About weight loss How much do you know?


About weight loss How much do you know?

[Introduction]Obesity refers to a condition in which a variety of causes are stored in the body in the form of fat due to more calories than consumption.
So, how much do you know about weight loss?
銆€銆€[Overview]Generally, 10% of the standard weight is overweight, and more than 20% is obese.
Calculate the standard weight kg = (height cm-100) 脳 0.
According to the weight exceeding the standard, the measured body weight exceeds the standard weight of 20% to 30% for mild obesity, 30% to 50% for moderate obesity, and more than 50% of the standard weight is severe obesity.
It can also be calculated from the body mass index, which is: body weight (kg) / height 2 (m2)]脳 100> 24 (referring to Chinese) is obese.
銆€銆€Excessive obesity is a serious threat to human health.
It is estimated that for every pound of fat added, a kilometer of capillaries will grow accordingly.
The more fat accumulation in the body, the heavier the burden on the heart, and the fat in the myocardium is more likely to cause myocardial strain.
Obesity can cause endocrine disorders, increased blood lipids, and promotes hair growth.
Obesity can also lead to decreased immunity and anti-infective capacity.
Compared with ordinary people, the incidence of fat cancer is 1 times higher, the incidence of coronary heart disease is 5 times higher, the incidence of hypertension is 8 times higher, and diabetes is 7 times higher.
銆€銆€With the rapid improvement of material life, the change of food structure and the reduction of labor intensity, the incidence of simple obesity in China is increasing.
According to data released by the Ministry of Health recently, among the 1.3 billion people in China, there are 60 million fat people, and the number of overweight people is more than 200 million.
The big cities are even more serious.
But this is only the beginning, and it is expected that the prevalence of obesity will increase even more in the future.
At present, for the treatment of obesity, modern western medicine adopts appetite suppressants and metabolic stimulators, etc., and the effect is not very satisfactory, and has large side effects.
Acupuncture weight loss is mainly used for simple obesity, and the best effect on obtaining obesity.
Acquired obesity, also known as adult onset obesity, is more common in 20 to 25 years old, related to overnutrition, mainly obesity in the limbs, obese cells are simple and hypertrophic, and the effects of diet control and exercise are better.
銆€銆€Acupuncture treatment of obesity has not been recorded in ancient Chinese medical books.
Modern acupuncture weight loss, which began in the early 1970s, was first popular in the United States and Japan.
After that, it was gradually promoted in many countries in the world.
The clinical literature on acupuncture treatment of obesity in China was first seen in 1974. Since the 1980s, especially in recent years, the number of reports has increased dramatically.
In the acupoint stimulation method, the most commonly used and popular among the patients are the auricular acupuncture (including various methods of changing the auricular acupoints), and the methods of body acupuncture, moxibustion, electroacupuncture, etc. are still useful.
The effect of acupuncture and weight loss has been basically affirmed. The effective rate of obtaining obesity is between 70% and 80%. The greater the degree of obesity, the more obvious the curative effect.
For other types of obesity, the effect is poor.
Regarding the reaction and side effects of acupuncture weight loss, it has been observed that some patients may experience some abnormalities in the digestive tract when stimulating the auricular points, including throat tightness, contraction of the lower esophagus or stomach area.
Some patients report that after acupuncture, they only have a feeling of fullness when eating a small amount of food, or do not think about diet, increased stools, mild diarrhea.
These are all normal reactions, and such patients are still full of energy despite their loss of appetite.
Side effects have been found to be dizziness, headache, burnout and so on.
銆€銆€For obese patients, weight loss is a long process.
It is necessary to persevere, not halfway. After losing weight, you should also pay attention to proper physical exercise, control the intake of fats and sugars, remember not to overeating, eat more high-fiber foods and fruits and vegetables, eat less at dinner, change it to eat.Snacks of snacks, salt intake should also be properly controlled, otherwise there is still the possibility of rebound.
For those who are not overweight, don’t lose weight blindly.
銆€銆€Scholars at home and abroad have further explored the mechanism of acupuncture weight loss.
Some work has confirmed that ear acupuncture weight loss and taste changes are related to reduced food intake.Studies have found that the auricular acupuncture can cause salty taste allergy, thereby suppressing appetite.

By measuring the changes in biochemical substances and hormones in the body, it is indicated that there are specific auricular points that can reduce the appetite, which can change the amount of insulin and gastrin secretion.

