pay too much stuff than the average person more than, what is to be bound by the same treatment?They believe that they are privileged in this respect, the strong concept of brainwashing after the king, the weak became mostly ants, many people even think that if one day, the balance both ends at the same time put a awakening and one thousand ordinary people, then do not hesitate to choose awakening is无锡夜网 correct, since one thousand ordinary people capable of only chores.

  The first wave of awakening opposition, proposed that ordinary people will be awakening and managed separately, they asked to be demarcated residential areas, living areas, awakening in the institutional, should be treated leniently, and pay great contribu深圳桑拿按摩tion It can not be denied.
  The second wave of awakening opposition, called for further advancement of awakening, they identified themselves out of life and death fight, the average person does not exist gratitude, they do not know or even meet thanks cry, but they went to fight in life and death!Although also received a lot of interest, but who do want to take the gamble of life?So “Awakened Law” was formally established, this is not a law against awakening, but for the ordinary people of all regulations, it requires a very fine, including ordinary people can not address him by awakening the taboo, to add an adult word, wearing the clothes have to be divided according to grade.
  The third wave, above and below ground thoroughly interval, awakening powerful biological, grounds into the city at any time, require the whole city北京夜网 into two cut open, the new mining underground city inhabited by ordinary people, while the city of favorable conditions on the ground It is the awakening of the housing.
  The fourth wave, awakening suggested that they go out to perform the task, a lot of loss, not only to subsidize the underground people should also be satisfied that the protection tax.
  Wave after wave, gradually, more and more ordinary people of low status, ev

I hav北京会所体验网e a relaxed, she pulled out from the inside of the bag came a big red small Duangua out Duangua do particularly good-looking, stitches, in waist place, tighten slightly, and this is not an ordinary Duangua buttons, but that later vintage horn button, looks especially foreign flavor.

  Fang Xiulan call, “Come and try this l苏州夜网ittle Duangua, mom does not look fit, if not fit, tomorrow I get altered at the tailor shop inside!”
  No girl does not like nice clothes, Nguyen rain is no exception, even if it is later her point of view, in front of this small red Duangua not soil, but a kind of very stylish taste.
  She did not hold anything on the outside, directly to a body, Fang Xiulan grabbed the sleeve of rain gently said something, put the rain wearing that jacket sub-folder to take off, Nguyen rain happily put on a red Duangua small, smug in a circle, “mom, look good?”
  Author has to say: Twelve more
  Seeking a advance ah ah ah, Yiyi this advance to forget, now released, please help us next collection ah?Meng love mud
  ”Dressed eighty loose money”
  Wake up, Don Money from eating enough to eat, can not afford to buy clothes pauper, became the apple of his ey苏州桑拿网e wear eighties upstart home
  Teller said
  Tang males over the door, if born daughter, with the inevitable financial hit
  But the fact is that since the birth Don Money,
  Family restaurant closed, factories closed down
  Even with a courtyard ancestors came almost retain his job
  Don Money, crossing over before looking at the quaint courtyard, rushing drooling
  If put in the Hereafter, a courtyard which is a one hundred million of it!
  Seeing the door creditor debt collection going up
  Don Money, says the problem can be solved by money is not a problem
  A few days later
  Tang family was surprised to find, and so on for so many years
  That devil fortune of finally once considered a quasi
  Money’s life which really bring fiscal
  Or the kind of unstoppable
  The kind of money out of the sky
  small theater:
  A door lady:

if not talent, it can only rely on the ability of unarmed, at least to the original body dead so far, no one has developed a strong ability to rely on the flesh becomes.

  The original body, succeed in awakening the age of sixteen, when he awakened, awakening has begun to improve, although the status, but in the eyes of many, probably out of a side of the city, the province’s richest man, no one does not envy, can not feel completely destroy life, the life of ordinary people still live as usual, and then awakening to a special school to learn, at that time, the o广州桑拿网rder of this world, still has not changed.
  He adult Soon, introduced to the same as the awakening of Pei Jingjing mother, two married for some time, gave birth to Pei Jingjing, the daughter was 2 years old, once out the task, the original mission objectives sudden variation violent , Pei Jingjing mother die on the spot, did not leave even the last words, then one person alone so he pulled her daughter grew, the original body, it can be said that almost all of her life.
  As time goes by, more and more high capacity wildlife – and their humans, practice, thanks to the attack instinct, although difficult to have top players, can the sheer number than people think, per capita awakening, to many awakening unexpected fall, was originally required to set off the age of twenty, also continue to be reduced, then go directly to the age of s北京夜网eventeen, after a year of training tasks carried out under the leadership of instructors, which is the later of the original body one of the main reasons why men and strangers.
  For a long time highly dependent on awakening, and finally lead to quantitative qualitative change.
  Once, though awakening awakening, an杭州夜网d ordinary people can still live as usual, also subject to legal restrictions, rules and regulations, even though another powerful awakening, if random murder, robbery, criminal law, the same should be tried.
  But gradually, there are many awakening began to feel that they

