The daily limit on January 23 knew early: seven good prospects for fermentation

The daily limit on January 23 knew early: seven good prospects for fermentation

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  Sina Finance News on January 22 news, there are seven major positives that may affect the stock market tomorrow, specifically: Pudong Construction: Pudong Development Group premium 14.

6% offer to buy 7% of the company’s equity Pudong Construction (600284) announced on the evening of January 22 that in order to increase the shareholding in the company to further consolidate and enhance control of the company, the company’s controlling shareholder, Pudong Development GroupPart of the tender offer issued by all shareholders of the listed company, the number of tender offer shares was 67.92 million shares, the share ratio was 7%, and the tender offer price was 7.

38 yuan / share, the latest budget of the earlier company (6.

44 yuan / share) premium 14.


  COSCO SHIPPING: It is estimated that the net profit in 2019 will be about 67.

6 ppm exceeded the increase of 449%. COSCO SHIPPING (601919) released a performance forecast on the evening of January 22, and expects to realize a net profit of about 67 in 2019.

Six ten percent, an increase of about 449% a year.

During the reporting period, the company’s container throughput business, container volume, total port business and company operating income achieved average growth over the same period of the previous year; the company’s affiliated Orient Overseas (International) Co., Ltd. completed the sale of Long Beach Container Terminal in October 2019, resulting in a one-timeNet income and good shareholder returns.

  Hesteel Resources: The net profit for 2019 will increase by 205% -235% for two years. Hesteel Resources (000923) 北京夜生活网 will reproduce the performance forecast in the evening of January 22, and the 2019 profit will be 4.

100 million to 4.

500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 205.

63% -235.


During the reporting period, the company’s operating performance continued to increase, mainly due to the high annual price of iron ore products, which significantly increased the profitability of iron ore products.

  Shuijingfang: Net profit for 2019 is expected to increase by 43%. Shuijingfang (600779) released a performance forecast on the evening of January 22, and it is expected that net profit for 2019 will increase by about 2 from the same period last year.

47 million US dollars, an increase of about 43% each year; the proportion of operating income and the same period of the previous year will increase by about 26%; the proportion of sales and the same period of the 佛山桑拿网 previous year will increase by about 4233 thousand liters, which will increase by about 46% each year, of which, the sales of high-end wineThe annual increase is 26%, and the sales of low-grade wine (base wine) increase by 109% each year.

  XCMG: Net profit for 2019 is expected to increase by 75 in ten years.

98% -95.

53% of Xugong Machinery (000425) disclosed the performance forecast on the evening of January 22, and it has a profit of 3.6 billion to 4 billion US dollars in 2019, an increase.

98% -95.


Benefiting from the steady growth of domestic fixed asset investment and the need to update the stock of construction machinery and equipment, the construction machinery industry continues to maintain its growth momentum.

  Longji shares: long-term 129.

Significant sales contract of 9.8 billion US dollars Longji shares (601012) announced on the evening of January 22 that the company and Tongwei Solar (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. interconnect silicon wafer sales framework contract, from 2020 to 2022 the company will supply monocrystallineThe silicon chip is proposed to reach cooperation. The total contract size of the contract is 4.8 billion pieces, and the total contract is expected to be about 129.

9.8 billion yuan (excluding tax), accounting for approximately 59% of the company’s 2018 revenue.

12%, this contract is a particularly significant sales contract, which will have a positive impact on the company’s current and future operating results.

  Yangtze River Securities: 2019 pre-profit exceeds 1.7 billion yuan and exceeds the value-added 563%. Changjiang Securities (000783) announced on the evening of January 22 that it expects net profit in 2019 to be 17.

0.6 billion, an annual growth of 563.


In the fourth quarter of 2019, the company made a total of 3 provision for asset impairment.

8.8 billion yuan.

Tiandi Technology (600582) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Long-term performance is slightly lower than expected orders to maintain high growth

Tiandi Technology (600582) 2018 Annual Report Comments: Long-term performance is slightly lower than expected orders to maintain high growth

This report reads: The boom of the coal machine industry continues, and the company’s orders continue to maintain high growth, maintaining the level of overweight.

  Investment Highlights: Objective: Maintain Overweight rating.

