Tongkun Co., Ltd. (601233): Oil price rebounds, and demand for textiles improves. Recommended PTA + polyester filament leader

Tongkun Co., Ltd. (601233): Oil price rebounds, and demand for textiles improves. Recommended PTA + polyester filament leader

Recent situation of the company The recent rebound in oil prices, the easing of Sino-U.S. Trade frictions, and the better margin of demand for textile and apparel terminals,深圳桑拿网 the price and profitability of the polyester industry chain are rapidly repaired, especially the breakthrough of the PTA + polyester filament industry chain.Profit continued to improve.

Comment on rising oil prices, support for the cost of polyester industry chain.

Affected by Iran’s geopolitics and the sharp drop in U.S. crude oil inventories, international crude oil prices have stabilised upward, of which Brent crude oil was 60 from early June.

$ 5 / barrel rose to the current 66.

6 dollars / barrel, an increase of 10.


Supported by raw material costs, polyester filament (POY) increased from 7,335 yuan / ton at the bottom in early June to 8,675 yuan / ton (+18).

3%), the PTA rose from 5,430 yuan / ton at the bottom in early June to 6715 yuan / ton (+23.

7%), PX outer disk (Korea) increased from US $ 78深圳spa会所7 / ton in early June to US $ 819 / ton (+4).


The increase of polyester filament and PTA was significantly higher than that of PX.

Sino-U.S. Trade frictions have eased, and the demand for downstream textile and apparel terminals has improved.

Recently, the United States announced that it will no longer impose new tariffs on China, and there has been a easing indicator of Sino-US trade friction.

The United States is China’s largest exporter of textiles and garments, with exports accounting for about 17%. The easing of trade frictions and attempts to boost market confidence have improved demand margins.

In terms of inventory, the June inventory of polyester filament POY / FDY / DTY dropped by 15/16/14 days, and the procurement intention of downstream weaving enterprises was strong.

The profit of the industrial chain improved, focusing on PTA + polyester filament twice.

The change in the supply-demand pattern of the PX-PTA-polyester filament industry chain from 2019 to 2022 is conducive to the transfer of industrial chain profits to PTA + polyester filament.

We estimate that 2018?
In 2021, the CAGRs of PX, PTA, and polyester filament yarns are 39%, 14%, and 4%, respectively.

The increase in supply of the polyester industry is lower than that of the PTA and PX industries, and the industry concentration trend has increased.

PTA production capacity is mainly concentrated in 2020 and beyond.

We estimate that the price difference of polyester filament / PTA / PX at the end of June was 1239/1846/1862 yuan / ton, which increased by 188/1112 / -622 yuan / ton earlier in early June.

Polyester filament + PTA can obviously repair profit, PX profit is compressed.

As a leader in the polyester filament industry, Tongkun Co., Ltd. has a capacity of 600 tons and a PTA 370 throughput, which has significantly benefited from the profit repair of the industrial chain.

It is estimated to maintain Tongkun ‘s “Outperform” rating.

In the second quarter, the polyester industry’s profit is better, and we expect the company’s Zhejiang Petrochemical Q4 to participate in production. We raise the company’s 2019?
2021 EPS to 1.

54 yuan, 2.

00 yuan, 2.

33 yuan.

With reference to comparable listed companies in the polyester industry, a target price of 20 is given.

0 yuan, 27% growth space, corresponding to 13 times the P / E estimate in 2019.

Risks Crude oil prices fluctuated sharply, downstream demand was weak, and convertible bonds were diluted for profit.

CV Source (002841): Intelligent Interactive Leadership Education Conference Promotes Continuous Growth

CV Source (002841): Intelligent Interactive Leadership Education Conference Promotes Continuous Growth
Event: The company achieved revenue of 130 in the first three quarters of 2019.10,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.32%; realized net profit attributable to mother 14.140,000 yuan, an increase of 66 in ten years.32%.Predict the net profit attributable to mothers for ten years in 201914.56 ppm-17.07 million yuan, an increase of 45% -70% in ten years. Benefiting from the rise in the smart board 佛山桑拿网 business and the decline in upstream raw material prices, the company’s profits have shown a rapid growth trend. At present, the development of the global LCD TV market has entered a platform stage, the demand for LCD TVs has become saturated, and the sales and penetration of smart TVs have continued to rise.The intelligentization of board cards has become the development trend of TV board cards. The company increased the resource occupation of smart board products, and carried out diversified joint development and product innovation with customers on smart board cards, thereby further optimizing the board card business structure and covering part of theThe impact of multiple positive factors such as the downward adjustment of the market price of electronic raw materials has strengthened the profitability of the LCD control card business. The informatization trend is driving the growth of demand for intelligent interactive products. The company’s leading scale is expected to fully benefit from the data of China Industry Information Network. In 2018, the global intelligent display interaction industry market size was USD 196.8 billion, and China’s intelligent interactive market size was 95.1 billion. It is expected thatBy 2020, the global smart display interactive industry market will reach 3000 trillion, and the Chinese market will reach 1,600 trillion.According to the company’s semi-annual report for 2019, the company’s interactive smart tablet products have a market share of more than 30% in the education and conference market, which is expected to fully benefit from the wave of smart interactive product popularity dividends. The investment proposal estimates that the company’s attributable net profit for 2019-2021 will be 15 respectively.6/20.3/24.3 ppm, corresponding to 2 EPS.38/3.10/3.71 yuan; considering the company’s leading position in the field of display boards and interactive smart tablets, the company is given 40 times PE in 2020, with a target price of 124 yuan, covering for the first time and given a “buy” rating. Risks indicate the risk of a decline in market prospects; the risk that business development in segmented markets fails to meet expectations; the business risk of foreign exchange hedging.