ginal body of the purse to teach and remind Pei Jingjing of death, but this was absolutely brilliant surprise the two are holding sorry to leave this world, death can not meet in the story end, the male at the time of leaving this period of history, part of Kurtis and his daughter asked to stay in their own part, and built their graves, for future generations worship.

  The story is a big happy ending, according to the reader’s point of view, Kurtis father and daughter can be considered heroic to die, finally died, although the impact may leave a long histo深圳桑拿网ry, and future generations bearing in mind that their names can be for the party, which everything is painful to me.
  Pei Naochun can think of in the dark space, exudes the soul of self-reproach, remorse, he should always be straight spine bent badly, slumped to himself: “.I blame all of this, if I had not.And I think does not matter, then, quietly, how it will encounter it all?She should not be like this, so I fight, that she wanted a better life!”
  And he said these words, of course there is a reason.
  The original body of origin and ordinary, he was young at the time, and our earth Reiki recovery, everyone comprehension, in all likelihood can get started, most of the past disease is not a threat to human life has been extended to more than two hundred year-old back, but the Earth would have nothing to practice Dharma, more无锡夜网 people rely on a sixteen-year talent awakening – of course, the real awakening is often a minority, the majority did not awaken talent, can only continue back to the ordinary person’s identity, and awakening, will embark on a different road so far, after being subjected to culture, she began to suffer the same field with the same aura of creatures doing fight.
  Here is a simple example, everyone can practice, perception of Reiki, which means everyone can enhance the level up to the full level, longevity, improve physical fitness, and the awakening of talent, skill template represents the load,

offending or fear Xue Lu Jianxun flower spot fell, gray head and gray face, got up and left, Lu Jianxun snorted quietly toward the Luo Shen said, “They are not to be trifled home, you do not know my brother was related to people they played the wife ran.”If Luming Wen injured, Sunbao Qin where to steal the guts out.Who said to him, Sunbao Qin told how many people ran about with a fight, but Sunbao Qin bad temper, but did not find Liu Luming Wen Xian they take to heart trouble it wants.

  Production team parents in a short matter much, but Lu Jianxun thing to say let Luo Shen opened the eyes, which never heard of married women with outsiders dare secretly on the good, and put in the army or in the city, spittle can drown she was.
  Fortunately, Lu Jianxun had no desire to talk about other things, then it changed the subject, he refers to the walls to see Luo Shen, “Luo brother Look at that, before we have a few brothers and sist北京夜网ers dictation poetry and classical, not just a wall, the family can write the children we have written the.”Tried to build itself as a hard-working, hard work image, Lu Jianxun barabara talking about the history of their own learning, the fields, the ground, the road, there is no place he never wrote a word, boast himself as a face Lu Jianxun not red does not jump, or how to say good upbringing Luo Shen Xue Huahua not heard anymore, he still put on the appearance of Vice listen carefully, sex, Known as the “underground rebellion”, although numerous shallow comprehension qualifications, no ability to awaken people to unite against the underground, they fought, trying to win political power, the odds are constantly swing, more and more people have family or underground awakening to choose rebellion, living in one of the male, also chose one o南宁桑拿论坛f the underground, and eventually became his strongest, the occurrence for the underground, began to change to try to change this distorted order.
  And he could reach a final achievement, inevitably is the ori

ack very straight.