公司2018 年营业收入/归母净利分别为179 亿\9.6.2 billion, an increase of 16.

65% / 2.

08%, slightly lower than expected.

Taking into account that the settlement strength in 18 years is lower than expected, the profit forecast for 19-20 is lowered, and the corresponding EPS is 0.

30 yuan (the original value is 0.

37 yuan), 0.

35 yuan (the original value is 0.

45 yuan), and EPS0 in 2021.

41 yuan. As the single item in the new year of 2018 still maintains high growth, the target price is maintained at 6.

00 yuan, maintaining the overweight rating.

  Performance was slightly lower than expected, but orders still maintained high growth.

①The company’s coal machine manufacturing business income was 73.

9.1 billion, an increase of 17 in ten years.

06%, safety equipment business income 25.

6.9 billion, an increase of 42 in ten years.

35%, environmental protection equipment income 7.

2.7 billion, an increase of 19 years.

51%, revenue from coal production and technology projects were 19.

6.9 billion, 29.

6.1 billion, basically unchanged, with project income of 19.

8.4 billion, an annual increase of 29.


Initial overall revenue was 17.9 billion yuan, an increase of 16 武汉夜网论坛 in ten years.

65%, net profit 9.

6.2 billion, basically basically the same, a year-on-year increase of 56% (21.2 billion) in 2017, the settlement intensity and profitability are slightly lower than expected.

② In 2018, the company’s newly signed contract value was 25.5 billion yuan, an increase of 20% year-on-year, and orders continued to maintain high growth.

  The profitability of coal enterprises will continue to grow, and the coal machine industry will maintain its prosperity.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2018, coal mining and washing industries nationwide and above have gradually realized operating income of 24,645.

800 million, an annual increase of 4.

3%, the total profit is 2888.

200 million, a five-year growth of 5.

2%. At present, coal companies still maintain a certain profit growth rate, and the boom of the coal machine industry will remain.

  Catalyst: Rising coal prices.

  Risk Warning: Coal prices exceed a reasonable range, and coal companies’ capital expenditure completion is beyond expectations.

HKUST News (002230) Review of 2019 Interim Report: Operational Improvement Improves AI Application Gradually Enters the Harvest Period

HKUST News (002230) Review of 2019 Interim Report: Operational Improvement Improves AI Application Gradually Enters the Harvest Period
Matters: The company released its 2019 Interim Report to achieve business income42.28 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.72%; net profit attributable to mother 1.89 ‰, an increase of 45 in ten years.06%; net profit attributable to non-parents is 3163.330,000 yuan, an increase of 56 in ten years.61%. Comment: The improvement of operating efficiency drives the rapid growth of net profit.In the first half of 19, the company’s track business in various industries continued to grow rapidly, and its operating income further increased31.72%.Under the company’s priority development strategy, the company’s gross profit margin increased by 0.5 up to 50.4%, the sales expense ratio fell by 1.A total of nine, the management expense rate was basically flat.At the same time, the company’s R & D funding is 12.44 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.15%, accounting for 29% of revenue.41%.To sum up, the company’s net profit attributable to its mother increased by 45 per year.06%. The positive interaction between technology and industrial applications was realized, and the leading advantages of key tracks continued to be consolidated.1) Xunfei’s open platform has opened more than 180 AI capabilities and scenarios, the number of developers reached 1.03 million, and operating income in the first half of the year4.85 ppm, an increase of 55 in ten years.73%.2) The company’s education products and services realized income 9.7.9 billion, an annual increase of has covered more than 15,000 schools in 32 provinces across the country.3) The company’s smart political and legal business realized revenue 4.59 ppm, an increase of 31 in ten years.58%, the intelligent court trial system has now covered 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and more than 3,000 political and legal units.The intelligent auxiliary case handling system for criminal cases has been fully applied in Shanghai and has realized the substantive trial for the first time.Promoted in Anhui, Shanxi, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and other places, and piloted in Yunnan, Fujian, and Guizhou.At the same time, 北京桑拿洗浴保健 the “platform + application” model was used to develop a collaborative platform for politics and law, which has been successfully piloted in Shenzhen. The C-side business development path is gradually clear, and the product continues to develop.The company took the lead in launching a variety of smart hardware that subverted the traditional Xiefei transcriber, Xunfei recording pen, and Xunfei office notebook.At 6.During the 18 E-commerce Festival, the company’s full range of products was placed in one fell swoop and won six firsts in five categories.In the first half of the year, the C business realized operating income15.7.6 billion, an increase of 45 in ten years.45%; realized gross profit 8.4.9 billion, an increase of 41 in ten years.92%; C business accounted for 37% of overall revenue.28%, gross profit accounted for 39.79深圳桑拿网%.The application value bonus of AI in consumer business is gradually being realized, and it is expected to continue to grow at a high speed. Investment suggestion: We consider 2019 to be an important point in the turning point of the company’s profit performance, and maintain the forecast that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 19-21 is 9.2.3 billion, 14.7.1 billion, 21.61 ppm, corresponding to PE is 75 times, 47 times, and 32 times, maintaining the target price of 42.34 yuan, maintaining the “strong push” level. Risk reminder: The artificial intelligence industrialization has fallen short of expectations; market competition has intensified.

