Allergic rhinitis in children?

What are the daily health care methods?

Allergic rhinitis in children?
What are the daily health care methods?

Some people say humanely that they think children’s allergic rhinitis will grow up automatically when they grow up. In this case, why should they be treated, both cost money and waste time!

So is this really the case?

  Clinically, some people do induce allergic rhinitis in early childhood. After puberty, the annoying allergic rhinitis even heals without medicine and appears to be “broken root”.

However, this fact is very rare.

This may be because children with allergies have changed in their living environment, or the children’s internal immune capacity has changed and increased as they grow older, or because of some unknown reasons, but that is only a very rare exception in countless cases.Patients with allergic rhinitis cannot expect to be one of those lucky special cases.

  Allergic rhinitis will not disappear on its own. For children who have implanted and can cause allergic rhinitis, pay attention. If you want to make allergic rhinitis gradually disappear during the growth process, the most important alternative is to make the current allergic rhinitis properly controlled.This includes controlling allergens in the environment and receiving proper treatment.

Allergic rhinitis does not go away on its own.

  If the nasal mucosa is exposed to allergens all the time, the result will be repeated attacks of allergic rhinitis, which will keep the nasal mucosa in the inflammatory state of repeated injuries, and it will become an irreversible pathological change over time.Allergic rhinitis can be cured without medicine after the age, which is almost a nightmare.

  The treatment of allergic rhinitis is based on modern medical standards. Effective treatment of allergic rhinitis is possible, but the correct method is needed.

Therefore, the most important thing for allergic rhinitis is to raise awareness and timely treatment.

  1. The first-generation antihistamine drugs such as chlorpheniramine, diphenhydramine, and other side effects, such as drowsiness and other side effects, are gradually abandoned in clinical practice.

The current commonly used glucocorticoid drugs: usually replace budesonide, fluticasone, mometasone furoate, and so on.

The use of drugs should be prescribed by your doctor.

  2. Nasal saline nasal washing can remove allergens accumulated in the nasal cavity, reduce the irritation of the nasal cavity by allergens, and eliminate allergic rhinitis.

Use Zebik Nasal Wash, 1-2 times a day for a week.

  3. Reasonable immunotherapy: Reasonable immunotherapy is also called desensitization therapy. The effect on pollen and dust mite-induced continuous allergic rhinitis is relatively positive, and the total effective rate can reach more than 80%.

Although complete immunotherapy cannot completely cure allergic rhinitis, it can significantly improve the symptoms of curative rhinitis and prevent the occurrence of surgical diseases.

  4. Neuroanatomy treatment: Plasma cryoablation system is used under nasal endoscope to use anterior ethmoidal nerve replacement to reduce the excitability of parasympathetic nerves. Simultaneously replace the pterygoid nerve and anterior ethmoidal nerve in the nasal cavity.

Short treatment time, suitable for rehabilitation allergic rhinitis.

  Health care methods for allergic rhinitis1. The living room often opens windows, so that the living room is more exposed to sunlight and maintains air circulation.

  2, strengthen exercise, appropriate outdoor sports, enhance physical fitness to be full of righteousness, to resist the invasion of external evils.

  3. When the disease is epidemic, wear a mask when going out.

Eat more onions, garlic, ginger, etc. have preventive effects.

  4. Patients should rest in bed.

The bedroom should be warm and bright, with more windows, but avoid direct hair blowing and strong direct sunlight.

Comparison of 5 kinds of abdominal muscle exercise methods

Comparison of 5 kinds of abdominal muscle exercise methods

Below we compare 5 kinds of abdominal muscle exercises to see which one can strengthen the rectus abdominal muscles more effectively.

  Boarding in the air: Lie on your back with your back and the ground close to the ground.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.

Raise your legs and slowly climb the bike.

Exhale, lift your upper body, touch your left knee with your right elbow joint for 2 seconds, then return.

Touch the left knee with the right elbow again for 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

  Fitness ball crunches: lying flat on the fitness ball, feet flat on the ground, hands on the side of the head, arms open.

The chin is retracted slightly toward the chest, exhaling, contracting the abdominal muscles, lifting the upper body about 45 degrees, holding it for 2 seconds, and then slowly returning to the starting position.

In order to maintain balance, your feet can be separated.

If you increase the difficulty, you can do it with your feet together.