  Scold Xue Lu Dewen flower stand next to hear Lu Jianxun, then what fear fear is gone, and instantly to the spirit, “Mother, mother, brother Luo educated youth, and quickly, and I went to the bench to end.”Then he glanced toward the Luo Shen, is indeed the city people, look at it with bright clothes and boots, covered in patches are not even, than he is around the foot of the snow should be bright, Shashi Hou so he can put on clothes to go two laps in the production team.Keke, want more.He entered the Yuan Ba, his hands tucked four high stools q深圳桑拿网uickly came out, followed by fire to the kitchen with raw water, than the wife’s mother still warm.
  Luo Shen is a city people, but also forces many people around to watch, but few people dare to strike up a conversation with him, into the Yuanba after, everyone looking for a stool next to a chair to sit, listen and Luo Shen said Lu Jianxun curious, have to say, the city is not the same person, good looking even, say also pleasant to the ear than the countryside educated youth are more literate, educated youth who fell did not mean to belittle, but Luo Shen too good , high stools to sit, yuanba suddenly lit up.
  Lu Jianxun caught Luo Shen asked military life, Luo Shen words are not wordy, every word when it comes to the human heart, not to mention Lu Jianxun, the present estimate does not want to go to the army, it is unable to bear t深圳桑拿网he thought of around the corner, directly asked Can go along, Lu Jianxun skimming his eyes to see if he is the son Liu Xian, suddenly his face to look good, “the army is to review the material, you can not.”
  Man anxious, “I would not gnaw?”Ancestors three generations of poor peasants, family members do not h北京水磨会所ave any bad elements, the sense of proletarian elements, ye can not do military service?
  ”you.”Lu Jianxun, pointing to the threshold of the main room of their own,” back to you on that fight you do not remember my mother?”
  Man speechless moment, I do not know the fear of

like the stuff so much of it, what happened outside?”

  ”Man, a lot of people.”Lu Dewen, pointing to the outside, then said not very agile.
  Can you imagine the case of two large men holding hands do?
  Author has to say:
  Can you imagine the case of two large men holding hands do?
  Then there is the problem of the three of them to reshape the concept of `

Chapter seventy-fourth best mother
  Lu Jianxun walk in the front, one hand holding a man wearing boots, his face smiling flowers come out fast, Lu Dewen made an effort 杭州夜网to eliminate the idea they had come to fight, he stood along the outer secretly whispered Yuanba “Our family is not so decent relatives ah, youngest son attracted from where the?”
  Thinking, Xue Huahua behind him to hide to hide, cattle high horse big body, like shrinking takes a bundle of sticks, Xue Huahua not a good gas, k深圳桑拿网ick his feet, Lu Dewen realized that wrong, to stand before the busy Xue Huahua body , imaginary potential said, “mom, do not be afraid, the body is a soft pillow, we do not any bad things, they are not afraid to come downtown.”
  Road, Lu Jianxun see people standing outside the house, and pulled loud voice shouted Mom, waving excitedly, “Mom Na, Luo brother to slightly educated youth.”Then, Luo Shen shook his arm,” Luo brother, did not see my mother, is not it seem special spirit, not me bragging, the production team of Zhu, ah chicken, duck, ah, met my mother does not Dousou from the spirit, and that is the crops, met my mom had to do a long hard.”
  Luo Shen pumping the pumping mouth, how to listen to how these words feel like good things, but he is careful attention to the front of thatched cottages, not too many memorable Lu 广州桑拿网Jianxun the meaning of words, to be honest, Xue Flower looks and his imagination is not the Like too, was small and thin size, quick to play, unlike sickle waving knives to injure the pole, his clothes washed white color, breast sleeve played in patches, stood in the howling cold wind, I felt it not cold, b

the production team of people, every day is a big poi佛山桑拿nt sesame small quarrel red in the face.