-ST family shell full scan suspended listing gray list emerged

* ST family shell full scan suspended listing “gray list” emerged

Reporter Wu Zhengyi’s unique “* ST” symbol in the A-share market is returning to the original meaning of “Special Treatment”.

  * ST Huaze, which resumed trading on March 21st, switched to the limit mode, and the company was suspended from listing.

According to the information statistics of Shanghai Securities News, among the approximately 50 * ST companies in the A-share market, most of them are close to classified financial technology to protect their shells, but * ST Huaze and other 3 companies are hopeless, and more remains to be seen.

  It is worth mentioning that, under the circumstance of compulsory delisting supervision, the suspension of listing in this “transition zone”
is no longer a channel for Nirvana to be reborn, and it has become a crisis-minded minefield.

  Linyuan Insurance’s * ST family * ST Huaze resumed trading limit, which triggered a sense of crisis in the A-share market.

  * ST Huaze disclosed on the evening of the 20th that it is expected that the annual budget for 2017 will be 1.4 billion to 1.9 billion US dollars. The company’s stock will be suspended for three consecutive years.

In addition, if the company reorganizes to disclose the 2017 annual report within the time limit prescribed by the “Stock Listing Rules”, the company’s shares may be terminated from listing for the first time in November 2018.

On the same day, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a special announcement, which reminded investors to pay attention to the risks of the company’s suspension or termination of listing.

  ”It should be the first time that the listed company ‘s announcement in the announcement of a company ‘s shares may be terminated.

“Senior investment bankers told reporters that this means that * ST Huaze has been unable to return to heaven.

  * ST Huaze, which was listed on the backdoor network in 2013, has been suspended from trading for two years, during which various types of violations of laws and regulations have been exposed. Among them, related parties accounted for more than 1.3 billion U.S. dollars, and the compensation commitment could not be made up.

At present, the market is waiting to see if * ST Huaze will break the record of continuous A-share daily limit.

  Looking at the A-share market, there are about 50 companies with delisting risk early warning (* ST) overhead, and their fate will be clear after the 2017 annual report is disclosed.

  According to reporters, most * ST companies will turn losses into profit and get out of danger.

For example, in 2015, * ST Heavy Steel, which had a huge loss in 2016, made a profit in 20173.

200 million, has been “cap off” and changed back to Chongqing Iron and Steel.

  Careful study of the composition of performance, * ST companies still rely on asset disposal, government subsidies, debt restructuring and other “old tricks”.

Such as * ST in 2015, repeated 8 in 2016.

700 million, 10.

6 trillion, expected to reach 3 in the first three quarters of 2017.

8.5 billion yuan.

Last December, the company received a total of 6 subsidy funds.

$ 4.5 billion, with additional debt waivers1.

1 trillion US dollars, the company is expected to make a profit of 26 million to 36 million yuan in 2017.

Relying on the government’s “resurrection” is also * ST 3D, the company’s 2017 third quarter report forecast to reach expectations4.

100 million US dollars, which was subsequently revised to a profit of 90 million yuan. The first was that the company received government subsidy funds in December last year.

6.6 billion.

  For another example, * ST Xiagong is expected to earn 1 in 2017.

200 million to 1.

7 trillion, but net profit excluding non-recurring gains and losses is -2.

600 million to -3.

100 million yuan.

* ST Songjiang is expected to make a profit of 21.5 million yuan in 2017. After deducting non-performance, it will reset 663.9 million yuan.

* ST Smart expects to achieve net profit in 20173.

8.7 billion to 4.

6.2 billion yuan, net profit after deduction is -1.

24 billion to -1.

04 billion.  ”The performance criterion for triggering the suspension of listing is once every three years. The company will surely use various methods to cover losses in the third year to protect the shell. Once the cap is removed, it can be eased for another three years.

“Investment bankers said.