Technology stocks are not the focus of foreign Masukura who promoted this round of structural bull?

Technology stocks are not the focus of foreign Masukura who promoted this round of “structural bull”?
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title Who promoted this round of “structure cow” market?  ⊙Reporter Fei Tianyuan ○ Editor Sun Fang’s “quick” and “differentiation” are the two major characteristics of this round of rebound after the Spring Festival.  From February 4 to 21, the Shanghai Composite Index gradually increased by 10.67%, the SZSE Component Index has gradually increased by 18.92%, GEM refers to a gradual increase23.99%.Just in the middle of last Friday, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Index hit a new high of more than four years, and the ChiNext Index refreshed a new high of more than three and a half years.The turnover of the two cities has now stood above 1 trillion for three consecutive trading days.  Just as there are differences in the rise of several major indexes, although this round of rally has generally risen, it also has structural differentiation.  From February 4 to 21, the two major technology sectors, including Shenwan Computer and Electronics, increased by 32.14% and 26.15%, the highest increase in the first two industries.Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing industry ranked third, with an overall increase of 25.06%; the communications industry ranks fourth, with an overall growth of 23.01%.  Under the ranking, the overall growth of Shenwan Banking Industry was 4.10%, the bottom of the ranking.The food and beverage industry as a whole rose by 11.09%, the pharmaceutical and biological industry as a whole rose by 9.51%, both in the middle and lower reaches.  From this point of view, the obvious strengthening of technology stocks is a significant feature of this round of rebound.In the past two years, the consumer stocks and weighted financial stocks that have consistently outperformed the broader market have recently performed relatively modestly.  Many investors can’t help but ask, what funds came into the market, driving this round of “structure bull” market that has risen so fast and technology stocks dominate?  Northbound capital inflows focus on increasing positions rather than technology stocks. Since the interconnection of Northbound funds in 2014, the cumulative net purchase amount of Northbound funds for A shares has exceeded US $ 1 trillion, and its investment style that favors “value” has also changed AThe ecology of the stock market.It has a significant leading role in the blue chip sector represented by large consumption.  This round of rally has so far continued, the overall trend of northbound funds continued to grow, and in practice has obvious characteristics of low absorption.  From February 3 to 21, Northbound funds gradually bought 409.2.5 billion.Among them, when the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fell by nearly 8% on February 3, Northbound funds made a net purchase of 18.2 billion against the trend throughout the day, making it the second largest single-day net purchase in history.And through the index bottoming out, the size of the inflow of northbound funds began to fall, and there was a net penetration for a few days.  Specifically, consumption, blue chip stocks in the financial sector are still the focus of the recent northbound capital increase.As of February 21, the top eight stocks in Northbound Funds were all consumer and financial products, and Guizhou Moutai, Gree Electric Appliances, Hengrui Medicine, and Ping An Bank all increased their shareholdings after the Spring Festival.  But at the same time, the recent rising technology stocks are not the focus of Northbound funds.As of February 21, of the top 20 heavy stocks in Northbound funds, only Hikvision and Lixun Precision had two technology stocks, and the number of Northbound funds holdings of these two technology stocks declined after the Spring Festival.Among them, Hikvision’s northbound funds held from 5 shares.6.4 billion shares are expected5.1.5 billion shares, down 8%.Of the top 20 heavy stocks, 73% is the stock with the largest decline in the number of shares held during the same period.  As a result, although the inflow of northbound funds continued after the Spring Festival, the type of increasing positions is not the leading technology stock in the market, and even some technology stocks have seen a reduction in rallies.  The scale of financing funds’ return to expansion is far less than that in 2015. As a representative of high-risk expected funds, the investment of financing funds into the market has a significant role in boosting growth.Especially 北京桑拿洗浴保健 in the SME market in the first half of 2015, the financing balance of the two cities started from 400 billion in the fourth quarter of 2014 and expanded all the way to a high point in June 20152.27 trillion.During this period, the average financing surplus of Oriental Fortune, UFIDA and other stocks expanded nearly 10 times, and the corresponding stocks have also skyrocketed several times.  Back to this year, affected by factors such as the Spring Festival holiday, the financing balance of the two cities was at a low of 10140 on the replacement stage on February 4.6.6 billion.Since then, the conversion market has warmed up, and financing funds have quickly resumed. On February 20, the financing balance of the two cities rose to 10,755.9.8 billion yuan, close to the level of early 2018.  From February 5 to 20, the financing balance of the two cities increased by approximately 6.15 million yuan in 12 trading days.Looking back at the bull market in 2015, until the initial stage of the bull market in the fourth quarter of 2014, the daily increase in the financing balance of the two cities can reach more than 26 billion US dollars.100 million yuan.  