Cold Winter Ziyin Bushen Yiqi Huoxue Regular Black Rice

Cold Winter Ziyin Bushen Yiqi Huoxue Regular Black Rice

In the cold season, the kidney qi is the first.

In the relationship between the five internal organs and the five elements, the black corresponds to the kidney, while the black rice is flat, sweet, and has the effects of nourishing yin and kidney, nourishing qi and activating blood, and warming the liver. It is a good ingredient for kidney.

Black rice can be cooked with white rice, or porridge with walnuts, jujube, white fungus, lotus seeds, etc.

Because the black rice has a hard and tough seed coat, it needs to be soaked in advance before it can be cooked and eaten, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion.

In addition, the water of the rice must be boiled together with the rice to preserve its nutritional content.

  Black rice supplements are peaceful, especially for teenagers and young children. They have weak postpartum health, post-ill health, anemia, kidney deficiency, etc. Eat 50 grams (1 or 2) per meal.

But because it is not easy to digest, people with poor digestive ability should take it with caution.