  Suspended listing of high-risk groups Due to the huge benefits of Shell and the extended planning period for the company, most * ST companies can finally pass through the risks, and a few companies that have been suspended from listing and have difficulty returning.

  According to the reporter, * ST Zhonghe and * ST Shangpu’s prospects for shell protection are extremely optimistic.

* ST Zhonghe Performance Express shows that 2017 net profit was -24575.

570,000 yuan, the company also said that the potential amount will greatly exceed the data of the performance report.

* ST Zhonghe had planned the asset sale in June 2017 without success. In February this year, the actual controller of the company planned to delegate the voting rights corresponding to the shares held by it to Xingye Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. to promote asset integration, but it has not yet signed a commission agreement.

In addition, the company is planning to purchase mining assets.

If 2017 continues, * ST Zhonghe will be suspended from listing.

  * For two consecutive years, the ST STPU is also lacking.

The company’s preliminary calculations predict that the 2017 net profit will be -3.

300 million to -2.

700 million.

The company has not received a written decision on administrative punishment recently. Due to a false increase in profit in 2014, it has been reduced by nearly 10 million yuan, and has been punished with 400,000 yuan.

  * ST quasi oil is swinging on the line of life and death.

The Air Force’s performance forecast shows that the company expects 2017 net profit to be between -10 million and 52 million, hovering on the verge of suspension of listing.

The company’s recent performance report shows that 2017 will be 15.32 million yuan in profit.

However, the announcement also stated that the company’s Shanghai-Xinjiang small loan case has not been finalized. If it is ruled that the company assumes full responsibility, the 2017 annual results may occur and a long-term suspension of listing.

  It is easy to overlook that in addition to the net profit indicator, the suspension of listing also has indicators such as net assets, operating income, and audit opinion types.

The fate of these high-risk groups must be determined after the 2017 annual report is disclosed.

  Such as * ST Shanghai Branch, * ST Cloud Network “Phi Xing wearing a hat” because the company’s 2016 net assets are negative, if 2017 net assets continue to be negative, it will be suspended from listing.

Another example is * ST Zhongan, * ST Shenglai, * ST Honggao, * ST Hairun, etc., because the audit institution issued an audit report on the company’s 2016 financial report that cannot express opinions.Unable to express an opinion or a negative opinion, or may be suspended from listing.

  Another extremely rare case is * ST Hongsheng.

The company was implemented a delisting risk warning on April 28, 2016 due to the negative net profit in 2014 and 2015.

The company’s 2016 net profit is a positive number, and the fact that the aforementioned early warning of delisting risks has been eliminated.

However, due to the company’s 2016 operating income of less than 10 million yuan, early warning of delisting risks continued to be implemented.

If the company’s audited operating income in 2017 is still less than 10 million, the stock may be suspended from listing.

According to * ST Hongsheng’s preliminary calculations, the 2017 operating income is expected to be about 11 million.

  The end of the arbitrage era of the ST sector For a long time, the ST sector has been favored by speculative funds due to its strong restructuring.

But times have changed, and today’s ST plate has become a “minefield”.

  ”* ST’s approach to shelling is still using non-recurring gains and losses, but the regulatory authorities have significantly strengthened the supervision of surprise profits.

“Investment bankers said.
A landmark case is that * STene carbon, which was suspended from listing in 2017, was once optimistic that it could turn a deficit into a profit in 2016, but after a strong supervision, it finally issued a huge loss4.

The 7.4 billion financial report had to be suspended from listing.

  The reporter noticed that * ST Jinyu turned losses into profits in various ways, but after the disclosure of the 2017 annual report, it has received two parts of the exchange’s inquiry letter, and the company has applied to the exchange for an extension of the reply.

On March 2 of terrorism, * ST Jinyu has submitted an application for re-submitting the return of the delisting risk warning to the exchange, but due to the enquiry, the company will delay the time to resume the risk warning accordingly.

  For suspended companies, the road to resuming listing is also more difficult.

According to the latest announcement, * ST Jean is expected to increase by $ 2.1 billion in 2017, and * ST Kunji expects a net replacement of approximately 3.

400 million to 3.

$ 600 million, which is likely to trigger a forced termination of the company’s name.* ST ene carbon can still replace 1 in the first three quarters of 2017.

At 26 trillion U.S. dollars, it is still difficult to judge whether the losses can be reversed throughout the year.

  ”After the regulatory authorities have adopted a strict attitude towards major illegal mandatory delisting, the follow-up review of the conditions for delisting and resumption of listing of financial indicators has been tightened accordingly. For listed companies that are suspended, the resumption of listing will definitely increase.
“Some senior investment bankers pointed out.

A signal to be aware of is that * ST Jean, a state-owned asset, had conducted bankruptcy reorganization issues, but 杭州桑拿网 the local court eventually dismissed them.

