Haitian Flavor (603288) Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Growth Slightly Increases MoM

Haitian Flavor (603288) Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Growth Slightly Increases MoM

Event description Haitian Weiye disclosed three quarterly reports on October 29 that the company’s net profit in the first three quarters was 38.

35 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

48%, revenue 148.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.


Incident Comment Q3 growth rate increased slightly from the previous month, and the company continued to grow.

2019 is the beginning of the company’s third five-year plan, and 2019 is the company’s planned total operating income target of 197.

6 billion (16%), with a profit target of 52.

3.8 billion (+ 20%).

In the first three quarters of 19, the company realized operating income of 148.

24 ppm, +16 a year.

62%, net profit attributable to mother 38.

3.5 billion, +22 a year.

48%, in line with the annual target.

One single Q3 realized operating income of 46.

USD 6.5 billion, an annual increase of 16.

85%; net profit attributable to mother 10.

85 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

84%, chain revenue in the first half of the year, net profit (16.

51%, 22.


1) In terms of products, the company’s three core products, soy sauce and oyster sauce, have maintained stable development, and the adjustment effect of sauce products has been prominent. Soy sauce / soy sauce / oyster sauce revenue increased in the first three quarters.

76% / 9.

21% / 20.

33%, single quarter revenue increased by 14.

08% / 13.

80% / 18.

70%, compared with Q2 growth rate increased by 1.



4pct; 2) In terms of channels, the offline channel revenue in the first three quarters of 2019 was 138.

04 trillion, +14 a year.

79% of online channels achieved revenue2.

8.1 billion, +34 per year.

60%, single Q3 online and offline revenue growth rate was 16 respectively.

79%, 13.

17%, offline growth accelerated, online growth rate; 3) In terms of regions, the company continued to deepen channel operations, of which the central and western regions had the highest growth rate, with a growth rate of more than 20%, and the northern and southern growth rates were earlierSlow, maintained at about 10%. In the first half of the year, the company added a net increase of 693 dealers, with a net increase of 283, 144, 132, 98, and 36 in the north, west, central, east, and south respectively.

The gross profit margin continued to be under pressure, and the strong ability to control expenses led to an increase in net profit margin.The company’s net profit margin for the first three quarters of 19 was 25.

88%, with an annual increase of 1.

24pct, mainly due to the strong ability to control expenses, leading to a decline in the expense ratio during sales.

Specifically, the gross profit margin of sales in the first three quarters was 44.

51%, down by 1 every year.

96pct, with a single Q3 gross margin of 43.

75%, down by 1 every year.

33pct is expected to be 杭州桑拿洗浴会所 mainly due to the increase in the cost of some raw materials. The depreciation generated by the company’s initial expansion of production and technological transformation projects will have some impact on the gross profit margin, but the decline in the gross profit margin will narrow.

The company’s expenses during the first three quarters of sales14.

39%, a decrease of 3 per year.

62pct, of which selling expenses cost 11.

59%, down 2 every year.

59 points, mainly due to the significant reduction in the rate of transportation expenses and promotional expenses. Some dealers chose the method of self-lifting of products, and the management expense ratio (including research and development) was 4.

38%, a reduction of 0 per year.

34pct, which reflects the company’s higher operating management efficiency.

Accelerate the layout of production capacity to escort the development of the “three five”.

With the completion of the second phase of the fund-raising project in Gaoming, the company’s production capacity is now basically saturated, and the company will gradually complete the capital increase and expansion projects for the Gaoming base, accelerate the power generation release in Jiangsu base and the second-phase construction of the project, speed up the production capacity layout, and betterRespond to the market, grasp the development potential, and protect the company’s “three five” development.

Investment suggestions Although the growth rate of the current condiment industry is gradually decreasing, the concentration of the entire condiment industry is still in a relative state. The concentration of the industry needs to be improved, and the stronger will be further reflected.

2019 is the beginning of the company’s three-five-year plan. The start is solid. As an absolute leader in the condiment industry, the company’s brand image, product quality, channel construction, and refined management are industry benchmarks. In the future, the company will use Haitian’s platformAnd superior resources, accelerating the development of multiple categories and varieties, and continuously improving the structural strength of products will drive continued growth in performance.

The EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 1.



71 yuan, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 109 on October 29.

10 yuan, PE for 2019-2021 is 56X / 47X / 40X, maintain “Buy” rating.

There is a risk that industry demand is lower than expected, raw material price fluctuation risks, food safety risks

Huaxin Cement (600801): 2019H1 profit hits record high

Huaxin Cement (600801): 2019H1 profit hits record high

Investment Highlights Event: On August 23, the company announced its 2019 semi-annual report.

2019H1 company realized operating income of 143.

8.7 billion, an annual increase of 21.

07%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company.

63 ppm, an increase of 52 in ten years.

93%, the net profit attributable to the mother in the first half of the year is close to the upper edge of the pre-announcement of results announced on July 10.

  Benefiting from the high base of overall cement prices and the increase in demand, Huaxin Cement’s 2019H1 results reached a record high.

  In terms of sales volume, the company sold 3559 cement and clinker in 2019H1 in total.

74 Initially, ten years increased by 10.

69%, in line with our previous expectations.

We believe that the endogenous growth of the company’s sales volume is the main contribution. The increase is mainly due to the strong demand for real estate and infrastructure in the Southwest and the continuous increase in the concentration of Huaxin in the region.

We have been leading the way. The strength of real estate’s high-tech start-up did not drop significantly last year, and the construction interval has also picked up. With the development of regional infrastructure, the overall cement demand advantage this year is extremely strong, and the short-term concentrated start-up of the region has caused demand to exceed expectations.
In addition, Chongqing Tower, which consolidated in April last year, and the third phase of the production line in Shannan, Tibet, which ignited at the end of last year, also contributed part 成都桑拿网 of the increase.

  In terms of unit profit, we expect the company’s gross profit per ton of 2019H1 to be about 147 yuan, which has increased significantly by about 23 yuan per year. Among them, we estimate that the gross profit per ton of 2019Q1 / Q2 is 126 yuan / 162 yuan, and the gross profit per ton of 2019Q2 has exceeded the peak season of 2018Q4.Tons of gross profit at the time.

As the overall supply-side residue in the first half of this year is still very strong, coupled with the strong demand in the first half of this year, the price of cement in the southwest has risen sharply, and the price of cement has risen very strongly under the high base in central and south China.Last year’s high base can still improve the expansion.

  Aggregate production capacity is gradually put into operation, maintaining high profitability.

2019H1 company sells aggregate 779.

41 for the first time, growing 27 each year.


In 2019H1, the aggregate projects of Yunnan Jianchuan, Jinghong, Kaiyuan and Lincang were completed and put into operation, adding 450 tons of aggregate production capacity per year.

We estimate that aggregate gross ton and net profit per ton of aggregates in the first half of 2019 will be basically the same as in 2018, and the proportion of aggregate contribution to performance will further increase.

We believe that aggregate is a natural high-margin industry. In the future, the industry concentration will further increase, and it will contribute more profit growth poles for the company.

  In 2019, the profit from co-processing of cement kilns promoted improvement.

In 2019, the company is expected to gradually increase the amount of hazardous waste disposal in the co-processing of cement kilns. It also optimizes the co-processing process through technological advancement, which is expected to significantly improve efficiency and improve profitability.

2019H1 Yunnan Zhaotong, Hubei Shiyan, Wuhan Changshankou and other domestic waste pretreatment projects and Hubei Yichang sludge disposal project are put into operation and the environmental protection business disposal capacity is increased by 134 every year.

  Investment suggestion: Benefiting from the high indicators of cement supply side tightening and demand, Huaxin Cement has achieved extremely high profit levels in 2019H1.

We believe that the supply and demand has always been at a high level, which is expected to promote the company’s profitability to maintain a high level. As a pioneer in the innovation of the industry, Huaxin Cement can even look at the medium-term development.

  Main business of cement: The expectation of maximizing the contradiction between supply and demand exceeds expectations, extending the cement boom cycle.