From this point of view, the financing balance of the two cities has recently returned, and the focus of financing funds to increase positions is also around technology stocks (Guoxuan High-tech, Inspur Information, TCL Technology, etc.).However, in terms of expansion scale, it is still far below the 2015 bull market level.  Hot money activity continues to increase Suspected hot money is also a more risky group of participants, and the operating style tends to chase up and down.If the hot money activity increases, it will boost the market’s short-term money-making effect. The most iconic phenomenon is the increase in the number of stocks on the daily limit of the two cities.  From February 4 to 21, the daily average daily limit of the two cities reached 143 (including A and B shares, the same below).Under the ranking, although the three major stock indexes have risen collectively in 2019, the average daily limit is only 66.The daily average daily limit in 2018 was only 47.  In addition, the number of stocks in the two cities has increased significantly in recent years.For example, Tesla’s concept stock Xiuqiang shares, its merger in the last 14 trading days harvested 12 ups and downs, and gradually increased by 205%.The Central Pharmaceuticals Army also once gained ten consecutive boards.  The data of the Dragon and Tiger list disclosed by the exchange shows that long-term veteran hot money seats have recently noticed the return of several and are heavily invested in the market.Such as China Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department, the total turnover of this seat on the list since February 4 has reached 36.2.8 billion, ranking third in all sales departments.Throughout January, the sales volume of China Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department was 22.1.3 billion yuan.  Specifically, China Galaxy Securities’ Shaoxing Sales Department recently listed on the list of participating stocks including Ningde Times, Jingfang Technology, TCL Technology, etc., which are all technology leaders.  However, since the hot money operation mode is mainly short-term, and the style also tends to chase up and kill the enemy, the continuity of hot money entry is always in doubt.For example, in the first half of last year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose from 2440 points to 3288 points. At that time, the activity of hot money also significantly increased. China Life Insurance, CITIC Construction Investment and other popular stocks also appeared on the top of the long list of hot stocks, such as China Galaxy Securities Shaoxing Sales Department and other front-line hot money.Figure.However, the conversion index and related stocks peaked, and some of the hot money evacuated as soon as possible and returned to silence.  From this point of view, the recent significant increase in the activity of hot money has indeed driven the related technology stocks to strengthen, but the continued operation of the continued active and hot money to catch up and kill the operating model on the market remains to be seen.  The emergence of explosive funds constitutes an important support for the technology sector. The transition market environment has picked up, and explosive funds have recently appeared again.  At the beginning of this year, BOCOM’s kernel-driven hybrid distribution has attracted more than 50 billion yuan a day, becoming the first explosive fund in 2020.Subsequently, Penghua’s technological innovation mix, and Hongde Fengrun’s three-year holding period were also sold out in one day.The scale of the first subscription of Guangfa Technology Pioneer, which was managed by last year’s public performance champion Liu Gezheng, was more than US $ 90 billion, and it was finally confirmed that it would share US $ 8 billion.  On February 18th, Chen Guangming’s Ruiyuan Fund’s second public offering product, Ruiyuan’s balanced value three-year holding period, the hybrid fund easily reached the $ 6 billion initial fundraising scale, triggering a proportional placement, and the total subscription amount was about 120 billion, creating a domestic public fundThe highest subscription record in history, the final placement ratio may be about 5%.  According to the Zhang Qiyao strategy team of Guosheng Securities, 22 stock funds, 43 hybrid funds, and 8 bond funds were established in the market during the year, with a total size of 241.400 million, 1023.0 billion and 47.800 million yuan.  In terms of positions, a large number of star funds’ heavy stocks have replaced leading varieties in the technology field. Related varieties have performed very well in this round of structural bull market.For example, Guangfa’s innovative upgrades and flexible allocation management managed by Liu Gezhen. The top five heavy stocks of the fund at the end of last year were Kangtai Bio, Sanan Optoelectronics, Shengbang, ZTE and China Software. These five stocks have all outperformed since February 4.The Shanghai Stock Index, San’an Optoelectronics, Shengbang Co., Ltd., and China’s software increased more than 30%.  Zhang Qiyao believes that from the perspective of current institutional positions, technological growth is the focus of new fund allocation.In particular, since the early days, a number of science and technology theme funds have been centrally issued and established, which have become important “promoters” for the technology growth sector.  From the demand side, “buying funds” is becoming an important channel for residents’ funds to enter A shares, and constitutes an important support for technology growth stocks.According to the official data released by Alipay, more and more users choose online financial management. After the Spring Festival, the daily fund purchase transactions on Alipay have increased by about 400%.

