Ten different reasons for obesity


Ten different reasons for obesity

Recently, more than 20 nutritionists from the United States, Canada, Italy and the country have carefully reviewed the recent articles published in more than 100 papers in the world, and found that in addition to diet and exercise,In fact, there are still many reasons that may cause too much.

In summary, there are as many as 10 kinds.


Lack of sleep can make people fat.

Due to the accelerated pace of life, people are constantly busy dealing with various problems that need to be solved. Over time, the time of sleep is slowly deprived invisibly.

Insufficient long-term sleep can affect the eating cycle of the human body clock and also reduce the amount of Leptin protein in the blood.

This protein has an appetite-suppressing effect and also affects the brain’s judgment of whether the body has enough food.

When a person is asleep, even if he is hungry, he will not get up and eat immediately.

But when staying up late, the stomach is more likely to feel obese, and unknowingly eats extra content.


The effects of hormones.

Due to the influence of the food chain, there may be residual hormones in the food entering the human body, resulting in an endocrine balance being affected, making it easier for unfortunate accumulation in the human body.



Less and less people around the smoke will also get fat.

The smell of smoke has an appetite suppressing effect on both the smoker and the passive smoker.


air conditioning.

The human body enjoys air conditioning, and the heat inside the body is consumed enough.


The anion of the drug also makes people fat.


Structural changes in the social population.

The population that people start to bless in middle ages has an increasing proportion of the total population.


Aboriginal time.

As the childbearing age grows, the weight of children born to older mothers is generally heavier.


Genetic relationship.

It is easier for a fat person to find a family with similar size to form a family.

Children under fat life are also more likely to become fat people.

Now there are a lot of fat people, and the descendants of fat people are growing in the form of geometric progression.


The orientation of social aesthetics.



According to Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, fat people are more likely to survive than thin people.

Long-term evolutionary accumulation of obese people has an advantage in the population.
銆€銆€Some of these statements sound really ridiculous, but in the end they are the result of research.