  From the perspective of the secondary market, * ST Xinmei (now ST Xinmei), * ST Changlin (now ST Changlin) and * ST Chuanhua (now Chuanhua) have not performed well in the initial stage of resumption,Gone are the days of speculation.

The ST market, which would have been staged at the end of the year, was hard to find in recent years.

  ”After further reform of the delisting system, the survival of the fittest will become more significant.

“The above investment bankers said that under the background of re-careful reorganization, the opening of new economic enterprise IPOs, the normalization of new share issuance, and the recognition of value investment, the value of shell resources and renewables of ST shares will continue to decline, and the space for speculation and arbitrage will gradually decrease.Small atrophy.

  Source: China Securities Net Original title: * ST family shell full scan suspended listing “gray list” emerge

Hollyk (603898) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report review: 2018Q4 performance under pressure cabinet cabinet doors synergistic development can be expected

Hollyk (603898) 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarterly report review: 2018Q4 performance under pressure cabinet cabinet doors synergistic development can be expected

Matters: The company released the 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter report on April 15, 2019.

Total operating income in 2018 was 21.

3.3 billion, previously +14.

46%; net profit attributable to mothers3.

820,000 yuan, ten years +9.


Realize basic benefits1.

22 yuan.

The company intends to distribute cash dividends to all shareholders for every 10 shares3.

71 yuan (including tax).

Revenue in the first quarter of 20193.

62 trillion, +5 for ten years.

22%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.

380,000 yuan, ten years +8.


  Comment: The performance of the fourth quarter of 2018 was under pressure, and the Q1 of 2019 improved from the previous quarter.

The company’s 2018 single Q4 and 2019 single Q1 revenue were double +0 respectively.

48%, +5.

22%, net profit attributable to mother twice -39.

34%, +8.


We believe that the company’s fourth-quarter performance was under pressure due to the fact that the company’s subsidies to dealers were concentrated in Q4. It was confirmed that the cabinet wooden door business had relatively high up-front expenditures. The fourth was the R & D, management, and sales expenses remained high in Q4.

On the whole, we believe that the company’s businesses will gradually develop synergistically, and the company’s 南京桑拿网 revenue performance growth rate is expected to improve year by year.

The gross profit margin is relatively stable, and the increase in resource expenditure has resulted in a decrease in net rate.

The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 39.

56%, ten years +1.

At 22pct, we believe that the first is the increase in the proportion of high-end products with higher gross margins, and the second is the optimization of the production side.

Affected by the increase in strategic resource consumption, the company’s expense ratio increased during the period, of which the sales expense rate increased by +2.

96 points to 14.

74%, the management expense rate is ten years +1.

32pct to 6.

55%, the financial expense ratio is zero in ten years.

12pct to -0.


Under the comprehensive influence, the company’s net interest rate in 2018 was -0.

76pct to 17.


The company’s profit level was relatively stable in the first quarter of 2019, with a gross profit margin of 39.31% (decade +0.

57pct) and a net interest rate of 10.

11% (decade -0.


We believe that through the continuous optimization of the company’s business structure, the improvement of production-side efficiency and significant improvement in resource input, the company’s profitability is expected to achieve steady improvement.

The business of cabinet wooden doors has been comprehensively distributed, and channel expansion continues.

The company’s overall wardrobe revenue in 2018 was 19.

8.6 billion (ten years +10.

76%), the final supporting income is 0.

7.2 billion (previously +89.

11%), new expansion of cabinets, wooden doors business realized income of 0.

2.5 billion and 7.08 million, we expect the company’s cabinet clothing and wood door business in the future is expected to achieve synergistic development and promote rapid growth in overall revenue.

The company continues to promote channel expansion. At the end of 2018, it had a total of 1745 dealer stores (439 new openings and 183 closures during the year) and 21 directly operated stores (0 new openings and 1 closure during the year).It is the strategic foundation of the company’s retail operation strategy and helps future development.

The strategic layout is clear and optimistic about the company’s long-term development.

We continue to be optimistic about the company’s category expansion and channel expansion based on the main business of wardrobes, including cabinets and wooden doors. At the same time, the company cooperates with Qijiawang to achieve development in the field of assembly.

Taking into account the real-time expansion of the real estate and the company’s new extension business, we adjust the company’s profit forecast and expect the company to return to its parent’s net profit in 2019-2021.



10,000 yuan (Originally predicted that the net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 20205.


31 ppm), corresponding to the current market capitalization PE of 14/12/11 times. Considering the company’s new business development and assembly business exploration, we will give 16 times PE in 2019, which is a target price of 24 yuan / share, and maintain a “strong push” rating.
Risk Warning: Channel expansion competition intensifies risks, potential risks in the real estate market, and new business expansion is less than expected.