From the perspective of the supply side, in the core business area of Huaxin Cement, the peak shift production policy is continuous; the rapid concentration of the Yangtze River cement industry in recent years has led to an increase in the industry’s spontaneous capacity expansion capabilities, although administrative peak shift production has gradually moved from “one size fits all””Steering” to adapt to local conditions “, but the strong supply of the cement industry itself will be committed to achieving high production capacity constraints; on the demand side, Huaxin’s main sales area has substantial potential inventory replacement, and new start-up levels in 2019 can be supported to better inventory de-allocationThe demand for cement with a higher ratio of off-plan sales to actual targets from 2019 to 2020 must be at least reduced; at the same time, the government’s intervention in credit expansion can bring infrastructure recovery and support regional cement demand.

From the perspective of cost, due to the lack of coal in the region, the overall cost of coal relying on external transportation in the history of Huaxin is relatively high, and the new core coal transportation channel, the Menghua Railway, is expected to open to traffic in 2019-2020. Crossing Hubei is expected to serve the company.Bring improvements in fuel costs.

  Collaborative disposal of cement kilns: In the long term, the government will not change the trend of increasing the weight of environmental protection and sustainable development, the company’s layout is long-term, and the positive externalities of the environment are expected to be gradually reassessed.

At present, Huaxin’s collaborative disposal of domestic waste is at a slight loss. The core reason is that the government subsidy is still at the replacement level. From the perspective of the structure of alternative products disposed by the company, the proportion of hazardous waste will gradually increase in the future.

For the standard waste incineration power generation, the cement kiln co-processing alternative function is more complete, the treatment effect is better, and the conversion is higher. However, the cement enterprises have not been properly supplemented because of this. We believe that the future government will consider environmental protection and sustainable development in its development ideas.The weight of the company continues to increase, and companies that co-process through cement kilns have upward policy budgets and are expected to gradually increase their profits.

  Aggregate and brick-making business: The value of raw material resources continues to increase, and the industrial chain is extended to create new profit points.

As the government gradually re-evaluates the value of resources in recent years, the company’s aggregate production capacity continues to expand, and aggregate products with high gross margins will contribute more profits to the company.

The company also explores the use of aggregate sintering to make bricks, turning waste into treasure, forming a good synergy with aggregates, and optimizing resource utilization efficiency.

  According to the 2018 annual report guidelines, the company plans to sell 7,296 blades of cement and commodity clinker in 2019, 368 general-purpose concrete, 2,662 aggregates and a total of 304 in environmental protection business.

  The company plans to invest USD 5 billion in 2019, with the main growth points in the cement, aggregate and new materials business.  Among them, the cement business is mainly to further expand overseas projects and replace old capacity, plan to build Nepal and Uzbekistan projects, complete the construction of old capacity replacement projects proposed by Hubei Huangshi and Yunnan Lu; continue to expand aggregate projects, and vigorously develop new materials business.

  We expect the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 64 in 2019.

80,000 yuan, corresponding to the current 6.

2x PE, maintain “overweight” rating.

  Risk Warning: 1.

Macroeconomic risks 2.

Supply-side reforms fall short of expectations

Jiuyuan Yinhai (002777): 2019 exceeds expectations 2020 or order year

Jiuyuan Yinhai (002777): 2019 exceeds expectations 2020 or order year

Net profit increased by 36% in 2019, maintaining “overweight” rating company released a report on performance in 2019 to achieve operating income10.

16 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.

62%, achieving net profit attributable to mothers1.

610,000 yuan, an increase of 35 in ten years.

54%, higher than the 1 predicted by our Air Force.

46 trillion, slightly more than expected.

The company’s medical insurance G-end IT construction orders in 2020 are expected to be heavy, and medical insurance off-site settlement and Internet medical docking medical insurance payment policies are expected to accelerate the introduction of new medical demand for the medical insurance IT industry.

It is expected that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

72, 0.

97, 1.

33 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

In 2020 or the company’s order year, the company’s 2019 medical insurance bureau end IT construction orders will be suppressed because the country is about to build a national unified IT system.

In July 2019, the National Medical Insurance Bureau enabled the national unified business code for 15 items of information such as disease diagnosis, medical services, medicines, and medical consumables. This means that the standard for the construction of a unified medical insurance information system has been determined and is about to enter the implementation stage.