  Lift your legs and roll your abdomen: Lie on your back with your lower back pressed against the ground.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.
Raise your legs at 90 degrees to your upper body, cross your legs, and flex your knees slightly.

Exhale, contract your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body, keep your lower back off the ground, hold for 2 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position.

Attention should be paid to keep the chin down slightly to the chest.

  Reverse belly curl: Lie on your back with your lower back close to the ground, your hands on the main axis of your body, your legs raised 90 degrees to your upper body, your legs crossed, and your knees slightly bent.

Tighten the abdominal muscles, then exhale slightly to raise the top, lower hips slightly off the ground, hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Traditional abdominal crunch: Lie on your back with your lower back pressed against the ground.

Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms.
Keep your legs flat on the ground and bend your knees.

The chin is retracted slightly toward the chest, contracting the abdominal muscles, exhaling and lifting the upper body, the lower back cannot be off the ground, hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  Electromyography (EMG) tests have found that airborne boarding is the most effective exercise for rectus abdominis.

The second place is to lift your legs and crunches, and the third is to exercise the crunches.

Studies have shown that when a type of training requires sustained stability and body rotation of the abdominal muscles, the abdominal muscles can produce maximum activity.

Because of the need to control balance in an unstable environment, exercise ball crunches require more muscle contraction and control than traditional crunches during crunch training.

  In fact, for best results, it is recommended to try a variety of exercises on a regular basis, because this can build different muscles and is not easy to get tired.

Never choose a certain exercise method, training and strengthening the abdominal muscles takes time and patience.

Keep in mind that the training goal for abdominal muscles is muscle endurance, without increasing muscle and strength.

Finally, remember to perform muscle contraction after exercise.

How to tell the difference between good and bad

How to tell the difference between good and bad

What do parents care about?

The baby eats and drinks Lasa every day and fills the parents’ hearts.

If you do n’t eat well, you ‘re worried about your baby ‘s nutrition. If you have a “smelly” problem, it ‘s even more anxious. Poor parents!

In fact, to a certain extent, stink is a barometer of your baby’s health. It is a mirror that reflects the function of your baby’s gastrointestinal tract. Carefully observe and understand the significance of the stink.heart.

  Is it smelly?

  Because breast milk is rich in oligosaccharides, it can fully stimulate gastrointestinal motility, so most babies will not have lumpy odor, nor obvious odor, golden yellow, occasionally greenish and relatively thin;Or like ointment, uniform.

Babies who take formula milk have a stool volume that is usually dry, rough, and slightly hard like plaster.

After the supplementary food is added, through the increase in the number and type of complementary foods, the baby’s stool will gradually approach the adult, the color will start to darken, and it will have different colors depending on the food.

These are normal good “smelly” manifestations.

  Would it be some kind of performance?

  No. 1 stinky smell: hard stool, ball performance: baby’s stool is dry and caked, sometimes like sheep’s stool, one by one, it is very laborious and painful to pull the odor, even sometimesWill not come out.

  Resolution: more than 90% of children do not have organ problems. They are functional constipation, mainly due to imbalanced development of various organs, meat and vegetables, and fast food, fried food, convenient food, and playfulness.They would not care about it, drinking too little water and other reasons.

  Prevention: In order to prevent the occurrence of constipation, the baby’s diet should increase the implantation of vegetables and fiber.

Parents should encourage them to eat more fiber-based vegetables and cereals.

Usually should consciously cultivate the baby to develop a regular bowel habit, and develop a good habit of pulling stinks every day.

If the constipation can’t pull out, you can apply enema to help soften the hardened stool, reduce friction, and help defecation.

  No. 2 bad stinky stinky smell: the baby’s stools are mushy and mixed with the smell of food spoilage.

  Analysis: Mostly due to babies eating too much and indigestion.

There is foam in the stench, and the acidity is pungent, which may be caused by indigestion of sugars.

Stool smells like rotten eggs and may be protein indigestible.

The stool is yellowish, heavy, and shiny like oil, which means that there is too much food in the stool.

  Prevention: Regulate your baby’s diet.

For lactating babies, pay attention to whether the formula is too high, whether you need to increase or decrease sugar or temporarily switch to low-fat milk, etc. (but note that low-fat milk cannot be eaten for a long time as a normal diet).

For babies who have already added non-staple food and weaned, you should reduce or suspend the corresponding food types according to the situation, and then add them gradually after the baby’s stool returns to normal.

