Punk Health reflects the wrong health concept


“Punk Health” reflects the wrong health concept

Luo Dajie, who lives in Aoyuan Kangcheng, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, saw a sentence on her daughter’s WeChat: “The latest night, the most mask.”

“This sentence is written on her friend circle profile.

Looking at this sentence, Luo’s sister got angry: 鈥淚s this not a glamorous child?

“Subsequently, the “mask” and “day and night” became the theme of the recent “fighting” of the mother and daughter.

(August 27th, “Chongqing Morning News”) “The night of the night, the most masked mask”, this poetic words, more straightforward expression, in fact: is: at night, desperately toss not sleep, to the next dayResist the dangers caused by staying up late, and have to desperately toss “save a face.”

In the eyes of many people, this is completely a kind of “smashing”. Since I know that staying up late is not good for the skin, why not go to bed early at night?

This is beneficial to both the body and the skin, while also saving the money to buy a mask.

However, in the eyes of many young people, 鈥済etting up late at night, saving the face during the day鈥?is not only a way of life, a life attitude, but also a way of keeping health, and even a special name: punk health.

The so-called “punk health” refers to “a way of life for the young people to die while saving themselves.” Some netizens summed up the specific performance of “punk health”, except for the “late night,”In addition to the most applied mask, there is also “a barbecue in the middle of the night, afraid of getting angry with herbal tea” “Chinese medicine that eats under the hot pot”, and so on.

On the surface, 鈥減unk health鈥?not only takes care of the young people’s lifestyle, life attitude, consumer psychology, but also reduces the harm to the body caused by this attitude and lifestyle.

However, the so-called “punk health” is just a wishful thinking of most people, or a self-deception.

The prevalence of 鈥減unk health鈥?reflects the misconceptions of contemporary young people on the whole concept of health.

This erroneous health concept is likely to overdraw their bodies, causing a whole generation of “premature failure.”

For example, if you don’t sleep at night and 鈥渟ave people鈥?during the day, those who practice 鈥減unk health鈥?think that this will reduce the damage to the skin during the day and night, but in the eyes of hospital dermatologists, often staying up late, it will lead to endocrine disorders, and even causeThe skin is dehydrated, and at the same time, due to the inability to ensure the timely supply of nutrients, rough, dry, acne, fine lines and other conditions will often appear.

The same is true for health concepts such as 鈥渄rinking herbal tea while eating barbecue鈥?

The so-called “crime” is imagined by netizens, but the harm is quietly eroding the body of young people. Some people even say that the elderly now face many blind spots and misunderstandings in health and health, but young people are in certainThe aspect is not as good as the elderly.

This will undoubtedly cause our reflection and vigilance.

(Yuanguang Yanzhao Metropolis Daily)

Large intestine cleansing diet


Large intestine cleansing diet

Most of the causes of obesity are the accumulation of unhealthy stools in the body, so there will be a large intestine diet.

The large intestine diet is implemented initially in Japan.

This is a kind of use of washing the intestines to achieve the discharge of waste in the body. It is very uncomfortable at first, but you can detect it once in a few months after you have detected the change from the actual feeling.

銆€銆€Steps for preparation of large intestine cleansing After careful consultation, check the weight of 鈥渂efore use鈥?and enter the small room for surgery. Replace the cooking clothes. Of course, take off your underwear. After finishing the toilet, dial the inside line.On the phone, the nurse who is in the clinic will come in, starting with measuring weight.

銆€銆€After step two is relaxed, the nurse will use the abdominal massage to let the sputum slowly relax, then the doctor will come to check the abdomen and use palpation to check the anus.

The body lays up and bends to reveal the front.

銆€銆€After the three doctors leave, the nurse will slightly correct the hose after inserting it into the buttocks, but please try to relax.

銆€銆€After getting ready, I started to wash the intestines.

Slowly inject warm water close to the body and stop when the abdomen begins to swell.

Then the plasma will have the feeling that the air will run away, and then the hot water will flow out through the hose.

The next step is to repeat the injection and discharge of hot water.

銆€銆€The intestines are motivated by the stimulation of hot water, and it is good to have some double feelings.

The nurse’s massage of the abdomen also works to replace the brown liquid.

Then, the biggest point is that you should never use force to relax, use the power and the flow of hot water, the stool will naturally tilt.

銆€銆€Repeat 5-6 times in about 40 minutes and it will be over.

Finally, in the toilet, the hot water in the intestines will be discharged together with the remains of the internal remains.

Weighed 300 grams.

Although it will not be as thin as expected, the body will feel very relaxed.

銆€銆€After washing, the intestines will increase the bacteria and form a good condition, so please take in sufficient water and yogurt.

I started to do it once every few days, about 1-2 times every 2-3 months after about 8 times.