Careful crowd beware of occult depression

Careful crowd beware of occult depression

After multiple inspections, she was very healthy, but she always felt tired. A few days ago, Ms. Lu was diagnosed with “hidden depression”.

  In the past six months, Ms. Lu, an assistant manager of the company, has been working in the market for the company. She has had a lot of work and has overcome the pressure. At first, she always felt tired easily, couldn’t sleep well at night, dizzy during the day, chest tightness, and later she often had palpitations and abdominal pain, Forgetful and slow to respond.

  Therefore, she ran to several hospitals for a full-body examination, and almost looked at the relevant departments, and the results were normal.

This situation made her very distressed and even worried that she had “incurable disease”.

Finally, she went to a psychiatrist on the advice of a friend with similar symptoms.

After diagnosis, Ms. Lu had “hidden depression”.

  According to a psychiatrist, this type of depression is quite special, and it is easy to be mistaken for a certain part of the body, and ignore the mental and psychological symptoms.

At present, this kind of situation mainly exists in the workplace, and most people often don’t have the essentials to treat physical illness at first.

The doctor reminded that for such professionals, it is necessary to take the initiative to be evaluated and treated by a psychiatrist.

5 earthwork effects of summer beauty are shocking

5 earthwork effects of summer beauty are shocking

The most inconspicuous earth method can also get a shocking beauty effect!

You can develop these beauty habits slowly, or you can do it overnight.

Beauty habits you must know: Cold treatments in the bathroom are here in the summer, so use your daily bath time to do cold treatments for your skin.

Give your body a “cold drink” after a hot bath every day.

Use cold water to stimulate the ends of the hands, feet, etc., and stick to a summer, not only can shrink pores, promote blood circulation, but also improve the physical fitness of cold MM.

Winter becomes less afraid of cold, and the skin is healthier, and the rosy complexion will secretly climb up your cheek.

  The 1 + 1 rule of liquid foundation has now reached the multi-faceted era of foundation makeup, and in addition to liquid foundation, there is also decorative base milk.

How to save time and efficiently complete the primer work? The 1 + 1 rule will help you. You can blend the base cream (such as pearl, purple, beige, white) and liquid foundation, and 1 + 1 becomes the new base makeup.

For example, mix the pearly base cream with 1: 2 (base milk: foundation) and foundation on the back of the hand, so that the foundation will have a little gloss.