You can also give your baby a multivitamin to help digestion.

  Stink No. 3: Stool with pus and blood: The baby’s stool is as thin as water, or it contains pus, blood, mucus, and the number of stools is increased.Enteritis and dysentery caused by this, at this time the baby’s stool frequency suddenly increased significantly, accompanied by fever, stomach pain, vomiting, do not want to eat and cold hands and feet.

  Prevention: Wash your hands before and after meals, peel the fruits, and avoid drinking raw water.

The food in the refrigerator should be thoroughly heated before eating. In summer, babies are most greedy for cold drinks, and parents should control their diet.

The baby’s tableware and various supplies should be disinfected frequently; let the baby often go to the tableware and bask in the sun to improve the resistance.

Autumn cold hits 8 soups to prevent colds

Autumn cold hits 8 soups to prevent colds

After the fall, the weather gradually cools down, and the temperature difference between morning and evening changes greatly. At this time, it is most likely to be affected by a cold.

In daily life, pay more attention to the body, ensure the combination of work and rest, strengthen physical exercise, improve physical immunity, and ensure sleep quality.

Pay attention to light in the diet and avoid cold and spicy food.

Today, I will bring you a few easy-to-make soups, specializing in the cold in autumn, so that everyone can spend this autumn safely.


Ingredients for Bai Zhi Rolling Fish Head Soup: 10 grams of Bai Zhi (available in Chinese medicine stores), 30-40 grams of Bai Zhi, 1 fish head, 100 grams of pork fat, 5 slices of ginger.

  Method: Wash everything, cut the fish head in half to the gills, and cut the pork fat into thin slices.

Put white crickets into a clay pot first and add 1500 ml (6 bowls) of water to boil for 10 minutes. Filter out the iron simmers under the liquid medicine, and boil the ginger. Then, lower the fish heads, pork fats until cooked, simmer and salt.can.

This amount attracts 3-4 people.

  Efficacy: Chinese herbal medicine Baijiu is an antidote, with its warm and spicy properties, with the effects of removing wind and drying, purging and analgesic pain, and is often used for colds, headaches, nasal congestion, brow ribs and so on.

Its Xin spray nasal ascension, Tongqiao analgesic effect is particularly strong.

Paired with sweat-sucking fish heads, it has a pleasant squirting nose and can drive heat and heat. It is very effective for the beginning of colds, rhinoplasty, runny nose and wind-heat colds.


Cabbage and beef louver soup ingredients: 500 grams of fresh cabbage, 250 grams of beef louver, sesame oil, fish sauce, MSG each amount.

3 slices of ginger.

  Method: Wash the fresh cabbage and ginger; soak the beef louver, wash, and cut into pieces.

Add ginger to the frying pan, explode the beef louvers, add an appropriate amount of water, and boil over high heat.

Add cabbage and simmer for 1 hour, add fish sauce, and MSG to taste.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and relieving summer heat, appetizing and neutralizing, can treat wet autumn colds, has a therapeutic effect on body heat, thirst, tiredness, and general discomfort, and can also be used as a summer family dish.


Ingredients for lotus leaf chrysanthemum soup: a fresh lotus leaf (or 12 grams of dried lotus leaf), 12 grams of chrysanthemum, and 30 grams of indica rice.

  Efficacy: This soup Qingshu has a good effect on dampness.


Coriander radish and tempeh soup ingredients: 15 grams of cilantro, 10 grams of light tempeh, 1 white radish, 30 grams of onion, 3 slices of ginger, 1 green onion, and a small amount of mustard.

  Method: After the white radish is cut into pieces and cooked, the rest is put in and cooked for a few minutes before serving.

  Efficacy: Radish is rich in vitamin C and trace element zinc, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune function and improve disease resistance. It can be used to treat sore throat, hoarseness, and aphonia.


Huashi soup materials: Huoxiang, Suye, Bupleurum, Scutellaria baicalensis, Chenpi, 12 grams each of Pinellia ternata, 15 grams each of mint and bamboo leaves, 20 grams of pueraria root, 10 grams each of Atractylodes japonica and Jiao Sanxian, 6 grams of licorice.

  Method: decoction, 1 dose daily.

At the same time with Huoxiangzhengqi Capsule, Qingwei Pill is taken orally.

  Efficacy: clearing away heat and dampness, suitable for patients with excessive humidity and suffering from cold evil.