It is also believed that after acupuncture of the auricular point, a signal is generated, which is replaced along the vagus nerve, and the information of the hypothalamic drought is interrupted, which limits the feeding and achieves the purpose of weight loss.

銆€銆€Method: – Auricular pressure pills – acupoints: Common points: external nose, mouth, endocrine, ear, large intestine, margin, stomach.

銆€銆€Spare points: lung, spleen, Shenmen, Sanjiao, large intestine, lower rectum.

銆€銆€Operation: Common points take 3 each time?
4 points, spare points take 1?
2 points.

Take the king and leave 1 seed and put it in 0.


7cm small square tape.

After finding the sensitive point on the contracted ear acupuncture point, it is applied to it, and the food is used, the thumb is pressed to the acid numbness or the pain is good, and the prescription patient replaces it 3 times a day, especially before the meal is blocked.It is advisable to have the above feeling.

Each time the ear is attached, the ears alternate.

Apply 2 times a week, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Treatment interval 5?

7 days.

銆€銆€Effect: Efficacy standard: markedly effective: weight loss more than 5 kg; effective: weight loss 1?
5 kg; invalid: weight loss less than 1 kg, or no remission, or anti-weight gain.

銆€銆€A total of 2267 cases were treated, of which 767 cases were markedly effective according to the above criteria, 110 cases were effective, 537 cases were effective, 120 cases were ineffective, and total effective replacement was 84.


Another 1540 cases were weight loss 2.

529 cases of 5 kg or more, 0.


There were 645 cases of 5 kg and 366 cases of no change in body weight, which effectively cured 76.


銆€銆€Matters needing attention: (1) Wang does not leave the ear acupuncture points, the method is simple and convenient, and the patient can operate by himself.

But is this law effective at 76?
About 85%, and the efficiency is not high, and most of the weight loss is 1?
Between 3kg.

銆€銆€(2) The authors found that the ear pressure suppresses weight loss and begins to lose weight quickly, often to a certain stage, that is, no longer alleviation. If the patient can adhere to the treatment, or the doctor changes the method, it may continue to be effective.

However, if the first course of treatment is ineffective, it may not be able to lose weight even if it is treated again.

In order to improve the efficacy, patients should be prescribed to properly control the diet (but not excessive dieting), and more outdoor activities, such as jogging, fast walking and so on.

銆€銆€- Electroacupuncture – Acupoints: Common points: Tianshu, Daheng, Fenglong, Zhigou, Sanyinjiao.

銆€銆€Spare points: phlegm and dampness with sputum, spleen; spleen and stomach with heat type with inner court, Quchi, Shangjuxu; qi deficiency and blood stasis type with Yushu, Zusanli, Qihai; with hypertension, Hegu, Taichong; accompanied by hyperlipidemia plus Sanli, Taibai, Yanglingquan; with coronary heart disease plus Neiguan, Suizhong, Xinshu, Yuyin Yu.

銆€銆€Operation: 2 pairs of common points are taken at a time, and four pairs of points are alternately applied.

Is the alternate acupuncture point selected for the alternate hole 1?

Acupoint conventional disinfection, with 2?
A 3 inch needle is inserted into the acupuncture point. The needle should be slightly deeper.
5 inches, the needle should be slightly deeper than the average person, mainly to intervene and supplement the diarrhea.

After getting gas, the G6805-2 electroacupuncture treatment instrument is often used at a frequency of 150?
200 times / min, power stimulation for 20min, the current intensity is tolerated by the patient; spare needle 20?
25min, during the needle 1?
2 times, 1 time each time?

Acupuncture once a day or every other day, 30 times for a course of treatment.

Rest for 3 days, for another treatment, you can continue to treat two courses.

銆€銆€Effect: 92 patients were treated with a total weight of 74 before treatment.


45 kg.

After acupuncture treatment, the same degree of relief was achieved, and the most reduction was achieved.

5kg, the least is 2.
5kg, the average weight loss was 67.


23kg, there was a significant difference before and after treatment.

銆€銆€Note: (1) When applying this method, the patient’s food intake is generally not limited, but the high-fat and high-sugar diet is less, and the patient is encouraged to perform artificial force and exercise.

銆€銆€(2) The author’s experience, when using electric needle stimulation, the frequency should be slow and the intensity should be large, and the weight loss effect is more obvious.

銆€銆€(3) It is observed that the electroacupuncture method is 25?
A 50-year-old obese patient is better cured, and the male patient has a slightly better effect, and the shorter course of the disease is quicker.

Some patients continued to lose weight within 2 weeks after the completion of acupuncture.