Taking into account the budget application model of the Medical Insurance Bureau, we expect 武汉夜生活网 that provincial and municipal medical insurance information system update orders will be released in 2020.

Since 2020, the new crown epidemic situation may have delayed the release of orders to a certain extent. We expect that the epidemic situation will stabilize and the two sessions will follow (the two conferences approve the budget). The National Medical Device Administration’s end-of-health insurance IT orders are expected to begin to be released one after another.

The new crown epidemic raised higher requirements for medical insurance payment upgrades. One is the interconnection of medical insurance with Internet medical insurance payments, and the other is the settlement of medical insurance at different locations. Both types of upgrades require the upgrade of medical insurance IT systems as support.

At the 南京桑拿网 twelfth meeting of the Central Committee for Comprehensive and Deepening Reform on February 14, Chairman Xi mentioned that “the medical insurance and assistance system for major diseases should be improved, the emergency medical assistance mechanism should be improved, and medical institutions should be ensured during emergencies such as emergenciesRemedy first, then charge, and improve the real-time settlement system for medical insurance in different places. ”

Hangzhou and Shanghai have successively liberalized the trials of Internet medical payment for medical insurance, and the areas that support Internet medical payment for medical insurance are expected to expand further.

Order year + policy acceleration, maintain “overweight” rating We expect that after the end of the new coronary disease, the medical insurance remote settlement and Internet medical docking medical insurance policy will gradually be refined and developed, bringing incremental demand to the medical insurance IT industry.

Increased earnings forecast, EPS is expected to be 0 in 2019-2021.

72, 0.

97, 1.

33 yuan (previous value was 0.

65, 0.

89, 1.

31 yuan), corresponding to PE60, 44, 32 times, comparable to the company’s average price-earnings ratio of 58 times in 2020. Considering that 2020 is a big year for the company’s G-end medical insurance IT construction orders, the company’s fundamentals are expected to continue a high boom. Double the target PE, corresponding to a target price of 53.


20 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: the policy implementation is lower than expected; the government’s ability to pay is insufficient; the risk of increased market competition.

Don’t get too cold in summer

Don’t get too cold in summer

On hot summer days, the temperature is very high and the humidity is high. Especially in the southern region, San Fu Tian is often nicknamed “Sauna Day”.

Due to high external temperature and high humidity, the human body’s heat dissipation through heat radiation and sweat evaporation will be greatly hindered.

In order to prevent heat stroke, people choose various ways to cool down and cool down.

But sometimes people often go to the other extreme-feeling cold and damp due to excessive coldness.

  In summer, sweat comes out, and Chinese medicine calls it “stomach opening”, that is, the pores of the skin are opened; furthermore, in the summer, the yang is relatively strong, and the yang in the body is relatively weak.

Under this condition, the evil of cold and dampness is more likely to invade the human body, hurt the skin, metabolism, and muscles.

Coupled with long-term air conditioning in summer, and the temperature is lower than 26 ℃, coupled with thin clothing, bare shoulders, navel, waist, knees; indoor and outdoor temperature difference penetration, no transition from high to low temperature, or sweatingAfterwards, they were directly washed with cold water and blown by a large fan. Traditional Chinese medicine called it “sweating out of the wind”; excessive consumption of iced drinks, frozen drinks and fruits; and some people like to spend the night outside and sleep on the cold concrete floor.

So wait.

These are all opportunities to be hurt by cold and humidity.

  In the hot summer, I feel the diseases caused by cold and dampness. According to different clinical symptoms, Chinese medicine generally has the corresponding complications such as “yinshu” and “biosis”.

Overheating often manifests as fear of coldness, no sweating, poor appetite, diarrhea, etc .; if the evil of coldness and dampness retains the limb meridians, cold or sore muscles and joints can be seen, and even the activities are significantly restricted.

In addition, for women, the evil of cold and damp easily invades the human body from the lower part, leading to multiple gynecological substitutions.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the summer, the main cause of summer qi is that the human body’s yang qi will also rise and lead to delusion, which will not only easily damage the yin fluid, but also easily damage the body’s yang qi.

As a result, in the summer, the Yang Qi is often partly lost due to deliberate movements and injuries.

