Senior food 100-year-old brother and sister recommended, sea, land and air health food collection!


“Senior food” “100-year-old brother and sister recommended, “sea, land and air” health food collection!

Guangxi Satellite TV “Bai Shou Quest”, 21:40 every 100 years old is young, longevity secrets look here!

Hepu, Guangxi, picturesque, mountains and seas in this magical land, “Bai Shou Quest” program group visited a pair of “100-year-old sister” 101-year-old Wu Hongqiang grandfather / 104-year-old Wu’s grandmother, the 100-year-old brother,As a senior “senior foodie”, it is always a tour of the sea. The trees in the field can grow into a delicious dish on their table. The dishes of the daily dishes are different. The quality of each meal is reasonable and each dish is a big index.The younger brothers and sisters who want to lose weight, Xiaobian advised Jun to do this “nutritional food” after all, after eating, they have the strength to lose weight. “100-year-old brother and sister” health food – the taste of the sea I know!

The name of the “senior food” of the crab is how the 104-year-old Wu’s grandmother smugly said, 鈥淵ou haven’t been born when I was eating crabs.鈥?We heard that we had to wear the crabs.I have to “drink the curtain”, this way of cooking crabs is original, the savory taste is any sauce, the seasonings are not too easy to see and it is too simple. It turns out that Wu’s family told us that seafood isTo “freshly cook” freshly eaten!

Flower crab nutritional value: rich in protein and trace elements, crab is rich in protein, trace elements, etc., has a good nourishing effect on the body.

Efficacy: salty, cold, with little poison.

Reinforcing the muscles and replenishing qi, tonifying the stomach and digesting the food, dispersing the heat, passing through the meridians, dissolving the loose blood, and having certain therapeutic effects on congestion, jaundice, waist and leg pain and rheumatoid arthritis.

The boiled flower snail Wu Wu’s family showed the reporter the most authentic cooking method in Hepu. The snail is a high-protein, low-fat, mineral-free and alternative healthy marine food, and is also rich in biologically active substances.It has important physiological effects on the human body and has significant effects on promoting blood circulation, improving serum trace quality, and enhancing memory.

The method of soaking the marinated fish Wu’s milk, the fish is cut, and the fish head is cut for a hundred years. The fish is marinated with sea salt. After 1 hour of pickling, the taste is gradually changing. The marinated fish is naturally over-smashed and fried.After the completion of the production, the scent of the house is full of “100-year-old brother and sister” health food – cooking is the king!

Pan-fried sea duck eggs, the sea duck eggs are beaten into the plate, the chives are cut into small pieces, and the egg liquid is poured into the oil pan. After frying until golden, the omelet of the 100-year-old grandfather and grandfather is full of fragrant eggs, and people can’t help thinking.Try the sea duck eggs and they are nutritious.

Each 100 grams of sea duck eggs contains 4056 mg of lecithin, which is 50 times higher than the lecithin contained in 100 grams of milk.

Lecithin can hydrolyze and delay aging, soften, purify blood vessels, enhance memory, and also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, potassium, selenium and other trace elements beneficial to the human body and more than 10 kinds of vitamins.

Sweet potato box Wu grandma’s sweet potato cooking practice can not be simply cooked with sweet potatoes, kneaded with flour and repeatedly wrapped with fragrant stuffing, put in a frying pan and sweet potato into protein, starch, pectin, cellulose, amino acids, vitamins andA variety of minerals, known as “longevity food.”

In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” recorded “sweet potato tonic, spleen appetite, strong kidney yin”, and said that the people in the sea eat longevity.

Chinese medicine regards sweet potato as a good medicine.

The health food of the 100-year-old brother and sister is really not very hungry. The diners are rushing to learn it. It is delicious and nutritious. It is worth trying.