How to tell the difference between good and bad

How to tell the difference between good and bad

What do parents care about?

The baby eats and drinks Lasa every day and fills the parents’ hearts.

If you do n’t eat well, you ‘re worried about your baby ‘s nutrition. If you have a “smelly” problem, it ‘s even more anxious. Poor parents!

In fact, to a certain extent, stink is a barometer of your baby’s health. It is a mirror that reflects the function of your baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Carefully observe and understand the significance of the stink.heart.

  Is it smelly?

  Because breast milk is rich in oligosaccharides, it can fully stimulate gastrointestinal motility, so most babies will not have lumpy odor, nor obvious odor, golden yellow, occasionally greenish and relatively thin;Or like ointment, uniform.

Babies who take formula milk have a stool volume that is usually dry, rough, and slightly hard like plaster.

After the supplementary food is added, through the increase in the number and type of complementary foods, the baby’s stool will gradually approach the adult, the color will start to darken, and it will have different colors depending on the food.

These are normal good “smelly” manifestations.

  Would it be some kind of performance?

  No. 1 stinky smell: hard stool, ball performance: baby’s stool is dry and caked, sometimes like sheep’s stool, one by one, it is very laborious and painful to pull the odor, even sometimesWill not come out.

  Resolution: more than 90% of children do not have organ problems. They are functional constipation, mainly due to imbalanced development of various organs, meat and vegetables, and fast food, fried food, convenient food, and playfulness.They would not care about it, drinking too little water and other reasons.

  Prevention: In order to prevent the occurrence of constipation, the baby’s diet should increase the implantation of vegetables and fiber.

Parents should encourage them to eat more fiber-based vegetables and cereals.

Usually should consciously cultivate the baby to develop a regular bowel habit, and develop a good habit of pulling stinks every day.

If the constipation can’t pull out, you can apply enema to help soften the hardened stool, reduce friction, and help defecation.

  No. 2 bad stinky stinky smell: the baby’s stools are mushy and mixed with the smell of food spoilage.

  Analysis: Mostly due to babies eating too much and indigestion.

There is foam in the stench, and the acidity is pungent, which may be caused by indigestion of sugars.

Stool smells like rotten eggs and may be protein indigestible.

The stool is yellowish, heavy, and shiny like oil, which means that there is too much food in the stool.

  Prevention: Regulate your baby’s diet.

For lactating babies, pay attention to whether the formula is too high, whether you need to increase or decrease sugar or temporarily switch to low-fat milk, etc. (but note that low-fat milk cannot be eaten for a long time as a normal diet).

For babies who have already added non-staple food and weaned, you should reduce or suspend the corresponding food types according to the situation, and then add them gradually after the baby’s stool returns to normal.

You can also give your baby a multivitamin to help digestion.

  Stink No. 3: Stool with pus and blood: The baby’s stool is as thin as water, or it contains pus, blood, mucus, and the number of stools is increased.Enteritis and dysentery caused by this, at this time the baby’s stool frequency suddenly increased significantly, accompanied by fever, stomach pain, vomiting, do not want to eat and cold hands and feet.

  Prevention: Wash your hands before and after meals, peel the fruits, and avoid drinking raw water.

The food in the refrigerator should be thoroughly heated before eating. In summer, babies are most greedy for cold drinks, and parents should control their diet.

The baby’s tableware and various supplies should be disinfected frequently; let the baby often go to the tableware and bask in the sun to improve the resistance.

List of medicine and food homologs published by the Ministry of Health

List of medicine and food homologs published by the Ministry of Health

List of items that are both food and medicine (in order of strokes): cloves, star anise, sword beans, cumin, small thistle, yam, hawthorn, purslane, blacktail snake, ume, papaya, hemp kernel, substituteSubstitute flowers, host bamboo, licorice, white peony, ginkgo, white lentils, white lentils, longan (laurel), cassia, lily, nutmeg, cinnamon, ganzi, bergamot, almond (sweet, bitter), sea buckthorn, oyster,Fruit, Zanthoxylum, Chitosan, Ejiao, Chicken Gold, Malt, Kumbu, Jujube (Jujube, Jujube, Black Jujube), Luo Han Guo, Yujin Ren, Honeysuckle, Green Fruit, Houttuynia, Ginger (Ginger, Dried Ginger), Gardenia,Medlar, Gardenia, Amomum, Fatty Sea, Poria, Citronella, Citronella, Peach Kernel, Peach Kernel, Mulberry Leaf, Mulberry, Orange Red, Bellflower, Nocturnal Kernel, Lotus Leaf, Rice Seed, Lotus Seed, Galangal, Light Bamboo Leaf, Light bean drum, chrysanthemum, chicory, yellow mustard, perilla, perilla seed, kudzu root, black sesame, black pepper, locust rice, locust flower, dandelion, honey, gardenia, jujube kernel, fresh white grass root, fresh reed root,Belly snake, orange peel, mint, cormorant苡Jen, scallion white, raspberry, rugosa.