However, to remind MMs, after the liquid foundation is replaced, the color will also decrease by one color number.

If you don’t want the foundation to be too light, you can adjust the proportion of the foundation cream and liquid foundation.

  Do n’t drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, it ‘s best not to drink tea and coffee when “good friends” come, because the caffeine content in both drinks is high, which can easily stimulate nerves and cardiovascular, leading to menstruationIncreased basal metabolism, causing dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual blood, and even long periods.

So the best drink when “good friend” comes is hot boiled water. Of course, you can also add brown sugar and ginger tablets in it to help blood circulation and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, let “good friend” come quickly and comfortably.Away.

  3 Principles of Cleansing Oil Cleansing oil is a good makeup remover, but you must thoroughly implement the 3 principles of “complete emulsification, rinse with plenty of water, and wash your face again.”

“Complete emulsification” is related to whether the emulsifier of the product itself is sufficient, and whether your emulsification action is complete.

The correct method should be: use oil to dissolve the makeup and then dip it in water to massage the white emulsified liquid, and then wash with plenty of water.

Most people often omit the emulsification process with water massage and only flush the water directly. This incomplete emulsification will leave oil in the pores and cause acne.

It should also be reminded that no matter what kind of skin you have, you should use a mild facial cleanser to wash away residual oil after using a cleansing oil.

  The 6 points of front-end acne care are clear in summer, and the back-end acne discounts the beauty of the suspender skirt. Come and do care for the back. You only need to spend 20 minutes every weekend to get it done.

  First of all, use a pH-neutral cleansing soap when taking a bath to make residues after washing.

  Secondly, it is necessary to use less bath towels to penetrate through the front, and choose multiple soft exfoliating products, so as not to scrub hard and break the acne and leave spots.

  Third, after bathing, it is recommended to mix the base oil with the substitute tea tree oil and apply it on the place with acne on the tail.

  Fourth, after soaking the bath towel with hot water, do a hot compress on the back to promote better absorption of essential oils.

  Fifth, apply a contraction lotion to the buttocks.

  Sixth, in addition to a light diet, take more lactic acid bacteria drinks and foods that help dialysis and peristalsis.

Allergic rhinitis in children?

What are the daily health care methods?

Allergic rhinitis in children?
What are the daily health care methods?

Some people say humanely that they think children’s allergic rhinitis will grow up automatically when they grow up. In this case, why should they be treated, both cost money and waste time!

So is this really the case?

  Clinically, some people do induce allergic rhinitis in early childhood. After puberty, the annoying allergic rhinitis even heals without medicine and appears to be “broken root”.

However, this fact is very rare.

This may be because children with allergies have changed in their living environment, or the children’s internal immune capacity has changed and increased as they grow older, or because of some unknown reasons, but that is only a very rare exception in countless cases.Patients with allergic rhinitis cannot expect to be one of those lucky special cases.

  Allergic rhinitis will not disappear on its own. For children who have implanted and can cause allergic rhinitis, pay attention. If you want to make allergic rhinitis gradually disappear during the growth process, the most important alternative is to make the current allergic rhinitis properly controlled.This includes controlling allergens in the environment and receiving proper treatment.

Allergic rhinitis does not go away on its own.

  If the nasal mucosa is exposed to allergens all the time, the result will be repeated attacks of allergic rhinitis, which will keep the nasal mucosa in the inflammatory state of repeated injuries, and it will become an irreversible pathological change over time.Allergic rhinitis can be cured without medicine after the age, which is almost a nightmare.

  The treatment of allergic rhinitis is based on modern medical standards. Effective treatment of allergic rhinitis is possible, but the correct method is needed.

Therefore, the most important thing for allergic rhinitis is to raise awareness and timely treatment.

  1. The first-generation antihistamine drugs such as chlorpheniramine, diphenhydramine, and other side effects, such as drowsiness and other side effects, are gradually abandoned in clinical practice.

The current commonly used glucocorticoid drugs: usually replace budesonide, fluticasone, mometasone furoate, and so on.

The use of drugs should be prescribed by your doctor.