Don’t let anorexia harass children

Don’t let anorexia harass children

Increased student anorexia.

Near the beginning of school, some children mentioned that they felt uncomfortable when they went to school. They had symptoms such as stomach pain, sweating, and insomnia. However, there were no objective indicators of physical problems when they were examined.

The reporter learned from the Beijing Tongren Hospital that more students have recently come to the clinical psychology department due to learning problems, and the number of outpatient services in this department has increased by 20% compared with usual.

  From a psychological point of view, anorexia refers to the behavioral reaction mode of students ‘passive treatment of learning activities, which is mainly manifested by students’ deviations in learning cognition, emotionally negative treatment of learning, and active behavior away from learning.

The students who have been anorexia often lose interest in learning, their learning goals are not clear, and they even hate books, teachers, and schools. In severe cases, they are nauseated, dizzy, irritable and even hysterical when they mention school.

The terrible thing is that most of the students who came to the clinic were patients with severe anorexia, and their symptoms were mostly “depressed, have sleep disorders, avoid dealing with people, and even have behavioral disorders.”

Why are children tired of school?

There are many reasons. In addition to the children themselves, parents, schools and teachers also have unshirkable responsibilities.

  As far as students are concerned, suffering from the high pressure of exam-oriented education, the intimidation of one-sided enrollment rates, and the waste of psychological burdens, they simply cannot enjoy any learning pleasure.

According to the so-called “poor students” who have a poor learning foundation, long-term prejudice in society, parental disregard, teacher criticism, classmate discrimination are moderate, no one can care in life, and no one can understand it in their studies.Learning motivation, day by day gradually formed the idea that he is a poor student, and lacked the necessary confidence and courage, so that he suffered from anorexia.

  From the perspective of school education, old and rigid textbooks, well-ranked rankings, overwhelming examinations, ridiculous “quick and slow classes”, and deep textbooks, great difficulties, strict requirements, and high standards, many students often do not understand and learnNo, I ca n’t eat it well and do n’t meet the standards.

Here, the rules of education have not been reflected at all, which has greatly affected the self-esteem and confidence of students.

The boring explanations of teachers and the harsh demands of being unfriendly have made students tired of coping and unable to look around, which has seriously hurt their interest and enthusiasm for learning.

In the strong collision of good ideals and harsh realities, the joy of learning naturally disappears, and there is no reason to tire of learning?

  According to some hopeful Jackie Chan parents, they are extremely useful in educating their children, eager for quick success, overcoming vanity, short-sightedness, and taking their children’s good results for their own showing off capital, without taking into account excessive expectations and deprivingIt gives children the space to grow freely, causing them to cause inestimable damage.

Of course, such actions by parents are malformed with the concept of social employment, but the diploma is inseparable.

  The best way to solve the all-pervasive anorexia is to make students happy to learn and to improve daily, let students find a happy learning feeling with a positive attitude, and treat learning as a happy career, not a painful burden.

To achieve this, we must first achieve the following three points.

  First, as a student, we must adjust our mentality, have self-confidence, and adopt a resolute character and an optimistic attitude towards life. We firmly believe that there will be gains from giving.

Secondly, from the perspective of the school, it is necessary to reset the student’s subjective level, understand the students, study the students, tap the “flash points” of the students, put forward reasonable requirements on the basis of discovering the students’ potential, and stimulate their desire to succeed.

According to teachers, efforts should be made to enhance their own quality, improve class levels, and provide good conditions and support for students’ learning.

Third, parents must also change the concept of child rearing, communicate more with their children, properly evaluate their strength, pay attention to the child’s character development, do not set unrealistic goals for the child, and pay attention to investigating problems and not accommodating.Find a psychiatrist for psychological intervention and treatment of your child immediately. Otherwise, your child’s psychological symptoms may worsen.

  If it is true, the child’s anorexia will be gone, and the students will have a passion for learning, and there is no need to worry that they will not learn well or do nothing.

It should be pointed out that these are just the “medical treatment” on the basis of everything. To completely prevent the root cause of “weariness”, we must fundamentally reform the current test-oriented education system, and we must implement the promotion of quality education to the point.Education has become a popular, scientific, and happy science education that has killed the spring breeze that has allowed generation to generation reform.

Psychological self-assessment about mentality


Psychological self-assessment about mentality

There are 25 questions below, please answer them according to your actual situation.

Answers are divided into 5 levels from negative to positive: 0 means completely negative; 1 means basically negative; 2 means inaccurate; 3 means basically positive; 4 means completely positive.

Please write down the drama of each question.

Do you have confidence in yourself now?

Do you mediate when you are in a bad mood?

Do you have a clear life goal?

Do you have a hobby?

Can you think positively about problems that arise in your life?

Do you exercise regularly?

Do n’t you deny yourself when things do n’t go well?