  List of items that can be used as health food (in order of strokes): ginseng, ginseng leaves, ginseng fruit, panax notoginseng, earth Poria, large thistle, privet fruit, dogwood, Sichuan achyranthes, Fritillaria cirrhosa, Chuanxiong, red deer fetus, Red velvet antler, red stag bone, salvia miltiorrhiza, Schisandra chinensis, Cimicifuga, Asparagus, Gastrodia elata, Pseudostellaria heterophylla, Morinda officinalis, wood fragrant, wood thief, burdock root, burdock root, plantain, plantain,Beishen ginseng, Pleurotus ostreatus, Xuanshen, Raw Rehmannia glutinosa, Raw Polygonum multiflorum, Baiji, Atractylodes macrocephala, Atractylodes macrophylla, White Cardamom, Shijingming, Dendrobium (provide applicable certificate), Bone Skin, Angelica, Bamboo Ru,Safflower, Rhodiola, American ginseng, Evodia rutaecarpa, Achyranthes bidentata, Eucommia ulmoides, Eucommia leaves, Shayuanzi, Peony skin, Aloe vera, Atractylodes macrocephala, Psoralea ,?

Seed, Chiba, Polygala, Ophiopogon, Tortoise shell, Pelan, Platycladus orientalis, Rhubarb, Polygonum multiflorum, Acanthopanax senticosus, Rosehip fruit, Zelan, Zexie, Rose, Roselle, Zhimu, Apocynum, Kudingcha, golden buckwheat, golden gardenia, green peel, magnolia, magnolia flower, turmeric, coriander shell, coriander fruit, cypress, pearl, gypsophila, fenugreek, madder, coriander, chives, firstBlack rattan, incense stick, bone broken tonic, codonopsis, mulberry peel, mulberry branch, Zhejiang Fritillaria, Motherwort, Centella Asiatica, Epimedium, Cuscuta, Wild Chrysanthemum, Ginkgo Biloba, Astragalus, Hubei Fritillary, SennaLeaves, toads, lingonberries, locusts, pueraria, tribulus, propolis, sour horn, marjoram, ripe rhubarb, mature rhizoma glutinosa, snails.

  List of small items of health food (in order of strokes): star anise, starry hemp, golden gold, earth green wood incense, mandrill, chuanwu, guangfangji, mulberry leaf, horsetail, hex lotus, tianxianzi, croton,Mercury, periwinkle, kansui, born Tiannanxing, born Pinellia ternate, raw white aconite, raw wolf venom, Baijiangdan, Lycoris radiata, Guan Mutong, Nongji silt, oleander, cinnabar, rice shell (baby millet shell),Red Sheng Dan, Taxus, Red Fennel, Red Powder, Staghorn, Sheep, Lijiangshan Cigu, Jing Euphorbia, Kunming Mountain Begonia, Puffer Fish, Habitat, Green Lady Worm, Fish Vine, Digitalis, GoldFlowers, morning glory, vermiculite (white coriander, red coriander, arsenic), Caowu, Xiangjiapi (Barrel willow bark), camel poncho, podophyllum, mangwort, iron mallet, lily of the valley, sagebrush on snow, yellow flower clipBamboo peach, cantharius, sulfur, realgar, tripterygium, belladonna, hellebore, toad cake.

Are you doing the basic steps for skin care? _1

Are you doing the basic skin care steps right?

I believe that many MMs who love beauty will not neglect the maintenance of their skin and will never tire of it.

However, if the steps of skin care are done wrong, it is not worth it.

Especially now, after experiencing severe winter, various skin problems gradually appear.

Then, quickly check through the following five aspects to see if your maintenance work is correct and whether it is most suitable for your skin condition.


hzh {display: none; }  A肌肤护理并非需要使用同一系列产品  商家一般都会建议我们最好使用同一系列的护肤产品。In fact, we should choose the product that suits you best according to the skin condition.