At this time, if the evil of coldness and dampness that naturally belongs to the yin takes the opportunity to invade the human body, the weak yang of the human body will be unable to resist the disease and breed diseases.

Therefore, the method of keeping in good health proposed by TCM in spring and summer to nourish yang and autumn and winter to nourish yin is very insightful.

  Therefore, despite the hot summer, we must always prevent the evil of cold and wet from invading the human body.

  So, how to prevent cold and wet attack?

It is essential to keep the yang vigorous at all times.

The viewpoint of “yang in spring and summer” was mentioned above, and the theory of “winter in summer and disease in summer” is also similar in nature.

The so-called “cultivation” actually includes two aspects of “cultivation” and “protection”, and the combination of conservation and maintenance can really achieve the prosperity of yang.

  ”Keeping” means to keep in peace.

Specifically, in terms of diet, it is not advisable to eat hot or cold products, because hot is easy to hurt the yin, and cold is easy to hurt the sun.

Summer foods should be light and easy to digest, and staple foods such as rice noodles are indispensable. At the same time, foods such as fish, lean meat, poultry eggs, and other protein-based foods, as well as various fresh vegetables, fruits, and other minerals and vitamins should be appropriately increased.

Such as Yang Qi Su deficiency, in addition to weak stomach qi and indigestion, there are symptoms of kidney yang deficiency such as chills and cold, etc., if necessary, can be adjusted by taking appropriate Chinese medicine prescription.

There is an easy way to prevent and treat summer chills.

It is daily some ginger tea.

  The so-called “cultivation” is internal, and the external “protection” requires that we must not excessively avoid heat and cold.

Do not sleep on the ground directly at night or the temperature of the air conditioner is too low when sleeping indoors, the fan is too strong, do not sit in a dark place for long periods of time, do not eat a lot of cold food or drinks, do not rinse with cold water immediately after sweating, do notIn the late summer, the summer heat is gradually decreasing, and the mats are not replaced.

  It is worth reminding that the body is full of yang in adolescence, so although some teenage friends often drink cold and cold without feeling any harm, if this is the case for a long time, it will inevitably plant the scourge of yang deficiency and it is easy to suffer from yin in the future.Cold evil’s sticky replacement is equally difficult to regulate.

How to prevent and regulate flatulence?

How to prevent and regulate flatulence?

Guide: Gobbling, Irregular Eating, Mental Stress, etc. It is easy to have flatulence. Flatulence often manifests as fullness after a meal, belching, loss of appetite, poor stool or constipation or constipation, etc. Below, I recommend a certain treatment for stomachSmall flat recipes of flatulence, when flatulence occurs, at home, you can use the following small recipes for conditioning and treatment.

1. Chewing rice tom soup and barley porridge are effective for problems such as bloating, exhaust and heartburn.

Add 5 portions of rice (millet or barley) and boil for 10 minutes.

Cover the pot and simmer for another 50 minutes.

Filter and cool several times a day after cooling.

2, drink vinegar with a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, sip it during meals to help digestion.

You can also drink a glass of lemonade when you wake up in the morning, it also has the effect of healing and clearing blood.

3. Keep away from mismatched foods. Poorly matched foods can cause digestive problems. For example, protein and starch are not good partners. Vegetables and fruits are also a poor combination. Milk should not be used with three meals at the same time. Do not use sugar with protein or starch.

4, eat less dairy products If you have lactose intolerance, when you eat dairy products, you may have bloating problems.

People with lactose intolerance have insufficient lactase in their intestines and are unable to fully digest lactose in dairy products.

Some people can only accept limits and certain types of dairy products.

If your doctor suspects that your favorite dairy is the source of the problem, you should reduce the amount and see how the gas expands.

5. The first thing that should be avoided for flatulence is that the digestive system cannot absorb certain things. Soy can easily cause flatulence. Cabbage, green cauliflower, onion, white broccoli, whole wheat flour, white radish, banana, etc. are also prone to flatulence.

6, high-fiber intake of high-fiber foods Although high-fiber foods are good for health, some high-fiber vegetables and fruits may increase exhaust.