Can you treat many things in life with a humorous attitude?

Are you not paying too much attention to your psychological problems or symptoms to do what you should do?

Is your fear less and less guts?

Do you only focus on your own progress and not compare blindly with others?

Can you apply the learned theories to your own life practice?

Do you think you should be responsible for your life, not because of external factors such as your parents?

Do you have friends who can communicate, talk and help each other?

Do you dare to refuse when someone asks you not to accept it?

Can you understand and care about others?

Can you settle down and concentrate on doing things?

Are you passionate about life instead of bored and depressed?

Have you identified your own strengths and weaknesses dialectically?

Can you stay focused on the outside world instead of noticing your own psychological symptoms?

Can you incorporate tolerance for your regression or relapse?

Can you organize your life well?

Do you not care too much about what others think?

Have you stopped negating and testing yourself with something irrelevant?

Is your mood basically stable and in good shape?

  The total score reached 65 points. A passing grade of 66 to 80 is a basic pass, 81 to 95 is a good 96 and a grade of excellent is below 65. A high degree of vigilance is required, and adjustments are made immediately.

Eight major troubles trouble young people

Eight major troubles trouble young people

People often sigh: Nowadays, the lives of young children are more modern, richer and more colorful.
But do they realize that they are extremely happy?
Why are more and more children always saying “depressed”?
Deputy Chief Physician Zhang Ye of Tianjin Anding Hospital’s Psychological Diagnosis and Treatment Center (Adolescent Clinic) said that the center’s latest questionnaire survey of 1,800 middle and primary school students showed that eight major troubles troubled young children.
  The eight major worries of youth and children surveyed this time are: poor academic performance and no confidence to learn well (accounting for 36.
9%); homework that can never be completed (34.
8%); parents only know that they care about their academic performance, they ca n’t understand us (32%); parents do n’t let me play and do n’t have time to play (31%); they only like computer games, other activities are not interesting (26%)Feeling lonely without friends (21.
8%); father and mother always quarrel, unhappy family atmosphere (18.
4%); suspected teachers are eccentric, unfair, arbitrary, stern, shy, so do not like teachers (16.
  What are the negative impacts of the eight major worries on children? Impact one: Once students lose confidence in learning, they will inevitably underestimate themselves.
Such children will often compare their own weaknesses to the strengths of others, so they always feel that they are inferior to others. The more they are more discouraged, they will have an inferiority complex.
Those who are light make them stay away from difficulties, and those who are serious may even be decadent, outdated, and distorted.
  Impact two: Adolescents are burdened with heavy psychological pressure due to their heavy learning burden.
Some adolescents can’t bear these psychological pressures, sometimes show unusual resistance, form domestic violence, and have very few thoughts, even negative suicide.
  Impact three: Because children’s free time is difficult to be guaranteed, almost all of their time is spent on learning, but this passive behavior will increase their stress and mental burden, and their real interests, hobbies, and valuable creativityMay be suppressed.
Stress will greatly reduce their enthusiasm for life, and life becomes dull for them.
  Impact 4: Parents are the students’ first teachers. Some parents often reprimand their children because they neglect to communicate with their children, making children afraid of their parents and lack of emotional communication.
The child cannot get help when faced with difficulties, and cannot be encouraged when faced with setbacks, which makes the child have a sense of “depression” and “a sense of grievance.”
  Impact 5: Many parents and teachers only value their children’s academic performance. The direct consequence of this is that students have greater psychological pressure, and computer games allow students to achieve their own goals according to their wishes and to be happy.This is an important psychological reason for students’ obsession with computer games.
However, due to the unhealthy content of many games and the lack of judging ability of young people to judge things, it is easy to cause incomplete personality development.
  Impact 6: Because the current family education and school education focus on academic performance, students’ academic burden and psychological pressure are relatively heavy, and the only child growing up is relatively lonely, making the Internet a lot of young people to avoid the burden and pressure to find psychological sustenance”Air-raid shelters” and indulged in them and couldn’t extricate themselves.
  Impact 7: The family is the first school of a person. Due to the change of marriage and family, the family is not harmonious and unstable, and it is easy for children to lack the affection from parents and parents, and they cannot receive the guidance, education, and care they deserve.Can even become a cause of minors to commit crimes.
  Impact eight: Because some teachers lack communication with students, teachers cannot understand the actual situation of students, and students do not understand the goals that teachers want to achieve.
Therefore, the two parties cannot collide, can’t attract interaction, and lack emotional communication.
In the long run, this will not only cause students to dislike teachers, but also make them more likely to lose their confidence in learning and the motivation to move forward.
  Deputy Chief Physician Zhang Ye said that whether or not adolescents are happy is an important sign of their healthy growth.
Today’s children have deeper psychological distress than their predecessors. The pressure of learning makes them breathless. They have no partners at home, and they are accompanied by a superior environment and loneliness and loneliness.
  Once adolescents have psychological problems, it is advisable to take appropriate measures to remediate them.
Parents and teachers should not discriminate against or ridicule children when their academic studies fail temporarily. Instead, they should tap their learning potential and give them more encouragement, so that they can strengthen their self-confidence and allow children to experience the success of learning and taste the hardships of learningAnd share the joy of success with them in a timely manner.
In addition, the communication of the mind, the exchange of emotional experience, and the collision of thought sparks are also very important. You should strive for a 20-30 minute opportunity to speak with your child every day. Find out what activities are in their school and what are the children’s experiences and feelings?
In addition, the harmony of family relationships, the kindness of teachers, and humor naturally make teenagers and children have a happy mood both in the family and in school.

Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

With the arrival of summer, many women are worried about their bodies and are eager to lose weight.

Only by using the right method can we achieve the purpose of weight loss and ensure the health of the body. The following are some of the wrong areas for you to correct the concept of weight loss.

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating spicy foods can reduce weight. The effects of spicy foods are not so great. Most spicy foods cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, affect the function of the metabolic tract, and cause severe gastric bleeding.

And eating too much spicy food will make the skin rough.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat low-fat foods that are not easy to gain weight. The feces that are not easy to eat will not be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and the decomposition of feces can also inhibit the synthesis of trace amounts in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet contains the right amount of aunt, fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

  Misunderstanding 3: Consistently eating fruit meals to lose weight. A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body’s comprehensive and balanced nutrition is harmful and unhelpful.

  Mistake area four: The better the effect of reducing exercise intensity, the “overeating” method cannot be taken during physical exercise, and the amount of exercise is suddenly increased or the exercise is suddenly interrupted.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

First, learn to analyze unreasonable anger. In daily work and life, often because of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with others, the most common reaction is anger.

Many people think that their anger is reasonable and should erupt, and the fault is on others, but this is not necessarily the case. Most of the anger is unreasonable.

  Psychological analysis found three sources of unreasonable anger: First, selfish requirements can be met.

  Selfishness is a source of undue anger.

The more selfish a person is, the more angry he will be.

In other words, when you just ask someone in your personal position, you will pick up the faults of others or you will always feel that you are emotionally and emotionally disadvantaged and get angry.

  So sometimes our anger is caused by selfishness. If we should calm ourselves down first, then forgive each other.

  Second, the requirements of perfectionism cannot be met.

This is more manifested in my own anger towards myself. I am always angry because I fail to meet the requirements I have in mind. When I feel that I cannot satisfy my desires and requirements, an emotion of self-demobilization and self-denial comes to my face.At the same time, when you find that your ability is not better than others, you will lose your confidence in life. Then inferiority is a kind of self-anger, and it is also the anger that abuses you. This is also the most common psychological manifestation of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In addition, the same is true of others, always standing in the position of perfectionist and asking others to satisfy themselves, hoping that others will do things according to their own intentions.

  Three, suspicious.

A person with a suspicion will often misinterpret the motives of others, always doubting that their actions may cause harm to themselves, and always think that others have any intentions about themselves.

  Therefore, when you want to be angry, ask yourself if your anger is reasonable. If it is related to the three above, it is unreasonable. Let the irrational anger disappear.

  Second, learn to express your anger through the above-mentioned introspective rational thinking, and confirm that your anger is reasonable, then you should face it bravely.

This is another way to eliminate anger.

Why express anger?

  1. Being good at expressing our anger helps us to rationally understand the truth of the facts, and at the same time effectively suppresses hindering consciousness and depression.

If you do n’t dare to say anything, your inner imbalance suppresses you all day, and you have no mood to be happy at all. This is also the negative thinking that causes your depression, and you have a face that is aggrieved or unforgiving.

  2, reasonable expression of anger helps us to forgive each other in a timely manner.

People need to vent their anger, that is, play the function of deflation, letting out all the internal grievances and dissatisfaction. When one is relaxed, it is easy to accept others’ mistakes. When you are angry, you often see yourself.Accepting others is easier only when you are calm.

  3. Use our decent words to express our anger, and tell the other party to express their anger for understanding, not for revenge, so that the other party is more willing to learn to respect and care.

  4. Effective anger helps us prevent gossip.

Settle your own affairs, and resolve the matter between the two people immediately. Don’t listen to what other people think. Proper explanations can easily cause mutual trust between the two sides.

  5, good at using appropriate language to express anger is conducive to calm the strong psychology of a violent personality.

The stronger you are in the face of strength, the less self-sustaining impact will result, but choosing too weak will indulge the opponent ‘s strong mentality, and you will never find the opportunity to stand up.

So proper anger is a complement to strength, and it’s also the best way to take Roch.