For example, if you like certain series of lotions, but do not like this series of beauty liquids, then you can choose your own beauty liquids.

In fact, all skin care products are similar, even if they are mixed, after 2?
After 3 minutes, it can penetrate into the skin, so it is OK to mix it.

  B clarify the effectiveness and order of use of various skin care products. Toner, beauty lotion, lotion, and cream all have their own functions.

Toner: moisturizes and tightens the skin; beauty liquid: further tightens the skin; lotion: keeps the skin supple; cream: further moisturizes the skin.

  Cosmetic liquid is a special care liquid. Generally, if the skin condition is good, you don’t need to use it.

The difference between lotions and creams is that the moisture and oil content are uniform.

The oily and rich texture is a cream. In the period when it is easy to dry, if you still feel that your skin is not moisturized after using the lotion, you can apply the cream again.

  In addition, the horny skin becomes harder when the skin is dry, and suddenly it is difficult to absorb liquid skin care products at that time.

You should use a less greasy lotion to soften and soften the skin before doing other treatments in order to receive better results.

You cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. C cannot easily determine that cheap skin care products are not good. The prices of various skin care products are generally determined by composition, packaging, advertising, company size, etc.

High-priced products use higher cosmetic ingredients, but they may also be expensive for packaging and advertising.

In addition, some are due to the high quality of products and the effect of brand effects.

To be assured, you should choose more expensive products, but some companies have lowered their prices due to their size and output, and the price of single products will decrease due to the large output. Therefore, it cannot be concluded that cheap skin care products are not good.

  D. Choose skin care products that are suitable for your skin instead of skin care products, you must first understand your skin texture.

How to judge your skin?

  After cleansing the face, do not apply any lotion or lotion. Look after 15 minutes: the skin is still dry and tight-dry skin; itching and reddening-dry sensitive skin; the skin is tight but T startsOily-normal skin; non-tight and soft to the touch-often skin as a whole begins to oily-oily skin.

  Due to different environmental and personal hormones, human skin is different at all ages.

It was oily skin in the twenties, and it was not necessarily oily skin in the thirties.

In addition, as the seasons change and the physical condition of an individual is good or bad, the state of the skin also changes.

Therefore, you should regularly check your skin quality and choose skin care products that are suitable for you according to the situation.

  E How to save skin care products There are products that are particular about unused or unopened products. If you store them in a cool place, you can generally save about two.

Pay attention to the preservation method after opening.

The best place to store is of course a cool place, but it should not be placed in the bathroom or near water.

If it is placed in a dressing room or closet, it is better to choose a moderately cool place.

  However, any skin care product may multiply bacteria after it is opened, so even in the best storage environment, please use it within one year after opening.

Of course, it is also necessary to keep in mind the shelf life of the product. If the product has odor, discoloration, etc. when it is opened, do not use it.

If you’re worried that you won’t run out in a year, buy the small one when you buy it.

For our skin, don’t reuse expired skincare products.

Six tips to remove greasy hair in summer

Six tips to remove greasy hair in summer

What if my hair is greasy?

Hurry up and try these hair care tips below!

  Scalp spray lotion Evenly spray a layer of lotion on the scalp. You can also spray a little more on the roots of the hair, which can alleviate the oily condition of the hair and replenish the hair with proper moisture.

After poking your scalp with your fingers, you can take care of a new hairstyle.

  Wash your hair with clean water every other day If you are used to washing your hair every day, or if you do not wash, you will secrete too much oil, even if you wash it every day, you do n’t need to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.This also removes stains on the hair and scalp, but does not increase the secretion of oil.

For those who do n’t have serious oiliness, wash their heads two or three times a week.

  Choose the right shampoo. If your hair has a lot of oil, it is recommended to use a product with strong cleaning ability. Do not use a moisturizing or repairing function. If the oil is normal, only choose a shampoo with dual effects of hair care and oil control.If the scalp is seldom oily or even dry, replace the nutritional hair care products.

If you have dandruff or even scalp ulcers at the same time, you should choose products containing effective anti-wrinkle.

  Lemonade shampoo First squeeze the juice from the lemon, filter the residue, and then add an appropriate amount of the usual shampoo to the lemon juice. Stir well before using the shampoo.

