not enough physical strength, and there is no way to achieve enough weight.

When doing weight exercise, you must pay attention to the problem of symmetry, that is, the flexor and extensor must be practiced together, otherwise there will be so-called cross-symptoms, or gorillas with chest and back.

And one part has to be trained at least once a week.


Moisture high protein diet and weight training, the body’s nitrogen balance activity is intense, the body’s protein is destroyed, converted into synthesis, which requires water as a medium, while the water is enough to make the kidney function alive, the nitrogen balance is better.

In addition, because the amount of exercise increases, sweat loss is also more, and more water is needed.

Rest and sleep with adequate sleep are also important in weight gain and weight loss.

The body needs time to repair damaged muscle fibers, while synthesizing glycogen and ATP in the muscles, allowing the muscles to cope with the next training, while the growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the sleep can make the nitrogen balance toward the direction of synthesis.Instead, your muscles are not grown up in the gym, they grow up in sleep.

銆€銆€Healthy weight gain and weight loss are the same principle, just a positive balance, a negative balance, it takes the same amount of spirit and money, so when the fat man is frustrated why he eats very embarrassing, maybeBe able to understand the hardships of the thin man.

Five strokes make your stomach slim down


Five strokes make your stomach slim down


Eating at least 3 fruits and 150 grams of vegetables a day and eating more fruits and vegetables can easily lead to satiety and help you reduce your desire to eat desserts.

In addition, eating more fiber food can effectively treat constipation, and constipation is one of the culprit of your lower abdomen.


Drink nine cups of water a day, drink less carbonated drinks for breakfast, then drink a glass of white water, light honey water or water with added cellulose, which can accelerate the gastrointestinal motility, replace the garbage and metabolites in the body overnight, and reduce the appearance of small intestines.chance.

銆€銆€Don’t drink too much water in an hour.

Drinking too much water, due to osmosis, blood in the blood vessels will be replaced by water, resulting in a decrease in the concentration of oxygen and nutrients contained in the blood.

In order to meet the energy supply of the body, the heart must increase the working intensity, resulting in an increase in cardiac load.

For a long time, it is extremely harmful to health.

In addition, a large amount of water will cause edema in the body. As the water flows down, excess water will accumulate in the waist and lower limbs, causing edema in the lower back and lower limbs.

銆€銆€In addition, try to drink less carbonated drinks and those with high sugar content, which will make your belly look like a balloon.


Stay away from alcohol, whether it be beer, cocktails, white spirits, or other forms of alcoholic beverages, may be the main cause of excess meat in your abdomen.

Although the wine does not contain trace amounts, the calorie content is very high. Only a 200ml alcoholic beverage is converted into 100 kcal.

The cocktail will increase your body’s cortisol levels. This powerful hormone is just an accomplice to the lower abdomen.


Sit-ups If you want to achieve the goal of excess excess meat, you must control the rhythm and avoid doing a lot of sit-ups from the beginning, causing muscle aches.

You can try to do it 5 times a minute, then slowly increase it until you reach about 30 times per minute.

Be careful to control the part of the force that is the waist, not the legs, or the arms.


Sitting on the waist and sitting down to lose weight is sometimes not as difficult as people think.

Some people just need to correct their sitting posture and abdomen and chest, they can aim at some aunts who have accumulated in the abdomen.

Always remind yourself to stand up, tighten your abdomen, straighten your waist, sit like a hanging bell, even if you can’t always keep it, you can do it when you think about it, you may get fat from your stomach by 1 kilogram or more.