For example, men are most afraid of women’s tears. If you shed tears to get angry, the other party will be discouraged.

  6. Proper anger helps to increase the rhythm of communication between the two parties.

If silence is an intolerable negative manifestation, it can be said that anger is a positive element.

With proper anger, it will attract the attention of the other party, and it is also a good positive message for the couple.

  Therefore, if people have learned a rational communication attitude and skills, no matter when and when they face anyone, you will be confident.

Recognition is reasonable, and you will not give up, but recognizing yourself is unreasonable, you have to deal with others.

Letting others go is actually giving you a sincere opportunity.

  Third, deal with the anger of the day in time, learn to forgive each other before going to bed, and don’t let your anger be.

Anger happens and disappears at any time, but if you always put it in your heart and you can’t bear it, then it will deteriorate in your heart.

It may turn into resentment or it may turn into negative emotions for life.

  Fourth, do not resent or revenge the account in mind only remember happy things, only remember the good and lovely of others, refuse to record the bad and anger of others.

Let your mind be more open and your personality more cheerful. Don’t let your mind shrink, let alone your heart be filled with any hatred, let us be more frank and simple, maybe we will be happier and worry-free.

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

7 kinds of beans, spleen and dampness, good diet therapy

In addition to being a good source of nutritional supplements, beans have a variety of benefits.

For example, edamame also has the effects of strengthening the spleen, relieving heat and detoxifying, and nourishing qi. Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, canardine, etc., and has the effect of treating hepatic coma and anti-cancer. Xiaobian recommends 7 kinds of functionsBeans.

  In summer, the weather is dry and hot. People often say, “Summer humidity is obviously heavier than other seasons, so people are prone to spleen deficiency and insufficient spleen function in summer.

“Everyone may not understand this. In fact, our most familiar manifestations are eating less, not fragrant, bloating after eating, people lazy, and weak limbs!

I used to think it was “hot”, but it wasn’t that simple . If San Futian can eat some legumes and vegetables regularly, it can play a role in strengthening the spleen and dampness.

Of course, in addition to the mung beans previously mythed by “some people”, there are actually many “beans” containing plant proteins, proteins, vitamins and inorganic salts that are higher than other vegetables, and the vitamins are higher in B vitamins.

Today I will share with you how to fight “beans” in the summer!

  Edamame: sweet, flat, enters the spleen, large intestine; has the effects of strengthening the spleen and broadening, moisturizing and dehydrating, clearing heat and detoxifying, and invigorating qi; treating diarrhea, diarrhea, abdominal distension, thinness, pregnancy poisoning, sores, Trauma and bleeding.

Because edamame is a soy bean, it contains a lot of lecithin.

  Concanavalia: Concanavalia contains uremic enzymes, hemagglutinin, canolaine, etc .; recombinant, can be found in its tender pods of Gibberella Ⅰ and Ⅱ, etc., has the effect of treating liver coma and anti-cancer.

Consumed by the general population, especially suitable for patients with kidney deficiency, low back pain, qi stagnation and hiccups, rheumatic low back pain, and children with kidney qi.

  Beans: also known as green beans, kidney beans, etc.

Serve with young pods or beans.

The tender pod contains about 6% protein, 10% fiber, and 1% sugar?

Dry beans contain about 22 protein.

5%, starch 59.


Fresh and tender pods can be eaten as vegetables, dehydrated or canned.

There are many ways to do it.

  Cowpea: Xingping, sweet and salty, returning to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of rectifying qi, strengthening the stomach, nourishing the kidney, and the five internal organs, regulating the body’s vitality, regenerating the essence, and quenching thirst; treating vomiting, pus, frequent urination, etc.disease.
Especially suitable for patients with diabetes, kidney deficiency, frequent urination, nocturnal emission and some gynecological functional diseases.

  Pea: sweetness, flatness, return to the spleen, stomach meridian; it has the effects of replenishing qi, relieving diarrhea, regulating health, urination, eliminating bloating, and detoxifying; treating beriberi, bloating, impervious milk, spleen and stomach discomfort, hiccupVomiting, abdominal pain, thirst and diarrhea.

Vitamin C and enzymes that can break down nitrosamines in the young leaves of pea pods and bean sprouts have anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

Some substances contained in peas also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which strengthen the function of metabolism.

  Lentils: The nutritional content of lentils is very rich, including protein, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, multivitamins and dietary fiber. The content of B vitamins in lentils is particularly rich.

In addition, lentils also contain hemagglutinin, which has a significant effect on tumor regression.

  Mung Bean: Mung Bean has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and diuresis, relieving thirst and relieving annoyance, reducing eyesight, relieving throat and emollient, and reducing fat and liver.

It is often used for complications such as heat and thirst, sore swelling and poison, gastroenteritis, sore throat, nephritis and edema.