If you want to increase the amount of fiber in your diet to maintain health, you should start with small amounts and gradually adapt your intestines, which can reduce inflation.

7. Taking eosinophilic dyspepsia can be improved with acidophilus bacteria, because the lack of these benign bacteria is the most common indigestion factor.

Take 10 capsules, or use a tablespoon of powdered formula.

Those who are allergic to milk crystals can use formulations that do not contain milk.

Acidophilus is also a very safe enema. At first you may feel slight discomfort, but it will be around in about 1 hour.

8. Use protease viscerol If you have had abdominal surgery (for example, removing a bowel), using protease enzymes will help digest food.

Patients with hypoglycemia also need to guide dirty enzymes.

After mixing, if you feel full, there are grunts in the belly, flatulence or exhaust, etc., you can also take plasma enzymes.

9, chew slowly and eat slowly when eating, don’t open your mouth to chew or eat while talking, eat soup while eating, they are easy to cause digestive problems and bring inflation.

10. Activated charcoal with charcoal tablets can effectively eliminate excessive gas. Take 5 capsules immediately when you feel unwell.

But if you are taking other medicines, you need to pay attention that charcoal particles will absorb the medicine ingredients in addition to the gas.

At the same time, do not use it every day, because charcoal is strong in absorption and can absorb useful nutrients.

11, the choice of medicines Swelling gas in the stomach can be used with trace viscera; intestinal swelling gas can be used with trace minerals; antacids have no effect on exhaust gas and inflation gas.

When too much gas is generated, use fresh lemon juice to add 1 to it.
14 liters of warm water is considered an enema to balance the pH in the body.

If degassing continues for several days, you can use Bifidobacterium enema, which can relieve the problem within hours.

12, how to smoke beans If you like to eat beans, but do not want to bloat, here is a solution for you.

Beans seem to lose most of their gas-producing substances in the water.

Studies have shown that soaking the beans for 12 hours or covering them with wet paper towels for 24 hours can significantly reduce the amount of gas-generating compounds.

After cooking in a pressure cooker and soaking for another 30 minutes, this kind of compounds can be reduced by 90%.

Relationship between infant colds and otitis media

Relationship between infant colds and otitis media

In the middle of the night, the baby in sleep suddenly wailed and cried. If he was picked up, the cry weakened or stopped crying. Once he was put down on his back, the cry was another drama.

This is often a sign of otitis media.

  Infants and young children develop vomiting, upper respiratory tract infections, especially with nasal congestion, secretions in the nasal cavity carry viruses, and bacteria will guide into the middle ear, causing otitis media.

It manifests as local pain and fluid exudation in the ear cavity. In severe cases, pus will flow and is often accompanied by fever.

When the child is lying flat, the exudate accumulates in the ear chamber, causing the internal pressure to rise, causing severe pain; when the baby is held vertically, the exudate flows out of the nasal cavity, reducing the pressure in the ear chamber and reducing pain.

If otitis media is not treated in time, it will cause hearing loss and even deafness.

Infants and toddlers do not speak, and they are often serious when they are discovered, so prevention should be their primary focus.

If the child usually has vomiting, be careful not to let the wasteful vomit flow enter the middle ear; when the child has a cold with nasal congestion, although there is no fever, the baby’s nasal cavity should be kept open in time.

Oral drops can be used, which can effectively relieve the baby’s nasal congestion caused by colds and other reasons, can prevent otitis media complicated by upper respiratory tract infections, and there is no obvious replacement.

Attention summer sports

Attention summer sports

There are a lot of things to pay attention to in summer sports, but many people do n’t pay attention to them. In the end, there are serious consequences before they can recover.See what are the precautions for summer sports!

  Summer sports precautions: Summer is the strongest season of the year. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, it is best to choose indoor places such as table tennis, indoor badminton, swimming and other sports.

For outdoor sports, it is best to choose dusk or early morning.

  In summer sports, you sweat more and lose a lot of salt, which can easily reduce the osmotic pressure of cells, cause sodium metabolism disorders, and muscle cramps.

So 10-15 minutes before summer sports, you should drink water appropriately, about 450ml to 600ml.

Every 10-15 minutes during exercise, drink another 150ml to 240ml of water, even if you are not thirsty, but do not drink too sweet drinks.