  2. Nasal saline nasal washing can remove allergens accumulated in the nasal cavity, reduce the irritation of the nasal cavity by allergens, and eliminate allergic rhinitis.

Use Zebik Nasal Wash, 1-2 times a day for a week.

  3. Reasonable immunotherapy: Reasonable immunotherapy is also called desensitization therapy. The effect on pollen and dust mite-induced continuous allergic rhinitis is relatively positive, and the total effective rate can reach more than 80%.

Although complete immunotherapy cannot completely cure allergic rhinitis, it can significantly improve the symptoms of curative rhinitis and prevent the occurrence of surgical diseases.

  4. Neuroanatomy treatment: Plasma cryoablation system is used under nasal endoscope to use anterior ethmoidal nerve replacement to reduce the excitability of parasympathetic nerves. Simultaneously replace the pterygoid nerve and anterior ethmoidal nerve in the nasal cavity.

Short treatment time, suitable for rehabilitation allergic rhinitis.

  Health care methods for allergic rhinitis1. The living room often opens windows, so that the living room is more exposed to sunlight and maintains air circulation.

  2, strengthen exercise, appropriate outdoor sports, enhance physical fitness to be full of righteousness, to resist the invasion of external evils.

  3. When the disease is epidemic, wear a mask when going out.

Eat more onions, garlic, ginger, etc. have preventive effects.

  4. Patients should rest in bed.

The bedroom should be warm and bright, with more windows, but avoid direct hair blowing and strong direct sunlight.

Exercise your body and brain more intelligently

Exercise your body and brain more intelligently

Everyone knows that regular exercise can enhance body coordination and make movements more sensitive.

A study by American scientists points out that exercise can also improve people’s memory and concentration, make the brain better, and make us smarter.

  ”Combining normal aerobic exercise with complex skills with certain skills can best exercise the brain.

“Researchers say that regular aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, yoga, etc. These exercises make us feel calm and happy, and avoid the leakage of insomnia.

  If you can stick to low-intensity aerobic exercise for 30-40 minutes each time 4 times a week, after 16 weeks, people who have never exercised before will fall asleep by half and the total sleep time will be extended by 1 hour, which can improve the brainThe level of chemicals related to cognitive functions such as memory and attention, thus improving cognitive function.

Adhering to regular aerobic exercise will allow you to “glow light” at work, and endless good ideas.

  There are certain technically complex sports, including ball games, jazz dances, Latin dances, etc. They require coordination and coordination of multiple parts of the body to help exercise the brain’s control.

  When performing these sports, it is often necessary to think with the brain. For example, when a baseball player pitches, he needs to think about how to use the slight movements of his arm to throw various unpredictable balls; the dancer not only needs to dance, but also injects emotions.Eyes, an expression must be designed; dart movement, the left and right hemispheres of the brain closely cooperate, the eyes, heart, and hands are coordinated.

  Researchers point out that exercise can also increase blood flow and continuously supply oxygen and glucose to the brain, ensuring that brain cells work well.

Brain workers often overuse their brains, which is like a rubber band in a tight state for a long time.

The average person needs more oxygen and glucose to improve their brain efficiency. For them, exercise is just more important.

6 practical tips for preventing snoring

6 practical tips for preventing snoring

[Introduction]It is a common fact that snoring of a baby is caused by the sudden forceful contraction of the diaphragm. Generally, it will stop snoring after a short period of time. This is harmless to the baby and will naturally ease after growing up.Too much snoring or excessive suffering can make parents feel uncomfortable.

Snoring Cause 1.

It usually happens right after drinking milk. It may be caused by the baby crying or eating too fast while feeding, and swallowing a lot of air.


Sometimes snoring symptoms may occur when the stomach is cold or when eating cold food.


Other causes are related to gastroesophageal reflux and diseases such as pneumonia, or to adverse reactions to drugs.

Occurrence of snoring time Some pregnant women may feel the baby snoring during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, or see the baby snoring in the mother’s belly during the prenatal ultrasound examination.

However, the age at which babies most often experience repeated snoring is still in the first few months of life and usually improves after 1 year of age.

Baby snoring is caused by a sudden strong contraction of the diaphragm muscles, and it is accompanied by an involuntary “snoring” sound.