Mung bean purslane soup ingredients: 100 g of mung beans, 100 g of purslane, 100 g of lean pork, 4 capsules of garlic, discretionary oil and salt.

  System of law: Wash the medicine, purslane cut into sections.

Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, first cook mung beans for about 15 minutes, then add other soups, cook for about 1 hour, until the lean pork is soft and cooked, and seasoned.

  Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, removing dampness and reducing diarrhea.


Winter Melon Kelp Soup Ingredients: 100 grams of winter melon, 30 grams of kelp, shrimp skin, catfish production method: winter melon slices, washed kelp, shrimp skin, appropriate amount of salt, cooked soup, once a day
You can also add anchovy and stew the soup together.
  Efficacy: Winter melon tastes sweet and cold, can clear heat and water, relieve swelling and detoxification, and eliminate irritation; kelp tastes salty cold, clears heat and water, nourishes yin and stops bleeding; catfish has sweet taste, can strengthen spleen, stomach, and dampnessQuench thirst.

This side has a significant effect on summer heat and dehumidification.


Ingredients for Apple Apricot Sand Bone Soup: 250 grams of sand bones, 1/2 of apples, 3 fresh apricots, 2 grams of salt, 5 grams of cooking wine, ginger slices, 3 grams of soy sauce, a little pepper, and 5 grams of oil.

  Preparation method: Add salt to the sand bones, soak raw pepper, and marinate them for 15 minutes; heat the pan, pour the oil, fry the marinated sand bones into the pan and fry them on both sides; pour in broth or water, and cook on high heatTurn on, roll for 5 minutes to make milk-white soup, and use a spoon to scrape the surface of the foam, so that the soup is clear and pure; pour the soup into a casserole, turn it to a high heat and cook again; add ginger slices,Reduce to low heat and boil 1.

5 hours; cut apples into large pieces, soak in salt water to prevent discoloration, set aside; apricots are pitted and cut into large pieces, also soaked in salt water; finally, pour the apples and apricots into the cooked soup and cook for another 30 minutesJust taste it, just adjust the saltiness appropriately.

  Efficacy: Apricot fruit has good medical effects. It is an important place in Chinese herbal medicine. It can help treat wind and cold lung disease, rejuvenate and quench thirst, moisten lungs, reduce phlegm, clear heat and detoxify.

Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

Several common misunderstandings of women’s weight loss in summer

With the arrival of summer, many women are worried about their bodies and are eager to lose weight.

Only by using the right method can we achieve the purpose of weight loss and ensure the health of the body. The following are some of the wrong areas for you to correct the concept of weight loss.

  Misunderstanding 1: Eating spicy foods can reduce weight. The effects of spicy foods are not so great. Most spicy foods cause irritation of the gastric mucosa, affect the function of the metabolic tract, and cause severe gastric bleeding.

And eating too much spicy food will make the skin rough.

  Misunderstanding 2: Eat low-fat foods that are not easy to gain weight. The feces that are not easy to eat will not be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and the decomposition of feces can also inhibit the synthesis of trace amounts in the body to a certain extent.

The best diet contains the right amount of aunt, fruits and vegetables and dairy products.

  Misunderstanding 3: Consistently eating fruit meals to lose weight. A single and constant recipe is the same as fruit slimming, which will reduce the intake of many nutrients. Over time, the body’s comprehensive and balanced nutrition is harmful and unhelpful.

  Mistake area four: The better the effect of reducing exercise intensity, the “overeating” method cannot be taken during physical exercise, and the amount of exercise is suddenly increased or the exercise is suddenly interrupted.

Only by mastering the principle of gradual change from person to person, can we get the best results in the shortest time.

Eggs are more nutritious than eating egg whites in the yolk.

Eggs are more nutritious than eating egg whites in the yolk.

The fact is that all the health ingredients in eggs are in the yolk.

Egg white has only 88% moisture, potassium and relatively pure protein.

Almost all vitamins and trace elements, as well as health ingredients such as choline, betaine, lutein, omega-3 fatty acids are in the egg yolk.

Eating eggs instead of egg yolks loses the health significance of eating eggs. It is better to eat a piece of tofu.

  And, what’s most gratifying is that no matter what cooking method is used, the health ingredients in egg yolks change little.

In the past, the so-called different nutrient absorption rate of different cooking methods of eggs was mainly spread in terms of protein digestibility, but did not provide information on the micronutrient and health ingredient retention rates.

