[How to make fish soup is delicious and nutritious?

】 _How to boil_How to boil

Fish is an inedible thing in our daily life. The nutritional value of fish is higher than that of other meats, and it is also rich. The flesh of fish is also very delicate. It can even nourish human skin and is easy to digestFrequently eating fish has many benefits for human brain development. When eating fish, many people like to drink fish stew soup, how to make fish soup delicious and nutritious?

Cooking fish soup seems simple, but in fact, it is also particular about it. When we eat outside, we will find that the fish soup outside is always white, looks good, and has all colors and aromas.

But when I cook fish soup at home, it seems that the color is always so bad. I can’t cook milk white no matter how I cook it.

This is because every step and detail of yours will affect the final product of the fish soup.

Many people think that the reason why the outside is so white is that some people have to suspect that it is an additive that dare not let people know. In fact, it is not, but some small secrets that only chefs know.

There is an unavoidable step in fish stew, which is to fry the fish first and then stew the fish soup. This will ensure that the fat in the fish body is fried. Oil is also a key factor in determining whether the soup is white.The body is complete so that there will be no black sludge when stewing fish.

When the fish is stewed, as the water is constantly boiling and heating, the feces in the ingredients become small oil droplets, and the small oil droplets are surrounded by protein, so the fish soup will become turbid and white.

In addition, remember to add salt at the end of cooking fish soup. If you add salt first, the fish’s umami will not be fully evaporated into the fish soup.

The above points are the key to cooking a white and nutritious fish soup. The key is that the taste is good, better than the restaurant.

How to make stewed bonito soup is the most nutritious way. One, the bonito is ready to be washed, and the salad oil is added to the pot (rarely a little bit).

Such a large area like a 1 yuan coin can be).

When the oil is 80% hot, add the fish and fry on both sides quickly.

Braised Sturgeon Soup HR.

jpg Then put boiling water in the pot, add the onion segments and ginger slices.

After the fire has boiled, turn to medium heat and simmer until the soup is white.

After stewing the soup, add salt and pepper.

The second method, five catfish, is the fish that my husband fished. It ‘s like this when I take it home, swim in the water, absolutely fresh!

Remove the scales from the anchovy, clean them, pour an appropriate amount of water into the casserole, add the onion ginger slices, and then place the anchovies.

After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for an hour and a half.

Stir-fried catfish soup, season with some salt.

There are less fish and more water, so the color is lighter.

Method three, one catfish, three slices of ginger, one green onion, oil, salt, green onion.

Put oil in the pan, heat it up, and push away with a shovel.

Fry the sturgeon slightly.

After the fish has changed color, add 1 1/2 bowls of water!

The bowl is your bowl for fish soup.

Put the ginger and spring onion, cover the pot, and boil over medium heat for 20 minutes.

The soup is white.

If you have enough time, put 2 bowls of water, boil over high heat and simmer over low heat for 2 hours. At that time, the fish meat is dissolved in the soup, add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence, and you can cook in 2 minutes.
Finally sprinkle with green onions.