Compared with older children, most babies do not seem to feel any discomfort, unless they continue to snoring too long to interfere with normal life such as diet.

6 strokes to prevent snoring because newborns are not mature enough, they will often snoring, which is not a disease, do not worry too much, panic and treatment, usually after a few days, the baby will naturally get better, generallyWill not cause effects and sequelae.


If the snoring and milk overflow caused by “gastric esophageal reflux”, you can let the baby stand upright on the adult’s shoulders to exhaust after feeding, and do not let them lie down for half an hour. After 4 months, you can add rice or wheat flourTo increase the consistency of milk and prevent snoring.


If your baby is snoring because of allergy to milk protein, use a special formula as directed by your doctor.


Feed your baby usually in a quiet state and environment. Never breastfeed when your baby is overheating and crying too much.


The feeding position should be correct, and avoid eating too fast, too fast, too cold, or too hot when eating.


Toys or soft music can be used to divert babies when they are snoring and attract their attention to reduce the frequency of snoring.


Let your baby take a break in the middle of drinking milk, let your baby stand upright on your legs, and gently pat his back to exhaust, avoiding snoring after you are full.

4 ways to stop your baby from snoring should not be any effective way to stop snoring, especially when you are not sure why snoring occurs.

If a baby is suddenly snoring without other diseases, it usually does not need to be treated, and usually stops for a while, unless time passes, 5?
10 minutes.


If your baby has bloated stomach due to breastfeeding, it will burp when lying down.

This is because the opening of the bottle is small. When the baby is sucking, he swallows too much air due to forced suction, which causes inflation. Therefore, parents can hold the baby for a while after drinking the milk and gently pat the baby next to him.Or gently massage the abdomen to help vent, which can prevent your baby from snoring and spilling milk.


Try feeding a small number of meals, or hold your baby’s back and pat on the back after feeding to enhance venting.


A little warm water or fun activities to divert your baby’s attention can also improve your baby’s snoring symptoms.


However, if your baby is on the floor and has poor appetite, weight loss or repeated discarding, you should take your baby to the hospital for a detailed examination.

Techniques No medically based treatment Although no one currently believes that you know what causes babies to snore, the general solution is that you don’t need to do anything and let it go.

In addition, parents are reminded that some non-medical treatment methods, such as taking honey to treat snoring or eye pressure, are unscientific soil methods, and mothers must not believe it.

Non-irritating skin care


Non-irritating skin care

People say that seven years of reincarnation, the same is true for skin. After 20 years of age, MM is experiencing a major change in skin!

The skin at this stage is very sensitive to external stimuli, and if it is insufficient, it will cause its resistance-acne, acne, blackheads, and enlarged pores.

Your skin in your 20s is like a naughty child, and always needs your gentle care.

If you are still using skin irritating products, throw them away.

  Carefully choose skin care products and look at the ingredients of the product. Generally, when choosing skin care products, MM only looks at the product’s efficacy and price, even its reputation.

As everyone knows, you can buy a lot of products that are not suitable for you and suffer from skin diseases.

Now, please let the product ingredients marked on the box also become an indicator of your purchase!

Develop a habit of looking at product ingredients and replace mild products with low irritation.

Let’s look at the ingredients that are irritating to the skin.


Mineral oils.

Used as a stabilizer in skin care products, posing as vegetable oil, olive oil or high grade lanolin.

This kind of oil is easy to grow pores on both ends and grows like pimples. It is also the culprit of blackheads.



The fragrance is derived or synthesized from more than 600 kinds of raw materials and artificial chemicals.

Experiments on animals with fragrances have shown that it can penetrate the body and not only stain the animal’s internal organs blue, but also damage the animal’s brain and spinal cord.



Hormones are used in skin care products to temporarily remove wrinkles, make the skin plump, moisturized, elastic and shiny, and are widely used as “special effects”.

But hormone is a kind of chemical component that is easy to be oxidized. People who use hormone products often get darker and darker with sun in summer, and it is difficult to take off.

Hormonal skin care products are often used. The skin is irritated for a long time, and the skin and skin immune function is increased, which causes the skin’s autoimmune function to decline, and it is difficult to cause sensitive skin and allergic skin.


Alcohol has an irritating effect on the skin. Long-term use can cause rough skin.