Because the egg yolk is located in the center, the contact with oxygen during cooking is reduced, and it is not necessarily directly exposed to high heat, so the nutritional components in it can be basically preserved.

  These ingredients in eggs, which are said to increase the risk of high blood pressure, are better said to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and various senile diseases.

The combination of folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, together with betaine, is the combination that is most conducive to lowering homocysteine levels.

Lutein and zeaxanthin, together with choline and lecithin, are beneficial for reducing cardiovascular risk.

Vitamin A, vitamin B2, lutein and zeaxanthin are all good for delaying the aging of eyes.

So, despite having so much cholesterol, it cannot be said arbitrarily that egg yolk is harmful to health.

In fact, no research has directly proven that eating egg yolks increases the risk of heart disease.

  However, the folic acid content in eggs is still too low. If you eat a lot of dark green leafy vegetables while eating eggs, the effect will be more outstanding.

Green leafy vegetables are not the best source of folic acid, but also the best source of lutein, while providing compressed flavonoids.

These health ingredients work together to be more effective in preventing heart disease.

At the same time, because egg yolk contains too much phosphorus, if it is supplemented with potassium, calcium, magnesium and low-phosphorus green leafy vegetables, it can achieve a balanced state of nutrients.

  Experts recommend that you eat fish meat only 3-4 days a week, and the rest of the day, use eggs, soy products and nuts as a staple food to provide protein.

For example, eating 200 grams of simmered green leafy vegetables for lunch, an egg cooked with less oil, and fried vegetables with 50 grams of dried tofu, and a bowl of rice with coarse grains or beans, can provide 27 grams of protein, about350 mg of calcium, as well as a lot of health ingredients such as lecithin, lutein, vitamin B2, vitamin A and so on.

This way of eating, for reducing the risk of heart disease, for protecting eyesight, for bone health and beauty, is really worse than the braised beef set and sweet and sour pork set in fast food restaurants.

Chiropractic can be deadly

Chiropractic can be deadly

A healthy spine looks like a graceful “S” from the side. It even provides support to the human body and provides necessary protection to the nerve center.

However, if we maintain the same posture for a long time or perform the same action repeatedly, such as long-term desk work, our spine and surrounding muscles will be forced to maintain the same shape, and the spine and related tissues will be unknowinglyChanges occur, which is a kind of gradual and cumulative static damage.

  Each of the 24 “components” that make up the spine has six joints, so it can rotate in six directions.

After a spinal injury occurs, these “components” will gradually leave their original “jobs” and become dislocated.

Because almost all the nerves from the brain pass through the spine to reach the various organs of the human body, once they become small “parts” that are dislocated, compressing the nearby nerves and the soft tissues of the blood vessels, it will affect the information transmission of related organs and parts., Blood circulation, the elderly affect the functioning of the organs, causing the body to appear waist and leg pain, palpitation, insomnia, chest tightness, nausea, numbness in the arms, decreased vision, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

  The middle and lower segments of the cervical spine were inserted into the brachial plexus and compressed, causing shoulder, back, and hand pain or numbness.

The misalignment of the third thoracic spine can cause chest tightness, panic, and misalignment of the sacroiliac joints may cause “long and short legs” and so on.

A common form of cervical dislocation is rotary dislocation. Drivers, engineers, basketball players, and people who are often forced to work at heights are most prone to this type of cervical dislocation.

  Because spine problems are common in the crowd, many people like to patronize massage institutions to “loose loose” for their stiff necks and aching waists.

However, non-professional spine massage may make the spine joint dislocation more serious and may cause more serious consequences.

A professional chiropractor will definitely ask the patient if there are contraindications to spine massage such as spinal fractures, tumors, tuberculosis, etc. before performing massage treatment for the patient.

If you still receive massage with the above contraindications, or the masseur’s technique is incorrect, it may cause the spinal cord to be compressed, damaged, and the patient may experience paraplegia or even death.

In fact, the step of asking if there are contraindications is often overlooked by non-professional masseuses.

Elderly depression can not be ignored

Elderly depression can not be ignored

The elderly are older, their spirits and physical strength are not as good as before, and they often have the feeling of aging. Coupled with retirement, widowhood and other changes in life and economic conditions, some will have symptoms such as depression, pessimism and even life.