  Efficacy: Acidic lemon juice has a good effect on cleansing hair.

If oily hair is washed with lemon shampoo, it will feel cleaner and fresher.

  Warm water for washing hair is easier to decontaminate, but it will stimulate the scalp. At the same time when washing the oil, it will also cause the scalp to automatically secrete oil.

So wash your hair with warm water!

  Reasonable exercise should pay attention to develop regular lifestyle habits, ensure adequate sleep, and actively participate in sports, so that the brain is fully regulated and rested, and it is also very helpful for hair maintenance.

Whisky Tasting Quartet


Whisky Tasting Quartet


Looking at the color and carefully observing the color of the wine is the first step.

When holding the glass, hold the bottom of the cup and not hold the cup.

Because the temperature of the finger will subtly change the wine in the cup.

When tasting, first carefully observe under the light to get the best results. You can put a blank sheet of paper on the back of the wine glass as the background.

銆€銆€Whisky is available in a variety of colors, from dark amber to light amber.

Because whiskey is stored in oak barrels, the color of the wine is closely related to the length of time the whiskey is placed in the oak barrel.

Generally, the longer the storage time, the darker the color.


Look at the second step of hanging the cup and tilt the glass.

When you are tilting, move gently and then return to the original state.

You will find that when the wine flows back from the wall, it leaves a trace of wine, which is the hanging cup of the wine.

The so-called “long hanging cup” is the slower speed of the wine stain, and the “short hanging cup” is the speed of the wine trace.

Hanging a cup means that the wine is thicker, thicker, or it may be higher in alcohol.

“Black” whiskey is a very mellow whisky, so its hanging cup is very long.


Smell the scent in Scotland, a good wine tasting master can be described as a day of gold.

When you are whiskey, you can add the right amount of water to the wine. The so-called amount is about 1/3 of the water in the cup.

Because water can bring out the scent, just like when we are raining, we can smell the scent of grass on the grass.

銆€銆€The “black card” whisky is a bit spicy.

Because there are many small islands in the islands of western Scotland, close to the sea, the climate deteriorates throughout the year.

The storm is a frequent visitor here, and the sea breeze blows the breath of the sea here.

So the wine here has been baptized by the sea breeze to produce a sea-like spicy atmosphere with a fresh sea flavor.

銆€銆€The smoky flavor of this wine is reminiscent of the high-quality Cuban cigar.

There is a special peat in Scotland that uses this special peat to dry the malt, which is also deeply inhaled during the drying process.


Tasting the wine first, let the wine reverberate in the mouth and the tip of the tongue, savor the various flavors, and then slowly swallow.

As the whisky blending master Jim Murray said: 鈥淚f I want a sip of spirits, there are many more than 6,000 whiskies to choose from every day.

But at least I have a Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky every week, which is the pinnacle of premium whisky.

In fact, whisky is not necessarily compensated for in a place of high luxury. You can enjoy this happiness at any time with your heart.

Every time in life is beautiful, happiness does not need to cover up, and does not require any rules.

You can drink purely, or add ice cubes, or add cola, or add soda, even if you add green tea, don’t worry that the taste of whisky will be changed.

Because of its taste, it lasts forever.

銆€銆€Whiskey glasses are slow to choose from good wines.

But any kind of wine, not only the wine itself, but also the appreciation of the wine glass.

The premium whiskey glass has a pure appearance, allowing viewers to watch whisky more directly like gold.

銆€銆€The choice of whiskey glasses is also very particular.

The glasses of ordinary whiskey and premium whisky vary in substitution.Generally speaking, the ordinary whiskey glass has a cup outside the mouth, is short and fat, and has a thick material. It is suitable for whisky with lower balance of taste and higher irritation, because a certain amount of whisky needs such a glass to distribute earlier weight.The smell of alcohol, so that the smell and taste of the whiskey is directly emitted, and can not highlight its characteristics.

The replacement of premium whisky glasses is a subdivision.

銆€銆€For example, in the case of whisky in the four major producing regions of Scotland, the substitution of the wine glasses is also different.

The specific rules are as follows: Low-area and West Highland single malt whisky: Most low-level and West Highland single malt whiskies are mild and meticulous. They are suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass with a moderate opening. The cup edge is slightly inward and can be highlighted.Soft grassy fragrance.