  Such a thought, Liu Xian met in the bamboo forest, rare he did not grimace, Luo Shen tugged at his arm, to his referee, “Liu Xian, before she played one home with my mom, my mom later led the pig production food production teams, trying to marry her production team we came, her husband was a darn, beating wife abuse real mother, very bad reputation in the production team we.”Lu Hongbo trouble at home every day, the captain been a few times, then do not bother to go to the captain, other people say to Liu cents effort, such as Lu Hongbo big old can not live, quasi expel him.
  Lu Jianxun did not utter exaggeration, Luo Shen still hear his implication of Lu Jianxun that you are my brother told me you can not feel the enemy close to the idea of funny, when it old, he will have this idea深圳桑拿网, and later contacted the more people, the heart is also complicated.
  Lu Jianxun small voice, Liu Xian hear the two men muttered something and wanted not say nice things about her, her face out of a smile, amiable shout, “clear text, you come back, ah, this is the educated youth Luo’s brother, right , two siblings are linked with it.”The soft-spoken voice, heard from the body goose bumps Luming Wen, Liu did not return cents.
  He remembered Liu Xian hit his business, but for his injured Tang Chuangshang, Sunbao Qin will not return to her family, would not give him a cuckold, that it is Liu cents to victims.
  More and more people crowd, followed them home directly, Lu Dewen at home, far from seeing the mighty group of people, thinking what a major event, inviting voice shouted mother, “Mom, Mom, a lot of people to our famil北京风月网y come, mom, mom, you were out of sight for visitors!”Lu Dewen fear ran into the room, Xue Huahua sitting kitchen table, is writing a book on the math and see if he Huanglihuangzhang appearance, tone is not very good,” what can not properly say, Mom, Mom, do you think you also

s, my mother said as long as dare to think, work hard enough, hope thing will happen.”I remember Luming Wen Xue Huahua said this again convinced but in the eyes, he felt Xue Huahua right, the harder the more fortunate people, the sky will not fall in your lap, you want a good time, have the sense of struggle.

  Two pairs of brothers worship Xue Flower plainly written on his face, and Luo Shen was very proud to see two role models, it made no secret of pride once again let Luo Shen Huang God, at this moment, he probably understand why the Luo Mengying let him to visit, and full of family who share vigorous vitality, they do not have any distractions, eyes firm’s efforts.
  The results do not ask, trying to go forward深圳桑拿网 alone, the courage and self-confidence is a lot of people do not.
  ”Your mom was right.”Luo Shen curved lip, smiled.
  Luo Shen get recognized, Lu Jianxun two brothers feel more proud, recall Xue Flower allow them to continue to learn their reaction time, the time seemed to drag the hind legs, they secretly made up his mind to go home to ensure the correct attitude towards Xue Flower insist on learning do not let up.
  Luo Shen tall stature, looks overhangs, not village angered a lot of people watching, especially the village children, all of them with cross-flow nose behind, while pointing boots talk Luo Shen feet, not seen world look to see Lu Jianxun blush, passes through the storage room, the youth did not go home with them have come out to say hello brothers, Lu Jianxun pocket could not do, put the opening Luo Shen sold, “this is北京桑拿 the educated youth Luo brother, my brother Luo he came to pick me to force, and then wait two days you will not see me.”
  Luo Shen said that passing this, thinking about going to force a way to pick him up, Lu Jianxun feel grateful, Luo really is their elegant, looked Luo family style of doing things, Xue Huahua said he felt there is a saying especially for, the more the ability of people harder, the better the others, where as

can make a difference, to say the least, to plant crops say, looking at苏州夜网 no technology at all, in fact, inside the living to the requirements, selection , fertilizing, weeding pest, everything is essential, if science can grow crops to increase food production so that all members can have enough to eat, but also the glorious food supply than to go to town to eat it.”

  ”exactly.”Lu Jianxun could not nod,” Luo brother you are city people may not know how crops are grown in, listening to ease the process can be complicated.”In the past crops sow directly into the ground, looked at his mother found out there are other ways to grow vegetables, cold rain for some time, his mother was afraid of seeds in the soil and eat the mice dig, dig some soil heap in the house, then the seeds lost in, next to the burn pile fire two days vegetable shoots on a long out, the weather is better then planted into the plots, Shi fat point what problems are not.
  Luo Shen surprised, “this approach is very strange yet?”He seemed to remember that he saw in the book, foreign books have mentioned this breeding method.
  ”For ah, the entire production team did not know this way, my mother is reading think of why the spring grass sprout floweri上海419同城对对碰ng tree, for nothing more than sunlight temperature weather, my mother said, warming himself to the earth warming try, really did not expect became the.”He also read a lot of books, why would never have thought of it, the truth is that the brain did not turn up,” Lo Brother, you said that if winter crops can grow faster and more like a good spring, farmers are not afraid of the winter is empty of the.”He had this idea and Xue Huahua said Xue Huahua very firmly told him that science is endless, as long as people continue to explore the constant pursuit, in the future there will be a variety of things, eat green vegetables in winter, in summer could see snow.
  Then he felt Xue flower joke, now think about it, chances are there really that day.
  ”Science is endles