People mistake this for “thought problems” or “narrow minds”, and do not think that they are morbid, delay treatment, and cause hatred.

This is particularly worthy of recognition among the elderly.

  People with depression have certain symptoms, some have fewer symptoms, some have more symptoms, and the severity of symptoms varies from person to person.

Usually, the symptoms of depression mainly include the following manifestations: △ persistent grief, anxiety, or mental “emptiness”.

  △ pessimistic disappointment.

  △ guilt, loss of value and lack of help.

  △ Lost interest in hobbies and activities that have been studied in the past.

Or can’t have fun, including sexual activity.

  △ decreased appetite or weight loss, or excessive weight gain.

  △ Insufficient strength, easy to fatigue, and become “lazy.”

  △I think of death, there are suicidal thoughts and plans.

  △ irritability and irritability.

  △ It is difficult to concentrate, memory is diminished, and it is difficult to make judgments and decisions about things.

  △ persistent, ineffective physical symptoms such as headache, digestive disorders and chronic pain.

  Prevention and treatment First, psychotherapy: depression in the elderly is caused by mental factors. At the same time, psychological counseling is very important. For the elderly who have depression, they should communicate with them more and more, so that they become lonely and reIntegrate into society and create a good environment for their lives.

  The second is physical therapy: physical exercise can give people a feeling of their own master, which is beneficial to overcome the loneliness of depressed patients, but exercise must have a certain intensity, duration and frequency to achieve results.

Walking is an effective method. Experts recommend that the elderly walk 1,500 meters a day and strive to finish in 15 minutes.

Later, gradually increase the distance until 4,000 meters in 45 minutes, which has a certain effect on senile depression.

However, when you start exercising, you must get the doctor’s consent.

  The third is nutritional therapy: the vitamins and amino acids contained in food have an important impact on the human spirit.

Therefore, it is recommended that elderly patients with depression eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as coarse grains, fish, etc., if necessary, allow patients to take a certain dose of multivitamin B.

  In addition, it can also be combined with music therapy.

Of course, if the illness is serious, you should go to a mental hospital immediately.

  Don’t blame the depressed person for being sick or lazy, or ask him to cheer up immediately.

Remember, to make patients clear their concerns and let them know that giving time for treatment and help can cure depression.

Seven strokes to help you create a charming breast

Seven strokes to help you create a charming breast

The 2015 Super Bowl advertising celebrity, NBA star Odom’s eldest son, Kim Kardashian, exposed on his personal social network to take a photo with the US President’s Watch. “Undressed” Kardashian was sexy and charming.Why is Kardashian so attractive?

Especially the “chest” that attracts attention, please follow the editor to learn how to develop a beautiful breast!

  First, the correct sitting position to maintain a good sitting position will greatly help the chest.

  Specific method: Try to raise the tibia as much as possible, instead of reducing the dark order of the abdomen, and maintain a correct sitting position with multiple opposite sides, which is also an effective correction method for the female body.

  Second, bath and breast massage Many people have heard that bathing can increase breasts, but few people know the specific method.

  Specific method: Rinse the top with a shower head when bathing, use warm water, and rinse every 1 minute to promote thymus development and stimulate blood circulation.

This not only keeps it clean, but also increases the flexibility of dark colors and prevents sagging.

  Third, foods that are conducive to the development of the retina. Food can provide sufficient nutrition and proper skin exercise, which will be more effective for breast development.

In order to promote breast development during adolescence, you can eat some foods with vitamin E and beneficial hormones, such as cabbage, cauliflower, sunflower oil, corn oil, and rapeseed oil.Foods such as eggs, lean meat, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, beans, vegetable oils, etc.

  1. Detailed explanation of the green papaya breast enhancement tricks: peel the green papaya, remove the seeds, cut into pieces, chop the ribs, and blanch with hot water.

Bring to a boil in a pot. Put the ribs, papaya, spring onion, ginger, and cooking wine in it. Stew over low heat for 3 hours. Sprinkle with salt to taste.

Special reminder, fresh papaya is slightly bitter in winter, which is normal and can be eaten with peace of mind.

  Efficacy analysis: Green papaya has been the first breast enhancement fruit since ancient times. Lin Xilei and Xu Huaiyu have all used it to breast enhancement.

Because the rich papaya enzymes and vitamin A in it can stimulate the secretion of female hormones, help breast enhancement, papaya enzymes can break down proteins, promote the body’s absorption of proteins, and eat meat with the best results.