You should also add water in time after exercise, but do not drink too much at one time, but also “drink less often”.

  Summer sports bear physical exertion, so when you exercise, you must follow the “warm-up-exercise-finishing” principle.

Start with a small amount of exercise, wait for the muscle activity of each part of the body, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise. After the exercise, do some relaxation and adjustment activities, such as walking slowly, rubbing your legs, and taking a deep breath.

  In terms of clothing for summer sports, cotton fabrics are the best. The looser the style, the better the heat dissipation performance. The lighter the color, the less heat it absorbs.

The environment for summer sports is most suitable for fresh air such as rivers and lakes, park courtyards, etc.

  Summer sports are actually the best time to exercise. It is a good choice to do outdoor sports in the evening; not only can you exercise, you can also meet many friends!

Elderly depression can not be ignored

Elderly depression can not be ignored

The elderly are older, their spirits and physical strength are not as good as before, and they often have the feeling of aging. Coupled with retirement, widowhood and other changes in life and economic conditions, some will have symptoms such as depression, pessimism and even life.

People mistake this for “thought problems” or “narrow minds”, and do not think that they are morbid, delay treatment, and cause hatred.

This is particularly worthy of recognition among the elderly.

  People with depression have certain symptoms, some have fewer symptoms, some have more symptoms, and the severity of symptoms varies from person to person.

Usually, the symptoms of depression mainly include the following manifestations: △ persistent grief, anxiety, or mental “emptiness”.

  △ pessimistic disappointment.

  △ guilt, loss of value and lack of help.

  △ Lost interest in hobbies and activities that have been studied in the past.

Or can’t have fun, including sexual activity.

  △ decreased appetite or weight loss, or excessive weight gain.

  △ Insufficient strength, easy to fatigue, and become “lazy.”

  △I think of death, there are suicidal thoughts and plans.

  △ irritability and irritability.

  △ It is difficult to concentrate, memory is diminished, and it is difficult to make judgments and decisions about things.

  △ persistent, ineffective physical symptoms such as headache, digestive disorders and chronic pain.

  Prevention and treatment First, psychotherapy: depression in the elderly is caused by mental factors. At the same time, psychological counseling is very important. For the elderly who have depression, they should communicate with them more and more, so that they become lonely and reIntegrate into society and create a good environment for their lives.

  The second is physical therapy: physical exercise can give people a feeling of their own master, which is beneficial to overcome the loneliness of depressed patients, but exercise must have a certain intensity, duration and frequency to achieve results.

Walking is an effective method. Experts recommend that the elderly walk 1,500 meters a day and strive to finish in 15 minutes.

Later, gradually increase the distance until 4,000 meters in 45 minutes, which has a certain effect on senile depression.

However, when you start exercising, you must get the doctor’s consent.

  The third is nutritional therapy: the vitamins and amino acids contained in food have an important impact on the human spirit.

Therefore, it is recommended that elderly patients with depression eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as coarse grains, fish, etc., if necessary, allow patients to take a certain dose of multivitamin B.

  In addition, it can also be combined with music therapy.

Of course, if the illness is serious, you should go to a mental hospital immediately.

  Don’t blame the depressed person for being sick or lazy, or ask him to cheer up immediately.

Remember, to make patients clear their concerns and let them know that giving time for treatment and help can cure depression.

How should I choose a mask in summer?

These 4 masks are best for


How should I choose a mask in summer?
These 4 masks are best for

In the hot summer, the water loss rate is relatively fast and the sebaceous glands are exuberant. You must choose the right skin care product according to your skin. The essential in summer is a mask. Choose a suitable mask to achieve hydration.

  What type of mask should I choose in summer?

  1. Hydrating type masks. Hydrating masks are preferred in all masks. In the hot summer, the body will adjust its temperature by sweating, and the moisture on the skin will be lost through breathing, urination and sweating, so it is necessary to make good skin.The hydration work can not only hydrate, but also prevent the burden on the skin from being increased, and keep the skin elastic and hydrated.

But can not be used too much, use 2 per week?
You can drink it 3 times. Drink more water during the period and eat more abundant vegetables and fruits such as watermelon, pear, and melon.

