How to control the ball is not afraid of being robbed


How to control the ball is not afraid of being robbed


Take a big step in your right hand control, the body is attached to the right side of your body, the curved arm is stretched, inserted between your body and the ball, and the ball is shot off.


Take a small step when you change your right hand to the left hand. The expansion is just on your line, waiting for you to put the ball into his hand.

銆€銆€To deal with the first type of break, just when the opponent rushes up, slamming the right body, using the left shoulder to block the other party’s forward route, the other party’s other interest slows down; or the head hits your shoulder, you can’t say it, know that you are notI am so irritated.

銆€銆€To deal with the second method, remember that the ball control is lower.

銆€銆€When facing the national defense, the other party often forced and smashed, making your heart very empty. In fact, the best way to deal with the other party is to force you to squeeze him. Once you squeeze him, he will be inconvenient to move, and naturally you will not be able to break you.The ball is gone.

This is especially effective when playing fast one-on-one, you don’t have to rush very fast, as long as you resist the other side, while holding the ball and making a layup.

At the same time, you must also play the role of the left hand, the right hand to control the ball, the left hand must stretch long, it is best to block the other side of the waist, so that the other side of the movement you will be clear, this move is particularly worth turning around.