  2. Red dates tea breast enhancement Chinese medicine believes that red dates are sweet and warm, and have the effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach. After serving, they can reconcile the medicinal properties, improve qi and vitality, nourish blood and calm the nerves.

After birth or during menstruation, eating can nourish the body.

In addition, it can be used for beauty and breast enhancement.

Both edible and medicinal value.

  Jujube tips: 1.

During the period of menstruation, if the eyes are swollen, and the feet are swollen, we should not choose recipes containing red dates.


People with colds, fever, bloating, weak spleen and stomach, and diabetic patients should not consume red dates.

  Tips: This tea drink is the best recipe for breast enhancement and breast milk. You can take it repeatedly several times and stick to it for a long time.

  3. Detailed explanation of avocado breast enhancement tricks: half avocado, dig out the flesh, add 250ml of fresh milk, an appropriate amount of walnuts, whipped into juice, and season with honey.

  The best analysis: Taiwan’s first beauty Xiao Qiang often uses this avocado juice, and its breast-enhancing effect is confocal.

Avocado is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can increase skin tissue elasticity. Vitamin A can promote female hormone secretion, vitamin C can prevent the deformation of lipids, and vitamin E can help development.

The protein and starch contained in fresh milk and walnuts can increase the swelling of the corpora cavernosa and also have breast enhancement effects.

  Fourth, sports breast enhancement Sports breast enhancement is a method of breast enhancement that many people choose, and women choose to exercise upper body sports.

Although there are too many breast tissue muscles that cannot be enlarged by exercise, exercise can enhance and strengthen the lower chest muscles. Complications of developed chest muscles expand and it appears that the breasts will be fuller, so do breast expansion and deep breathing exercises sooner or later.Conducive to the even development of the pectoral muscles.

Especially the sport of swimming has great benefits to the chest.

  Recommended exercise: Yoga Breast Enhancement 1, put your hands together on the chest.

First, whether you are sitting or standing, put your hands together and put them in front of your chest with a slight force to push each other. The elbows are opened, so that the hands are in a straight line, and the outside of the sides feel powerful.


Do not hump, do not step on the shoulders and press down on the shoulders, maintain normal deep suction, deep spit, maintain 15?
20 seconds.

  2. Pull your palms upwards and raise your elbows to move inward. Then, keep the palms pushing each other up and extend upwards, and move your elbows inward to bring your chest into a tight grip. Remember not to shrug your shoulders and press down on your spineStraighten, maintain normal deep suction, deep spit, and maintain 15?
20 seconds.

  Fifth, acupuncture and breast enhancement traditional Chinese medicine said that the nipples belong to the foot jue yin liver meridian, and the breasts belong to the foot meridian stomach meridian.
  It is recommended that before performing acupuncture and breast enhancement, find a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner to diagnose it. If the spleen and stomach function is not good, you should first nurse your spleen and stomach, or cook at home a breast-enriching medicinal diet that can supplement the spleen and stomach.”Liver Channel” and “Chong, Ren, with pulse”, in other words, must meet the conditions of “sufficient gas, liver Qi up, Chong, Ren, pulse with full and smooth” conditions, the three coordination, breast enhancement can be successfully achieved.

  Sixth, the underwear brings out a good figure and a good bra. It does restore the blood circulation of the breast, prevents blockage of breast blood flow, and is conducive to breast development and enhanced resistance.
It should be noted that the model of the bra should be adapted to the size of the breast, and it should not be too tight, and the appropriate model should be replaced in a timely manner. Second, the material for making the bra should not be too hard, be soft, supportive and have a certain breathability.It is better to use thin cotton cloth. Other chemical fibers such as nylon have poor hygroscopicity and air permeability, so it is better not to use it.

  The bra strap should not be too thin or too narrow. It should be two fingers wide and should not be replaced with a string to avoid wounding the skin. Third, there must be a certain adjustment time every day. When going to bed at night, remove the bra to make the breasts and chestThe hip muscles relax, which is good for local blood circulation.

  Seventh, massage breast enhancement massage was originally a method of Chinese medicine as a method of curing illness and healing. The era has changed to modern times, and massage has gradually become a way to relieve stress and lose weight.

And breast enhancement massage is to fully exert the effect of massage.

  Breast enhancement massage is mainly to stimulate the secretion of hormonal hormones in the body by massaging the chest so that it can continue to develop.