  2. The repair type mask is very strong in summer UV. If you do not take sun protection measures, you will sunburn your skin and cause skin redness, blackness or peeling. You may wish to choose a repair type mask.

Repair type masks have repairing, sedative and soothing effects. They are especially suitable for summer, especially for people who work outdoors. They can bring different degrees of damage to the skin. The use of repair masks can repair damaged skin tissue.

  3. Cleansing masks The sebaceous gland secretion is relatively strong in the hot summer weather, and the skin will sweat and oil in a large amount.

Grease will attract some dust in the air. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, it will block the pores, which will make the pores thicker and cause a series of skin problems, which will cause pigmentation, melasma, and acne.

In summer, you should choose a cleansing mask, which can not only remove dirt and oil, but also soften keratin and dead skin cells, dredge pores, and make the skin more clean and fresh.

  4, whitening type mask because the strong ultraviolet rays in summer, can cause skin sunburn, but also tan, may wish to choose a whitening mask.

The whitening mask will be rich in vitamin c, fruit acid and arbutin, which can promote the metabolism of melanin, and can also inhibit or destroy the production of melanin to achieve the effect of whitening the skin and help remove pigmentation and melanin in the skin.

  Tips: You must thoroughly clean your skin before applying the mask. Although there are certain benefits to using the mask, you must control the number and time to reach 2 every week?
3 times, about 20 minutes each time.

Supplementing or applying for too long will absorb the moisture in the skin and exacerbate the dryness of the skin. After applying the mask, you should apply skin care products in time to lock the moisture and nutrients.

Carrots to help your baby grow up healthy

Carrots to help your baby grow up healthy

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that carrot-like ganping, returning to the lungs and spleen, has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stagnation, cooling and reducing fever, moisturizing the intestines and laxative, and increasing appetite.

Modern studies have found that carrots are rich in carotene and can be transformed into vitamin A in the body, which has a very important role in promoting the growth and development of infants and young children and maintaining normal visual function.

  Carrots also contain some plasma fibers, in addition to increasing gastrointestinal motility, it is also widely used as a supplementary food for hypertension and cancer.

In addition, carrots also contain vitamins such as vitamin C and B2.

Because of these unique features, carrots are known as “Popular Ginseng”.

  Carrots are a very common food supplement for your baby’s pregnancy.

Starting from 4 months, you can add carrot puree to your baby. The supplement is to supplement the nutrients that your baby needs to grow, and the replacement can allow your baby to try and adapt to new foods, laying a solid foundation for the gradual and smooth transition to adult supplementation.

  Carrots can be eaten with honey, and the method is: Wash 200 grams of fresh carrots, 25 grams of honey, 15 grams of dough, and 2 grams of ginger.

Cut the carrots into small pieces, put them in the pot with honey, paste, ginger, and a small amount of boiling water, stir well, cover and simmer for 30 minutes with a low fire. During the cooking process, you can stir occasionally until the carrots become soft and rotten.

Allow to feed after it is slightly cold after it comes out.

The leftover carrot puree should be put in the refrigerator and finished as soon as possible.

  This dish is red and bright in color, sweet and soft, rich in nutrition, suitable for babies.

It is rich in protocarotene of vitamin A, which is equivalent to 360 times that of potatoes, 45 times that of apples, and 23 times that of citrus.

It is also rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium and iron, and vitamins B1, B2, and vitamin C.

  Carotene-containing nutritious rice noodles, as well as carrot puree and other vegetable puree specially made for babies can be found on the market. You can choose to eat it for your baby.

  For potential babies, there are even more alternatives that can be made with carrots.

Some babies don’t like carrots because carrots have a special flavor.

Adults can think of ways to make carrots more acceptable by improving the casting method.

  For example, you can add vinegar to cook carrot shreds, shred the carrots, hot oil ginger shredder, stir-fry the carrots, stir in the balsamic vinegar, mix with sugar, and add MSG to the pan.

The taste of this dish is slightly sour and sweet, which can better remove the flavor of carrot itself, which is easy for the baby to accept.

  You can also use carrots for fillings and wrap them in pasta for your baby.