How long can a professional youth meal last

How long can a professional youth meal last

Too many high-paid white-collar ladies are engaged in youthful occupations, such as secretarial, public relations, foreman, model and so on.

The characteristics of these occupations determine the short-term behaviors of their occupations. It is not surprising that white-collar women’s minds are moving with the increase of age, education, and experience. In fact, the youth meal in modern sense far exceeds these.”Food” is being upgraded to a whole new level.

  The extension of “Youth Rice” has expanded the proportion to the past. Now, “Youth Rice” is no longer the traditional service and entertainment industries. It programmers, public relations, promoters, fashion journalists, etc. constitute a new”Youth rice” group.

Most of them are young, rich in energy and energetic; they are avant-garde and do not follow others blindly; they have higher incomes and live an enviable petty life.

To sum up, it can be roughly divided into the following types?

  Interest-oriented: This kind of youthful meal is not easy to eat, but because it is what you want to make, it is full of fun.

  Experience accumulation type: Experience is critical to a person’s growth. Although the new youth meal is “short-lived”, it can successfully accumulate a lot of useful experience for future growth.

  Accumulated relationship type: Human capital is one of the largest resources in modern society. Many occupations that belong to New Youth Rice can help practitioners build their own network of relationships.

  For those who eat “New Youth Rice”, the appearance is not a threat at all, but the same as the traditional Youth Rice, the new Youth Rice also consumes age, physical strength and strength. When the youth is not there, they need to change their strings and try to do something else.Way out.

This forces practitioners to plan ahead, eat what is in their bowls, and watch others in the pot.

Among the people of these new youth meals, those who can achieve “backgammon” often have the following characteristics: focus on learning and cultivation, highlight innovation and development, and the sense of crisis is what they often talk about.

  The cycle of “Youth Rice” is by no means 30 years old. As people grow older, the people who are used to eating “Youth Rice” should go. Most of them are completely unaware.

  Recently, relevant authorities conducted a sample survey of 238 white-collar young women and found that modern white-collar young women have significantly higher professional mobility awareness and behavior than men.

The sample survey shows that 45% of white-collar women who have experienced 1-2 job-hopping experiences, while 31% of white-collar young men, and the proportion of white-collar women’s job-hopping are larger than 14 cases of men. The reason is mainly due to age-related crisisConsciousness, or even fear, is especially prominent among women white-collar workers who are close to or over 30 years old.

When the company comes in with some young ladies, when they have not been promoted to a certain position, they will naturally have a lot of fear.

This is the “age phobia” that is popular among female white-collar workers.

  The existence of these psychological problems is very detrimental to one’s professional development and improvement of the quality of professional life.

To solve these problems, we must first understand the meaning of “youth rice”.

In psychological research, there is a distinction between physiological age and psychological age.

Among them, psychological age refers to people’s mental judgment of their age and the corresponding way of thinking and behavior.

Understanding “Youth Rice” in a psychological sense will be more in line with contemporary industry requirements.

Therefore, as long as you can always maintain a young mindset, you can always eat “youth rice.”

  The prevalence of “collar phobia” among white-collar workers should be said to be due to problems in their thinking patterns.

When encountering some obstacles, pressure and competition, I always find an excuse for retreat. I always feel that age is an insurmountable obstacle. To change this situation, white-collar women need to improve their mental models and look at themselves from a different angle.

Everyone’s success or failure, whether it works or not, often starts with the difference in one mind.

In this sense, improved mental models can help us overcome inferiority, fear, and silence, and instead tap our own potential.

  In fact, the professional life of the new youth profession is never under 30 years old.

Any profession has a problem of work experience. A programmer or journalist in his 30s, his experience is certainly not comparable to a person in his early 20s.

For example, programming. In actual development, experience is more important than technology. Core algorithms and industry experience cannot simply be obtained by the hard work of young people. There must be continuous accumulation and precipitation.

Good programmers can only fully focus on a certain technical field until about 27 years old, and they can basically achieve a small success in the field only when they are 30 years old, and they can reach the peak of their career after middle age.

The “30-year-old problem” is caused by the immature environment of the current career development.

  Saying goodbye to “Youth Rice” is by no means because of “fading away” and eating “Youth Rice” is, after all, an early stage of a person’s career. It is inevitable to change people ‘s physical and psychological maturity.Nature.

However, this change is not due to the passing of youth, but to the needs of work and study.

  Career maturity is a concept that includes career knowledge, career attitudes, career decisions, and career planning.

Until you have developed a good knowledge and attitude about a career, blind, decision making with the flow may lead to a lot of trouble after taking office.

The phenomenon of youthful meals is also due to the incorrect value of employers in some enterprises, because young employees do not have too many problems such as health care and retirement insurance, which can save expenses, which often also becomes an important reason for the formation of youthful occupations.

  American psychologist Levison believes that by the late adolescence (equivalent to our college graduation), young people are not yet fully mature, and early choices cannot always determine their future career.

Forming a career is a complex social and psychological process throughout the initial period of employment (20s) and even for a period of time.Most people make their first serious choice between the ages of 17 and 29, but a person’s life goes through many different stages of development, each stage has its own unique interests, and the interests between different stagesThere is both continuity and discrimination.

Therefore, you should choose the new job that best meets your needs and suits you according to your age and central interests.

The transfer of existing experience is also very important.

The so-called transfer is to apply the knowledge, experience, and skills that you have accumulated to new jobs.

The migrating accumulation of work experience that a person usually accumulates, the faster he can adapt to a new job.