In addition, massage lenses can also speed up local blood circulation and make it slightly larger.

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

How to deal with anger between husband and wife

First, learn to analyze unreasonable anger. In daily work and life, often because of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with others, the most common reaction is anger.

Many people think that their anger is reasonable and should erupt, and the fault is on others, but this is not necessarily the case. Most of the anger is unreasonable.

  Psychological analysis found three sources of unreasonable anger: First, selfish requirements can be met.

  Selfishness is a source of undue anger.

The more selfish a person is, the more angry he will be.

In other words, when you just ask someone in your personal position, you will pick up the faults of others or you will always feel that you are emotionally and emotionally disadvantaged and get angry.

  So sometimes our anger is caused by selfishness. If we should calm ourselves down first, then forgive each other.

  Second, the requirements of perfectionism cannot be met.

This is more manifested in my own anger towards myself. I am always angry because I fail to meet the requirements I have in mind. When I feel that I cannot satisfy my desires and requirements, an emotion of self-demobilization and self-denial comes to my face.At the same time, when you find that your ability is not better than others, you will lose your confidence in life. Then inferiority is a kind of self-anger, and it is also the anger that abuses you. This is also the most common psychological manifestation of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In addition, the same is true of others, always standing in the position of perfectionist and asking others to satisfy themselves, hoping that others will do things according to their own intentions.

  Three, suspicious.

A person with a suspicion will often misinterpret the motives of others, always doubting that their actions may cause harm to themselves, and always think that others have any intentions about themselves.

  Therefore, when you want to be angry, ask yourself if your anger is reasonable. If it is related to the three above, it is unreasonable. Let the irrational anger disappear.

  Second, learn to express your anger through the above-mentioned introspective rational thinking, and confirm that your anger is reasonable, then you should face it bravely.

This is another way to eliminate anger.

Why express anger?

  1. Being good at expressing our anger helps us to rationally understand the truth of the facts, and at the same time effectively suppresses hindering consciousness and depression.

If you do n’t dare to say anything, your inner imbalance suppresses you all day, and you have no mood to be happy at all. This is also the negative thinking that causes your depression, and you have a face that is aggrieved or unforgiving.

  2, reasonable expression of anger helps us to forgive each other in a timely manner.

People need to vent their anger, that is, play the function of deflation, letting out all the internal grievances and dissatisfaction. When one is relaxed, it is easy to accept others’ mistakes. When you are angry, you often see yourself.Accepting others is easier only when you are calm.

  3. Use our decent words to express our anger, and tell the other party to express their anger for understanding, not for revenge, so that the other party is more willing to learn to respect and care.

  4. Effective anger helps us prevent gossip.

Settle your own affairs, and resolve the matter between the two people immediately. Don’t listen to what other people think. Proper explanations can easily cause mutual trust between the two sides.

  5, good at using appropriate language to express anger is conducive to calm the strong psychology of a violent personality.

The stronger you are in the face of strength, the less self-sustaining impact will result, but choosing too weak will indulge the opponent ‘s strong mentality, and you will never find the opportunity to stand up.

So proper anger is a complement to strength, and it’s also the best way to take Roch.

For example, men are most afraid of women’s tears. If you shed tears to get angry, the other party will be discouraged.

  6. Proper anger helps to increase the rhythm of communication between the two parties.

If silence is an intolerable negative manifestation, it can be said that anger is a positive element.

With proper anger, it will attract the attention of the other party, and it is also a good positive message for the couple.

  Therefore, if people have learned a rational communication attitude and skills, no matter when and when they face anyone, you will be confident.

Recognition is reasonable, and you will not give up, but recognizing yourself is unreasonable, you have to deal with others.

Letting others go is actually giving you a sincere opportunity.

  Third, deal with the anger of the day in time, learn to forgive each other before going to bed, and don’t let your anger be.

Anger happens and disappears at any time, but if you always put it in your heart and you can’t bear it, then it will deteriorate in your heart.

It may turn into resentment or it may turn into negative emotions for life.

  Fourth, do not resent or revenge the account in mind only remember happy things, only remember the good and lovely of others, refuse to record the bad and anger of others.

Let your mind be more open and your personality more cheerful. Don’t let your mind shrink, let alone your heart be filled with any hatred, let us be more frank and simple, maybe we will be happier and worry-free.