銆€銆€Speyer single malt whisky: In general, the most sweet and layered Speyer single malt whisky is suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass that can disperse aroma and thick alcohol from the beginning.Help guide a variety of different aromas and tastes.

銆€銆€High-region and North Highland single malt whisky: There are a wide variety of whiskies in the region, sometimes with a mildly salty taste of the ocean, and a rich and varied taste, suitable for a barrel-shaped wine glass that disperses the impact of alcohol, a large number of cupsThe margins show a rich aroma and taste.

銆€銆€The whisky produced in these areas has a high sweetness and a mellow taste. It is suitable for an inverted bell-shaped wine glass. It disperses the strong strength of the whisky, while the cup mouth can guide the sweet aroma and taste.

銆€銆€Ayre Island Single Malt Whisky: There are many breweries in this area that produce unique smoked flavors with distinctively mellow whisky, suitable for traditional whiskey glasses, because the wide-mouth wine glass can disperse a small amount of whisky.With the smoky flavor, the usual pungent smell is also restored.

Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman


Foreplay teasing into the restricted area of a woman

During the foreplay, don’t directly stimulate the clitoris directly. If there is nothing to make her feel the need, the finger tries to slide in the labia minora. If she will be excited soon, then you should not continue to stimulate her pussy.Attack other parts.

銆€銆€In the process of stimulating the genitals, do not insert your fingers into the vagina, which will shorten the need of the vagina for the penis. Just rub it gently, you can also have oral sex. Pay attention to the method and rub it with your fingers.

銆€銆€If you feel the vaginal wetness, you can insert it. Don’t wait for the love liquid to flow when it is inserted. The friction of the water is small, which will also reduce the stimulation of G.

銆€銆€The depth of insertion depends on the person. Only when you do more can you accurately grasp it. Don’t rush to insert it after entering.

The key to technology is here. You have to let your penis top in the vagina without intervening. She will feel very strange and have a special feeling. She will take the initiative to ask how the penis moves.

This is also a way to increase interest.

銆€銆€Time is not long, you can plug it in, the speed must be controlled, whether it is in or out, the speed should be slow, especially when it comes out, it is necessary to slowly rub, the effort is spent on your control and ability.The penis always has to stand up. When you use this method at first, it will make you very tired, and regular exercise will adapt.

銆€銆€Don’t be idle, hold the body with one hand, join the joint with the other finger, gently rub the upper part of her clitoris, occasionally touch the clitoris, each woman feels different, if she tells the initiativeYour feelings must be done according to what she said, fast and slow, slow and slow, generally Chinese women take the initiative to ask you, indicating that she has a deep need to put down the face of a lady, the kind that does not speak, it needsYou usually have a grasp of her physiological needs.

銆€銆€But remember that the angle of the penis upturn is very important, the finger is easy for the woman to point G orgasm, that is, the finger can be bent, and the hard and strong, if you can keep the penis up, it will also strengthen the hard hardness and strength of the penis.
銆€銆€All you need is to wait for tens of seconds to wait for her excited and unrecognizable calls. If you master the skills, there is no woman in the world who will not call, and the result is often called to make you fear, if you areThe first thing that comes to mind at home is whether parents or neighbors will hear.

銆€銆€Next, the penis can be HAPPY, no need to worry again, change the way you usually do best, can make her excited!

The hot love liquid will also make your penis feel abnormally excited.

After ten seconds, she will calm down, because the vagina is fully overlapping, how can you do it.

銆€銆€After she has calmed down for a minute, she rubbed her clitoris, so that you are always full of excitement about her clitoris. Within thirty seconds, she will once again make you worry that the window is closed, so that is the complete sex, let her clitoris andThe vagina has reached a climax, and in the same ten seconds she will calm down, and the same method can continue to be used in a minute.

However, there is one point to advise everyone, the general climax of the general female body can not stand, so it is best to stop.

銆€銆€Everyone knows a lot about G-points. The disadvantages of controlling the clitoris are: 1.

The nails are easy to scratch into the fragile parts, even if they are not covered, the dirt hidden in the nails can easily cause the genitals to become infected.


Using your fingers to stimulate G-points, you get more visual and auditory enjoyment.

In fact, her true enjoyment is the G-point climax brought by the penis, and the love liquid and heat that she sprays will also enhance your pleasure.


Excessive stimulation of the clitoris, the sensitivity of the clitoris will be reduced, it will become more and more difficult to get clitoris orgasm.